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WildStar: Carbine sperrt über 7.000 Accounts

Im Verlauf der letzten Tage wurden von Carbine insgesamt 7.300 WildStar-Accounts wegen der Nutzung von Bots gesperrt. Allein 7000 davon gehörten normalen Spielern die gehackt wurden. Gleichzeitig soll der Schutz gegen Bots noch einmal verstärkt werden.

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WildStar: Gesperrte Accounts und mehr Schutz gegen Bots

Bereits vergangene Woche ging Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney auf die Bot-Problematik in WildStar ein und kündigte an, dass es bald weitere Bannwellen gegen Boter und Hacker geben solle. Nun war es soweit und es wurden insgesamt 7.300 Accounts gesperrt.

Gleichzeitig zu dieser freudigen Nachricht betonte Gaffney, dass man natürlich auch weiterhin gegen Hacker vorgehen wolle. Um den Prozess zusätzlich noch einmal zu vereinfachen, soll es für Spieler bald leichter gemacht werden, verdächtige Charaktere mit nur einem Klick zu melden. Auch die internen Prozesse zur Bot-Erkennung sollen noch einmal verfeinert werden.

Im Zuge dieser Meldung ließ Gaffney es sich nicht nehmen, noch einmal für das Authentifizierungs-Verfahren zu werben. Gut 7.000 der 7.3000 gesperrten Accounts sollen Spielern gehört haben, die selbst nie einen Bot verwendet haben, deren Accountdaten jedoch auf die ein oder andere Weise gestohlen wurden. Man werde auch versuchen, diesen Spielern ihre Accounts in Zukunft zurück zu geben, was jedoch einige Zeit in Anspruch nehmen kann.

Die Originalmeldung könnt ihr euch im Anschluss ansehen.

WildStar MitarbeiterCarbine Studios zu Carbine sperrt über 7.000 Accounts (Quelle)

Quick update on the current state of the late-June botwar:

Some concrete info:  We’ve banned/suspended about 7300 accounts in the last 3 days or so between various detection methods and player reports.  Obviously 7300 is a tiny fraction of the overall player base, but it’s a noticeable chunk of the current bots.

Our strong goal is to get botters/RMTers knocked out of the game entirely.  The fight goes on, as alluded to in my first post on the subject 12 days ago here:  https://forums.wilds…k-bans-round-1/ .

The main upcoming fix for us is going to be reporting tools integrated with our back end processes letting you easily submit reports and our CS teams to easily field them.  Those should be coming online next week if they make it through the QA process – this basically mirrors what we were able to do for zone spam (which got cut down efficiently based on a similar system).  A few addon developers have worked on the ease-of-reporting part of this in the interim (thanks guys, it’s appreciated).

We’ve also further tuned our automated bot detection processes; we’ve been careful to catch as few innocents in the web as possible.  We can’t go into a ton of details (don’t want to give the botters hints on avoiding detection) but you’ve probably seen some improvements in botters getting knocked out of the game.  It’s also not perfect yet, but we’ve made some good strides.

Many (between 50%-70%, not all data is in yet) of those 7K+ accounts are compromised – regular players who have (usually) re-used account names and passwords from other stuff on the internet (games, email, etc.) and thus are vulnerable to hacking.  PLEASE do use 2-factor authentication if possible.

This implies that as we ban these accounts, they rapidly go into the CS queues for us to put back into the hands of the original owners.  We’ve been prioritizing these, but it does mean delays in other queues as we work through it.  We’ve made some tool improvements on the dev side for CS to help out, as well as helping out with a variety of other teams in various ways (from answering tickets to prioritizing automated fixes for things like the riding skill reimbursements).  It’s a whole team effort to get things wrangled.

Also this implies that as we ban/suspend accounts, the farmers compromise new accounts to keep the bot army flowing.  Please protect your account – if not with 2FA then with a unique account and password combo (keylogging does occur though; we don’t have confirmed reports of it now but it will happen at some point if not already)

On the CS fronts, we’ve freed up some CS to folks patrol to get reports from folks in zone chat in real time as well – if you see one online, please do feed them names for banning action.

We’re attacking this with a full-spectrum approach as a placeholder until we get to the better tools that should help in the short-medium term.  We acknowledge it sucks when you see obvious cheaters, and we’re working to eliminate it.  Hopefully you’ve noticed a difference already, but regardless we’ll keep updating as we move forward as well.

Thanks guys –

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