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WildStar: Kommende Änderungen für den Architekten

Im offiziellen Forum haben die Entwickler nun die kommenden Änderungen für den Architekten bekannt gegeben. So wird das System überarbeitet, sodass der Beruf den Schneidern, Ausstattern, Rüstmeistern und Waffenschmieden ähnelt.

Kommende Änderungen für den Architekten

Weiterhin wird es keine zwei Techbäume mehr für Kriegsbasen und Housing geben, sondern diese werden zusammengefügt. Euer Fortschritt bleibt aber erhalten.

Auch kommen über den Beruf die beiden Titel „Civic Architect“ und „Military Architect“ in das Spiel. Diese erhaltet Ihr wenn Ihr alle Endgame Rezepte für Kriegsbasen und Housing erlernt habt.

WildStar MitarbeiterCarbine Studio zu Kommende Änderungen für den Architekten (Quelle)

The Master Architect

Hey everyone! Thanks for all your patience regarding the Expert Research tier(s) of the Architect. After delving further into the technical issues of the Research system and the Architect in particular, we decided the best course of action would be a complete restructure of the end-game Architect, now renamed as Master Architect. Here’s an outline of what’s coming!

No More Prototypes

Instead of crafting Prototype versions of items with one-time use schematics, the Architect will use consumable schematics to learn recipes, much like the new Master Weaponsmith, Armorer, Outfitter, and Tailor. These “Blueprints” can be purchased from vendors in the capital cities with crafting vouchers (which are still earned by completing daily Work Orders). Once a Blueprint is consumed, the base schematic is permanently unlocked for that character. You’ll still have to discover any variants as usual.

Tech Tree Consolidation

The Housing and Warplot trees have been combined into a single tier. Any progress you’ve made will be retained, and the craft counts for each node are still the same. The Prototype achievements within the old trees have been removed, since Prototypes don’t exist anymore.

Additional Titles

We’ve added the “Civic Architect” and “Military Architect” titles, signifying that you have completed all Housing and Warplot crafts, respectively.

New Décor

As an added bonus, we’ve added a new piece of housing décor!  The Protostar Hatchery, as well as its 2 variants, will be available as the last (and most expensive) Housing craft.

These changes are pretty significant, and require plenty of testing before we can send them out into the wild.  Once we’ve verified that everything is working as it should, you’ll be able to test these changes yourself on the PTR.  As always, let us know what you think right here on the forums!

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