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WildStar: J-Tal über Contetn Drop 4 und mehr

Bereits erst gestern haben wir darüber berichtet, dass Carbine Studios sich eingesteht, dass das Spiel zu wenig Inhalte für Solo-Spieler derzeit zu bieten hat. Nun redet J-Tal im offiziellen Forum unter anderem über dem Contet Drop 4.

J-Tal über Contetn Drop 4 und mehr

So sollen mit dem Content Drop 4 Veteranen-Versionen der Schiffsjungenmissionen und der neue Dungeon Protospiele in das Spiel implementiert werden. Außerdem wird das Währungssysteme überarbeitet, ebenso die Worlddrops.

WildStar MitarbeiterCarbine Studio zu Content Drop 4 (Quelle)

I can’t go into a lot of detail yet, but Contracts has both (content and gear) and Eldan Forge is a pure gear progression system. Contracts are focused on providing both a repeatable end game solo content pipeline (something we’re sorely missing outside of the daily quest zones) and an alternate progression path for gear upgrades (all the way up to GA equivalent loot) that will be available to non-raiders. Eldan Forge is focused on taking all the gear you don’t have a use for (quest greens, blues that aren’t upgrades) and giving them real value by being to able to turn them into better rewards.

We have a few changes coming in November’s Drop that will definitely help things out in the short term – Rune system changes, Salvaging changes, etc. Then we have another slew of changes coming in the (currently scheduled for) January Drop including a complete reworking on currencies (Renown, Glory, and Elder Gems), new repeatable content (Veteran Shiphands/Protogames), a reworking of how World Loot is distributed, and reitemization of Veterans through Datascape. I’ll be able to talk more about the January features after the November update goes live and we can get the post-Nov changes up on the PTR for your testing and consumption. And we’ve even begun work on systems coming in the (currently scheduled for) April Drop. It will be a very exciting next couple of months.

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