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WildStar: Kostenlose Servertransfers wieder verfügbar

Vor gut zwei Wochen wurden die alten WildStar Server zu mehreren WildStar Megaserver umfunktioniert. Vorher gab es bereits einen Zeitraum in dem Spieler kostenlos den Server wechseln konnten. Damals wechselten sehr viele Spieler von PvP-Servern auf PvE-Server.

Kostenlose Servertransfers wieder verfügbar

Besonders der europäische PvP Megaserver gleicht einer Geisterstadt. Open-PvP ist hier kaum möglich, denn es gibt kaum noch Spieler. Als Maßnahme dagegen hat Carbine Studios nun den kostenlosen Charaktertransfer wieder aktiviert.

WildStar MitarbeiterCarbine Studio zu Charaktertransfer (Quelle)

Hi everybody,

We wanted to thank you for all of the feedback and insight you’ve been giving us on our recent megaserver change, as well as the health and status of the servers since then. It’s been great to see so many players coming together and enjoying the megaservers, arranging awesome PvP battles and player events, bolstering guild recruitment and open world event participation.

We’ve been listening to your feedback and understand there have been some concerns for the health of PvP servers following the PvP to PvE transfers we enabled for a short time after the megaserver deployment.

When we looked at our data, the PvP Realms (mainly Luminai for our EU players) seemed healthy, but we understand this wasn’t what players were seeing or feeling in-game. As such, we sat down and discussed how to ensure all the megaserver realms would continue to be healthy and sustain an active and positive community.

As a result of these discussions, we have decided to move forward with the following;

As of 10/28/14, once NA servers come back online, we will enable free PvP to PvE and PvE to PvP realm transfers. You will be able to transfer from PvP to PvE servers and vice-versa, for free, for your games account region. 

For the time being, these transfers will remain open indefinitely, but we will be closely monitoring the situation and if we feel it necessary we will remove this service. Rest assured, we will ensure to give you appropriate notice if we do decide to shut these free transfers down, as well as an explanation as to why.

We expect there will be some concerns about players using PvE servers to level up, without the dangers of a PvP server, and then transferring across once they reach max level, however we felt that ensuring the health and community of each server is more vital. We will be keeping a close eye on things for any shenanigans or foul play though.

We want to thank you again for all your feedback, and apologize to those who felt we should have responded sooner. As you can imagine this was not a decision we wanted to make lightly and we wanted to make sure we gave the best option for everybody.

We hope you’ll continue to enjoy WildStar, whether that’s organizing events, stomping on Raid bosses, or creating amazing houses, no matter what server you are on.

All the best,

Team WildStar

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