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WildStar: Veteran Shiphands im 4. Content Drop

Aktuell sind die Veteran Shiphands für Spieler auf der Maximalstufe in der Entwicklung und werden voraussichtlich mit dem 4.Content Drop ins Spiel kommen.

Veteran Shiphands im 4. Content Drop

Die neuen Schiffsjungenmissionen können die Spieler nach dem Release über das Gruppensuchtool im Normal- sowie Veteranmodus auswählen. Die Schwierigkeit soll geringer als die in Veteran Dungeons ausfallen, aber auch kein „Schlafwandler-Inhalt“ sein. Ob die Shiphands alleine oder in einer Gruppe betreten werden wollen, bleibt weiterhin den Spielern selbst überlassen.

Zu den Veteran Shiphands werden auch noch tägliche Quests ins Spiel kommen, welche den Ansporn geben sollen, diese Inhalte auch zu spielen. Mit einer recht guten Itemization möchte Carbine zudem erreichen, dass die Spieler auch ohne tägliche Quests in die Schiffsjungenmissionen  gehen.

WildStar MitarbeiterCarbine zu Veteran Shiphands im 4. Content Drop (Quelle)

So yep, we’re currently pushing to have Veteran Shiphands in the major patch after the coming Drop 3. We’re in the thick of making them right now, Aurelian, c0rewolf and I. We’re planning on having ‚em come with the package of veteran shiphand dailies and the ability to utilize the group finder for both regular and veteran versions.

Playing through level 50 versions of our favorite missions is a lot of fun. We’re tuning them carefully; we don’t want them to be sleepwalks, but neither do we want them to be on the level of, say, Veteran Dungeons — the ability to play through as a group without the trinity is important to us, and that means balancing accordingly. I look forward to sharing ‚em with all of you.


Purely speaking from the programming side, something like this would be possible to achieve.  That said it doesn’t mean it would fit well into the design of the shiphand experience.

In preparation for Veteran Shiphand missions we’re going to be re-evaluating our scaling creatures to make sure they are as fun and awesome as they need to be.

Understand I’m not saying that (more) random elements aren’t a thing that might happen in the future, only that in our updates of our current crop of shiphands to veteran, we simply do not have the time to design random elements. In examples you cite, there are systematic random elements — descriptors on bosses, for example — which require a lot of front-loaded design time and balance. Currently, if we did randomization, they would be hand-designed randomized objectives. Something possible moving forward, but not something that will happen in the first iteration.

Simply put, our scaling creatures dynamically scale based on how many people are in proximity. Thus we’d have to add something to essentially fake having more people around, which is not something in the system at present. It would require new tech, both in how it scales and in how you choose your difficulty.

And that’s just the creature difficulty. Shiphands have a bunch of behind-the-scenes scripting that count how many people are there and adjust the content accordingly. To do as you’re suggesting would require a way to lie to those scripts, and then make sure that that wouldn’t actually break anything (for example, if it’s spawning more things, the spoofing is fine; if it’s asking you to activate X things simultaneously, that’s not something you’d want to automatically scale up.)

I understand that it seems pretty simple on the front end, but it would require a lot of change on the back end to get that to work and work well. I appreciate the suggestion and I’m not against the notion, it’s just not an easy thing for us to do.

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