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WildStar: PvP Season 1.5 – Fehlende Belohnungen

Mit dem Release von WildStar: Reloaded (Umstellung auf Free-2-Play) endete auch die PvP Season 1.5 und alle Spieler die sich für die Belohnungen qualifiziert haben sollten diese eigentlich nun erhalten haben.

PvP Season 1.5 – Fehlende Belohnungen

Allerdings berichteten einige Spieler im offiziellen Forum darüber, dass sie Ihre Belohnung nicht erhalten haben, das Problem betrifft aber wohl nur einen Teil der Spieler, genauer gesagt EU-Spieler.

WildStar PvP Season 1.5 - Fehlende Belohnungen

Es gab wohl ein Problem anhand eines Skripts,welches dafür sorgte, dass EU-Spieler Ihre Belohnungen nicht erhalten haben. Weiterhin wurde bekannt gegeben, dass Spieler die während der Season Ihr Arena-Team verlassen haben keine Belohnung erhalten, ebenso wie Spieler die einen Servertransfer durchgeführt haben.

WildStar MitarbeiterCarbine Studio zu PvP Season 1.5 - Fehlende Belohnungen (Quelle)

Thank you for your patience while we tracked down the issues here.

The first is that there was a snafu during downtime for the update that resulted in the rewards script not being run on the EU servers. We followed up on that and it should have since been run during the most recent hotfixes. As such, EU players should now have their rewards.

However, there are a couple of exceptions to that. The way the system is set up, if you left your arena team for any reason and then subsequently rejoined, all of your progress / contribution to the team was wiped. While technically this means those rewards were not granted ‚as intended‘, we did not message this to players at all and it has caused several people to lose access to the rewards they otherwise would have received.

As such, we will be working to manually grant rewards to those players on a case-by-case basis. I will work with CS to look up their contributions to the team to verify which of the reward tiers they should have received. The exception to this exception (>_<) is that transferring between servers during the season is not recoverable, and unfortunately those players will likely not receive anything as their contributions prior to transferring are no longer available.

One last point: if you received one of the titles, check your mail. The rewards were sent there. A couple of folks have posted that they did not receive the pet, but we checked and it appears as though you did.

Again, thank you for your patience as we work on this. The case-by-case fixes will not be immediate, and may take some time. As of this point, if you are still missing rewards and feel you should have received them, please post on this thread with the following information:

  • Character Name:
  • 3v3 Team Name:
  • Region:
  • Server:
  • Transferred Since Reloaded Went Live: (yes/no)

I have already reviewed the NA players in the thread who posted (not any of the EU posters as hopefully the mass update caught most of y’all), and these players are in ‚the queue‘ to get rewards granted to them:


  • Jovan Stavros
  • Mr Popo
  • Wreckit Ralph
  • Psi Freak
  • Kritical ESPORTS


  • Noirik Windchaser
  • Navity Hazak
  • Thalotean Kalawanji

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