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WildStar: Carbine äußert sich zu Problemen im PvP

In einem umfangreichen Forenpost hat Content Lead Design Jen Gordy vor Kurzem umfangreich Stellung zu den Problemen bezogen, die aktuell im PvP von WildStar vorherrschen. Dabei ging er auf das fehlerhafte Belohnungssystem für die Arenen, sowie die Attribute auf den PvP-Items ein.

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WildStar: Fehlerhafte Belohnungen in den Arenen

In seinem Forenpost äußerte sich Jen Gordy zu den fehlerhaften Belohnungen, die derzeit für die Arenen verteilt werden. Der Grund dafür sei Wintrading gewesen, das kurz nach Release von den Spielern durchgeführt wurde. Dabei haben beide Mannschaften stets abwechselnd verloren, um so in kürzester Zeit hochwertige Belohnungen zu erspielen.

Beim Versuch, das Wintrading durch einen Hotfix zu unterbinden, haben sich jedoch einige Fehler ins System eingeschlichen. Um diese zu beheben und gleichzeitig das Wintrading weiterhin zu verhindern, ist ein größeres Update nötig, das höchstwahrscheinlich mit dem Patch Ende dieser Woche ins Spiel implementiert wird.

Schwache Attribute auf PvP-Items

Ein weiteres Problem, das von Jen Gordy angesprochen wurde, sind die Attribute, die sich derzeit auf den PvP-Items befinden. Diese seien einfach zu schwach, so dass es sich aktuell mehr lohnt, die Arenen und Schlachtfelder von WildStar mit PvE-Ausrüstung zu bestreiten. Dieses Problem lässt sich jedoch nicht einfach per Hotfix beheben, sondern bedarf größerer Anpassungen. Deshalb wird es hier frühestens mit dem ersten Contentpatch Anfang Juli Besserung geben.

Den kompletten Post von Jen Gordy könnt ihr euch im Anschluss durchlesen.

WildStar MitarbeiterCarbine Studios zu Carbine äußert sich zu Problemen im PvP (Quelle)

Firstly, an apology. We have been trying to provide you the best information we have regarding bug fixes with patches – unfortunately, this bit us in a bad way with the most recent hotfix. Here are some details for you about what we’ve been currently working on, in order to give you some transparency into our processes:

Arena Rewards

We had to make a change, very quickly, shortly after launch, after it was determined that some players were abusing Practice Arena to wintrade for the rewards. Our ability to determine the difference between match types, at game time, was incomplete, so the reward set for all Arenas (rated included) had to be temporarily nuked.

In order for us to fully determine match type, we needed to make changes/additions to our script function library….as well as touch all master scripts for Arenas and Battlegrounds. This is an extensive change, and also one that we did not want to make without full QA verification. The risk of breaking a Battleground or Arena was high (and as we found out, easy to make – since the first round of QA testing uncovered problems with the fix). That was early last week. We’ve got the whole solution in place now (and working). Then, we needed to get it prioritized for a live push.

On Friday we got this fix prioritized, but because of the changes, we needed a full build (compile/client/server) in order to have this fully functional. I misunderstood what last night’s fix was intended to be (a hotfix is not the same scope) and relayed that misunderstanding to TheMuffinMan. I learned late yesterday that we still needed the full build, and we’d have to wait until later this week (when we’re deploying other fixes through a patch). I’m very sorry for the snafu in communication – we’re trying to get this fix to you as quickly as possible, now that it’s confirmed.

PvP Stat

Firstly: Adjustments to PvP stats will not be taking place via a hotfix or bug fix patch. Because these changes are large in scope, it requires design sign-off. Additionally, some team coordination for adjustments is needed after tech has been delivered, as well as a full QA pass. You’ll see the changes via a monthly update – we’ll try to let you know when this will be as we get closer.

For the current status:

  • The combat team has delivered a design for sign-off and approval.
  • Our goals with these changes are add value to the PvP progression path, increase the value of PvP stats for live game, and to deter/decrease the viability of PvE gear in PvP. PvP Offense will also be changing to provide a bonus for healer roles.

Once we get sign-off and start implementation, we’ll provide more detail.

Maps and More

In addition to the post TheMuffinMan has made for Warplots, we are also working on monthly update content for the game:

  • We’ve been teasing a new Battleground coming soon!
  • We’ve got a second Arena map in progress!
  • Insert hint about season events (TBD)

More details as we’re able to share.

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