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WildStar: Interface soll verbessert werden

In den letzten Tagen wurde es ein wenig ruhiger um WildStar, nun gibt es im offiziellen WildStar Forum vom neuen UI Entwickler Blobdole einen Aufruf. Die sollen doch bitte die drei kritischsten Punkte des Interface aufzählen.

WildStar Interface soll verbessert werden

In der Beta gab es im Spiel noch ein anderes UI, welches dann zum Release noch einmal stark überarbeitet wurde. Kommentiert jetzt den offiziellen Foren-Beitrag und tragt so dazu bei, dass das Spiel besser wird.

WildStar MitarbeiterCarbine Studio zu Interface-Verbesserungen (Quelle)

Hey everyone, I want to thank you for the time you have spent writing this stuff up for me and encourage everyone to keep this info coming.

It looks like the biggest concerns are with our nameplates, party, and group frames with a special focus on how we display buffs and debuffs.  I know that there is already significant work happening internally on the buffs and debuffs which lines up nicely, although the rest of our internal nameplate work is performance and back end related.  I will see about scheduling time to look at the UX side of thing.  The CH and AH are also major concerns and although internally we are aware of the issues, fixing them has been historically scheduled as „nice to have“.  I feel like we underestimated how big of a pain in the butt they are, so I will also look into getting work on them scheduled.  Gear swapping seems like the biggest actual „nice to have“ and although I would love to have it be part of our default UI, I doubt I will be able to get it on the schedule in the next reasonable period of time.  There is a lot of work happening internally on general LUA and API cleanup as well as coding standards, so we may rely on various awesome custom UIs to support our players in these kinds of areas for the next few months.

Questions?  Concerns?  Feedback?

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