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WildStar: Entwickler Update zu den Wartungsarbeiten

Wartungsarbeiten können nervig sein, besonders wenn diese zu Zeiten stattfinden wenn besonders viele Spieler spielen. Allerdings lässt sich dies momentan teilweise nicht verhindern wenn kritische Fehler so schnell wie möglich behoben werden sollen.

Entwickler Update zu den Wartungsarbeiten

Die Entwickler haben sich nun dazu im offiziellen Forum geäußert. Es tut Ihnen natürlich leid, dass es teilweise zu nervigen Situationen kommt durch die spontanen Wartungsarbeiten.

WildStar Entwickler Update zu den Wartungsarbeiten

Man versucht die Wartungsarbeiten normalerweise zu Zeiten durchzuführen zu denen besonders wenige Spieler spielen. Für Europa gilt, dass diese meist am Morgen durchgeführt werden. Ziel ist es wieder in den normalen 2-Wochen-Rythmus zu kommen.

WildStar MitarbeiterCarbine Studio zu Entwickler Update zu den Wartungsarbeiten (Quelle)

Hey all —

As one of the members of the Operations team, I thought this would be a great thread to drop some replies in. Hopefully these will help give some insight into our processes.

I completely get why this is frustrating, and that it’s a completely horrible time for you and your buddies. As an organization however, when we schedule a downtime, we have to look at impacting the least amount of users — especially now that we’re supporting a Free-to-Play business model. As it goes, this time is pretty much the best bracket for us to take down both European and North American datacenters without being too intrusive. And normally it’s not much of a big deal, as our patch cycles are typically every 2 weeks, but after large game updates like this, I understand it can get pretty annoying with how many maintenances we’ve been holding.

Please bear with us, as the purpose of these maintenances have been to improve overall stability — especially before the weekend hits. And tonight is the last one we have scheduled for the week (unless a critical issue arises).

As I mentioned above, we’re working in the most opportune bracket for the areas we’re hitting. We literally watch player population charts, and figure out the lowest points that match up across the two regions.

When we only do server work, including straight-forward restarts, we are then able to do region-specific initiatives (such as at 6 PM PDT for EU and 2:30 AM PDT for NA). But any client work for us in that regard isn’t possible to separate at this time. We are looking to change that in the long term, though!

If all goes well, tonight’s maintenance should be the last one for the next few days!

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