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Starmade: 0.14 Release Version veröffentlicht

In der letzten Nacht wurde die Starmade 0.14 Release Version veröffentlicht! Diese brachte jede menge neue Features mit sich und überarbeitet fast alle Elemente des Spiels. So gibt es nun teilweise komplett neue Grafik und Shader, neue Hintergründe für die Sternensysteme, erweiterte Shops und vieles mehr!

Starmade 0.14 Release Version veröffentlicht

Zudem gibt es jetzt auch die Möglichkeit eine Crew für das eigene Schiff anzuheuern, allerdings müsst Ihr dafür einen der neuen erweiterten Shops finden. Auch wurden bereits Vorkehrungen getroffen, dass es in Zukunft mehr Leben auf den Planeten gibt. 

Auf der offiziellen Starmade Seite findet Ihr in einem Artikel all die Gedanken die sich der Entwickler gemacht hat und welche Ziele er verfolgt für das nächste Update. 

Change Log für Version 0.14

  1. improved character physics (hopefully no more gliding through lifts)
  2. improved transformation pipeline in physics, so objects no longer fall out of other moving objects if bound (astronaut in gravity falling out of ship)
  3. changed universe rotation system to local rotation of planet sectors
  4. usernames now case insensitive (means, all variations of cases of the same name point to the same account [e.g. „Test“, „test“, „teSt“ all point to the same player save-file, and have the same protection]. Same goes for
  5. white/black lists, as well as admins. It will be applied automatically, so admins won’t have to rewrite any files)
  6. fixed crash on recipe (number overflow)
  7. soft migration for block structure to allow for additional orientations. things get migrated as they are loaded, so no version compatibility issues will occur (unless a newly saved blueprint is loaded into an old starmade version).
  8. old->new: ok, new->old: not ok
  9. added additional corners front/back
  10. added additional corners left/right
  11. cleaned up orientation system (confusing bit of code) with migration
  12. spawn_entity command now works from console
  13. built system to automatically include all symmetry options for all new and old shapes
  14. astronauts can now align themselves with a ship by pressing the jump button. the alignment works just like in gravity without actual gravity
  15. improved block-orientation system to remember last selected for each block type
  16. optimized character physics further (100 characters on the same planet from 10 to >200 fps)
  17. fixed lighting not updating all surrounding segments when a block is added/removed
  18. complete redesign of mid level segment data structure into a dynamic octree structure (on top of the existing low level octree)
  19. integrated new structure for more performance in memory, light calculation, physics, simple iteration, etc. (especially on structure with lots of empty space)
  20. fixed ugly little graphical glitch in planet atmosphere
  21. fixed a memory leak that would fill up over a longer time (mostly on clients)
  22. fixed occlusion bug that would cause areas to be brighter when there is non-opaque objects near (flora, glass, etc)
  23. fixed bug that may have cause faction ids to be wrongly set on server restart
  24. fixed bug where case of the names of members in a faction would cause bugs when logged in with a different case
  25. implemented cascading shadow maps with zoom fitted frustum
  26. improved shadow quality and fixed some bugs in the system
  27. implemented shader preprocessor to efficiently handle options and backwards compatibility
  28. fixed bug from new system where single blocks are not updated on server
  29. fixed turrets not being controllable by players
  30. a set-recipe a player buys (coarse/refine) will now refund credits instead of blocks if the recipe cost credits
  31. fixed command auto-complete
  32. added player name auto-complete to all command parameter as well as /pm and /f
  33. improved method to check on modified blueprints (hopefully won’t misfire modification)
  34. fixed turret movement in chain docking
  35. turrets no longer reset rotation when entered (and flight mode is used)
  36. made restricted camera (turrets) homogeneous to be much easier to use for advanced application
  37. turret rotation is now persistent (does not reset when turret get loaded after being unloaded)
  38. chain docked objects are no longer excluded from faction home base protection
  39. player movement speed in gravity now independent from look direction
  40. added key for player walking in gravity (default left shift)
  41. implemented multiple texture packs chooser
  42. fixed graphical glitch where stars/sun would be visible on glass/water (or through any other transparent object) even when there is a solid block somewhere in the background
  43. fixed client turret glitching if rotation has been already modified by another client before the client enters a the sector containing the turret
  44. fixed docked structures becoming physical on client when the docking process was not completed yet (major lag)
  45. improved loading times of structures by setting initial sizes of maps from expected data
  46. improved blueprint loading time using a faster method to transfer block connection data
  47. improved general block-block physics collision performance
  48. debug mode no longer stays active when joining a multiplayer game after activating it on single player
  49. fixed faction offer/relation id’s possibly colliding leading to random war/peace declarations
  50. added error handling for texture packs (to check if all files are there and if they have the right resolution), so modders get good feedback
  51. added fixed helmet animation triggers
  52. fixed character getting stuck on ceiling when jumping
  53. implemented directional gravity blocks. Players can walk on walls/ceiling
  54. fixed new-block-transmission not generating segments other then 0,0,0
  55. further improved shadow quality (not quite there)
  56. fixed bug that caused clients to have a 5-10 second delay when adding/removing/harvesting blocks or open/closing doors  
  57. decreased network overhead by using pure primitives for buffers when applicable
  58. fixed background when using frame-buffer only
  59. implemented signature fetching: clients request a map of what the server knows for sure at the time and the region file is going to be empty. This decreases load times and network overhead because empty segments don’t have to be processed in the segment-manager at all. And thanks to the octree system, the update of empty segments takes 0 memory and is very fast
  60. fixed out-of-direct-memory danger for 32-bit java when using texture arrays
  61. fished shadows of characters being falsely frustum culled
  62. fixed method of saving virtual memory (memory outside the heap). Out-Of-Memory crashes on 32-bit systems should now be eliminated
  63. added auto-rotate camera
  64. added gif recorder
  65. chain-docked objects now also in home-base protection (if origin is home-base)
  66. fixed faction home not resetting when removing faction block
  67. added info to track a faction home change (faction news) to track eventual bug causing faction home resets (made that already more robust already, also)
  68. redesigned AI panel
  69. added crew tab
  70. added fleet tab
  71. implemented crew AI control
  72. implemented fabricator animation control
  73. docking beam origin is now currently used cockpit
  74. fixed 6 sided gravity
  75. implemented fabricator to harvest blocks instead of being able to remove at once
  76. added scaling to bone implementation
  77. added rest of the new blocks to the config
  78. fixed bug that would cause brightness on blocks when a ship is exited when using shadows
  79. integrated Luaj libraries for full Lua support
  80. implemented Lua interface
  81. implemented new conversation System
  82. implemented system to create conversations with Lua
  83. implemented networked conversation
  84. fixed block modding tool not to crash when reflection reports non accessible field
  85. improved shadows to not „shine through“ far away objects when close up to something else that normally should be shadowed from that far away object
  86. fixed some shader issues for mac-graphics card drivers
  87. added failsafe for path calculation to stop after a threshold is reached
  88. implemented normal maps
  89. fixed source of bugs: on unloading entities were triggered to save twice. one time for the sector unload, and one time on unload of the object itself. This was a source of various random bugs like Objects completely vanishing
  90. fixed characters controlled by players falling of moving objects when in gravity (or in sector change)
  91. implemented skin files
  92. implemented transmission for full skins
  93. removed lag from flying through open doors
  94. further improved physics performance with advanced lookup tables
  95. removed unnecessary non-scaling transformation from physics cube-cube collision process
  96. improved performance of single block-updates by a lot (building, salvaging, opening doors)
  97. reduced lag from load of missiles in one place by a lot
  98. improved A-Star path finding to avoid turning if possible
  99. implemented basic path smoothing
  100. implemented settings sliders
  101. integrated sliders for advanced build mode
  102. advanced build mode size now saved by ship entered
  103. integrated sliders for weapon settings
  104. implemented OAuth2 test communication
  105. server config option for collision damage (damage and physical response is not yet calculated perfectly, but fast block transmission to handle from physics works)
  106. minor physics optimizations
  107. fixed small synch problem with octrees (server didn’t apply the data it sent to clients (marking a segment as empty), and since the clients had teh data, empty segments where never requested and therefor checks if a segment has been loaded returned false on the server which sometimes lead to gravity not being applied
  108. fixed several chunk error sources
  109. fixed hidden flag not being updated correctly after docking process
  110. implemented message log
  111. implemented message log filters
  112. implemented message log fast chat (system will place /f for faction chat or „/pm name“ automatically if chat is used in message log panel with the according filter selected
  113. fixed lag/bug on docked structures after the object has already loaded in, the server tells the client that the object is physics active
  114. fixed extension error in skin transmission
  115. implemented structure to handle unloaded AI entity for clients (in the future when a controlled entity e.g. fleet is not necessarily fully loaded and has to be simulated in the database)
  116. fixed pirates attacking the NPC character in shops
  117. redesigned AI crew Panel buttons and fixed functionality
  118. added AI settings
  119. implemented basic customizable AI behavior for NPC crew
  120. fixed bug where gravity block cannot be turned off
  121. explosion blocks (disintegrator) now cause chain reaction with each other
  122. explosion blocks (disintegrator) now explode on damage
  123. draw distance no longer an option (calculated over „max segments“ now)
  124. navigation filter setting is now saved on the client
  125. fixed migration problem when a sprite style block was activated
  126. fixed bug where object would be displayed from cache after spawning if before an object with the same name was deleted
  127. buying from catalog with blocks now includes value of docked ships
  128. if not enough blocks to buy from catalog, a list of total blocks needed will be sent to the player (using new chatlog panel to view)
  129. core can now be entered on the same ship if someone already is in the build block
  130. now skipping docked structures that are already occupied when up/down was pressed in flight mode
  131. fixed bug where would not be able to pick up core as astronaut
  132. fixed docking beam not resetting to core when cockpit changed to core
  133. auto-completion of player name not puts right case
  134. auto-completion of player name now works outside of commands
  135. docking on faction base with faction exception will no longer change faction of the docked ship
  136. possible fix for AI not firing on turrets
  137. fixed bug where cache would be considered newer even if object has been modified in absence
  138. fixed mass calculation in docking situations
  139. fixed build orientation arrow
  140. fixed bug where docking zone is not drawn in build-mode when the ship itself is docked
  141. fixed possible crash in shutdown
  142. fixed shield hit effect
  143. home-base protection now extends to all docked ships (e.g. if faction permission block was used)
  144. ship indicators of docked ships are now again displayed in structure (in build mode)
  145. fixed missile sector positioning for new system
  146. immensely decreased lag from loading in big structures with a lot of usable blocks (weapons etc) by first eliminating an unnecessary network transmission, using a better data structure in the grouping algorithm, and removing an unefficient exception
  147. changed faction_create to include name of initial member, and added faction_create_as to also include faction Id to create faction as (useful when importing sectors)
  148. fixed several bugs that might cause a crash of the lighting threads
  149. fixed synchronization bug that lead to crash or other glitches when re-requesting segments (missile battles)
  150. Turret/ship AI no longer engages targets in invisibility mode
  151. fixed freeze on faulty transformation orientation
  152. fixed narrow-octree invalidation by repeatedly removing the same position
  153. AI now shoots on turrets
  154. improved AI engagement behavior
  155. improved menu vs in-game activity behavior
  156. reorganized initial items a bit and added helmet
  157. fixed exploding block update not triggering
  158. fixed stations not being collectible by faction members
  159. faction owned blocks can now be activated by docking beam of a ship without a faction signature, but being flown by the pilot of that faction
  160. fixed missile head graphics
  161. increased maximal number of missile trails
  162. further decreased lag from missiles
  163. improved long term performance of server by fixing a bug that could possibly prevent sector from unloading (even if players are no longer present)
  164. fixed clustering of shops (for newly generated sectors)
  165. implemented personal enemies of factions
  166. made personal enemies of factions consistent
  167. added GUI options for personal enemies of factions consistent. Editable if the rank of the faction member has permission to edit
  168. attack on hostile action now will add a non-faction-player to the personal enemies, and no longer consider all neutrals enemies  
  169. fixed naming in AI dialog
  170. added option to rehire/discharge AI by dialog
  171. filled in some shop employee dialog
  172. implemented buttons light up on mouse over (used in dialog options to make navigation easier on the eyes)
  173. fixed AI exception (caused by another bugfix)
  174. used chance for migration to set all 3-sided (e.g. grass patches) blocks as TOP orientation in preparation for them to be able to be rotated in any direction
  175. fixed texure bug for some graphics cards (mac)
  176. fixed possible server block service hang-up  when placing auto-connected blocks like disintegrator (ty tominosama)
  177. implemented texture compression
  178. improved graphics memory cleanup function
  179. improved physics performance by removing lag from removing calculation after microscopic fluctuations of object positions
  180. fixed crash from pressing tab on some dialog text entries
  181. added player name auto-complete to text input panels that require player names
  182. added advanced options to deal with possible graphics driver bugs (compression, and mipmap options)
  183. improved synchronization of server segment requests to hopefully get rid of physical chunk errors (those that won’t go away after restart and cache clear)
  184. fixed migration crash when trying to migrate block type that is not known in the block config (custom blocks)
  185. compressed inventory-changed transmission for factory blocks to be more scalable
  186. fixed AI error (FSMException) on servers
  187. fixed bug that would cause crash on startup (ResourceException)
  188. improved segment sorter to be more thread safe
  189. fixed bug where player character could be considered neutral for a short time. player character now set faction id to player’s faction id before spawning
  190. fixed bug where sector information would not be updated correctly in sql database (causing protection mode of sector not to save, re-spawning asteroids etc)  
  191. added mining effect
  192. improved responsiveness of all beams
  193. hopefully fixed crash from sorting factions by relation in teh faction hub panel
  194. implemented procedurally generated background (still a little slow, can be turned on in the in-game options)
  195. fixed crash on loading shop AI skin (NullPointer)
  196. inserted more tests to find a specific bug causing a gl exception
  197. switched to regular textures for better compression and mipmap handling (some graphics card threw OUT_OF_MEMORY, despite having plenty on using compressed texture arrays)
  198. decreased texture size of ultra quality shadows (not noticeable, but cuts memory consumption in half)
  199. implemented adapting procedural backgrounds in different qualities (resolution. Please note that some graphics cards don’t support 4096)
  200. fixed NullPointer crash when joining multiplayer in the vicinity of an NPC player
  201. fixed jiggling when traveling in docked ship or turret
  202. slightly optimized object position transmission to reduce data that has to be sent on update
  203. fixed crash when system tries to draw floating item that doesn’t exist
  204. added (probably) final vertex component mask for cube shader
  205. added correct normals for wedges
  206. added correct normals for corners
  207. added correct normals for penta
  208. added correct normals for tetra
  209. fixed GL_INVALID_OPERATION Error happening in build mode. Happened when using multi-sampled frame buffers and reading pixels from it (in advanced build mode to check for mouse position)
  210. improved lighting
  211. reduced green color in procedural backgrounds
  212. implemented admin-command „/delay_save seconds“ for server admins to safely create backups. Make sure to wait a bit after using this command since in case there are running write requests, they will continue to run and finish.
  213. (/delay_save 0 will turn the delay off immediately)
  214. fixed possible server crash on invalid docking update
  215. fixed object being declared as modified blueprint after it already has fully spawned (and then blocks where added afterwards)
  216. fixed gravity bug where player would already be in velocity when activating the gravity block
  217. fixed gravity (pointing somewhere other than downwards) warping the player to a seemingly random position
  218. fixed glitching of active object when astronaut gets suddenly thrown out of an object(e.g. /destroy_entity was used on a ship with a player in it)
  219. in case of emergency shutdown (forced termination from outside by an admin) the database will no longer attempt to compact itself (as that may under rare circumstances cause corruption)
  220. fixed gravity bug where player would suddenly be put out of gravity. Also made some gravity blocks look like they weren’t working at all (since it was instantly stopped). Gravity lifts should now finally be usable  
  221. added gradient to advanced build mode block preview
  222. added extra alpha for block preview in advanced build mode, so that blocks that are completely transparent cans till be easily seen
  223. improved lighting for back-shading being better handled with block light
  224. fixed shadow not working in the last version
  225. improved lighting for block light to illuminate shadowed areas better
  226. fixed crash in sun sectors with shadows (light was at zero pos)
  227. included tolerance for modified blueprints (server.cfg). New version blueprints should be more resilient against falsely triggering blueprint modification. Still, please make sure the object is fully loaded before saving a blueprint
  228. kupu updated normal maps further
  229. fixed build box flickering when trying to build in build mode on a moving object
  230. fixed bug in recursive price calculation of blueprints+docked
  231. fixed normal/bump mapping (some wrong vectors caused the lighting to change, and the bump look wrong)
  232. improved self-illumination of light source blocks
  233. fixed shaders for some graphics card (ATI (mostly mac ones))
  234. fixed further ‚vector-zero-length‘ exception
  235. when GUI is disabled, indicators in build mode are no longer drawn
  236. settings no longer reset to default if one setting is no longer valid
  237. using bitwise operations on shader for graphics cards that support them (small fps boost for those cards)  
  238. fixed crash when more then one item is sold to a player shop at a price of 0 credits (divide by zero)
  239. fixed crash when recording screenshot or give with frame-buffers and anti-aliasing activated (still minor bug with white background on screenshot)
  240. improved error response when shadows are not supported on a graphics cards
  241. fixed crash when in rotating cam mode and changing sectors
  242. fixed occasional crash in cubatom panel when dragging from hotbar
  243. put in some extra debug info to find the GL_INVALID_OPERATION that is happening on some cards
  244. fixed one more GL_INVALID_OPERATION crash on 100% (on some graphics cards)
  245. reduced memory consumption in several places
  246. decreased consumption from lots of small groups of usable blocks
  247. decreased consumption from control structure
  248. improved control structure performance by using unified indexing data structure a lot better to handle in collections
  249. fixed light shining through closed doors
  250. implemented „lighten“ mode for advanced build mode (makes blocks brighter)
  251. fixed „NullPointerException: Exception: REQUESTED TYPE 0 IS NULL“ client crash (happened when a block-connection came in too late after the source was already removed)
  252. improved bulk-block-connection function to be more scalable and faster
  253. (hopefully) fixed [KINEMATICCONTROLLER][UPDATEACTION] Exception possibly crashing the server on sector change in some situations
  254. fixed faction protection from personal salvage beam
  255. fixed NullPointer from AI trying to walk on object that no longer exists
  256. fixed sudden change of background when changing systems (needs testing)
  257. fixed huge video memory consumption when using high res procedural backgrounds with multi-sample (couldn’t even start on powerful machines)
  258. fixed mouse inversion when control is pressed
  259. fixed crash when trying to talk to an NPC that has no affinity
  260. fixed crash when using texture arrays
  261. fixed server crash when update for a not existing network object comes in (after the object was deleted). It’s normally already caught, but the debug message actually caused the crash in some situations
  262. fixed server crash/freeze when a hacked old blueprint was uploaded to a server
  263. added security that on other positions so the same method of getting the server to freeze can’t be used there
  264. fixed chunk error problem
  265. added separate selling price and buying price for every shop
  266. implemented abstract controller support
  267. implemented controller custom axis support
  268. implemented controller custom button support
  269. implemented abstract system to apply the same system as for keyboard to any controller
  270. implemented controller button duplication check
  271. implemented controller saving
  272. implemented controller loading
  273. implemented individual controller axis sensivity
  274. improved GUI a bit: no more moving when keys pressed in some menus; no more firing weapons when deactivating menus (might still be some menus missing to be included)
  275. prevented OS from giving initial value for controllers (rotation when starting until controller touched)
  276. integrated controller into camera system
  277. implemented remote debug system to check on raw server positions
  278. removed sector physics mirroring from sectors to a planet and vice versa (physics glitches possible, but will take care of possible heavy lag and random warps, until better solution found)
  279. structure panel now available for any usable structure
  280. fixed some missiles not showing up
  281. fixed GUI texture compression (washed out GUI textures)
  282. fixed a accuracy problem in segment sorting (small alpha errors on transparent blocks can still occur)
  283. removed unaffected segments within missile blast radius from missile block update (missile performance)
  284. missile damage now sends segment update directly instead of issuing re-requests on client (faster update when missile hits & better synchronization)
  285. fixed possible bug in updating whole segments when missiles hit (collections (ship properties) not updating correctly)
  286. implemented system in the pre-light calculation system to handle angles
  287. fixed bug where on server restart an entry would reset to being enemy usable even it was turned off before
  288. optimization in several areas (network protocol, group calculation, light calculation)
  289. fixed another bug in segment sorting (distance was not calculated to the middle but the corner)
  290. moved segment/chunk impact to synchronized chunk revalidating instead of doing it threaded (no gain in doing that except synch issues). This will hopefully take care of a lot sources of bug, like the mass being calculated wrong and several others that could happen absolutely randomly
  291. fixed minor source of bugs: initially newly loaded objects had no way to know their sector for one update when the object was updated before the data was inserted as a network object. Bypassing that now for the server to check directly
  292. right mouse click on docking beam now ignores activatable blocks (doors)
  293. maxDrawnSegments can now be changed ingame without problems, and with correct cleaning up (problem was always to get all threads to either finish or stop at a point where they don’t currently own mesh themselves)
  294. categorized and reordered options GUI
  295. fixed a cause of server disconnects (tried to change an object on server that no longer existed. Could happen when the server removed the object and the change didn’t yet reach the client)
  296. fixed crash when changing options
  297. further optimized lighting calculations for faster segment(chunk) loading
  298. fixed server crash when replacing only empty segment on a structure
  299. fixed server NullPointer when projectiles fly in inactive sector
  300. increased diffuse lighting
  301. fixed data problem when generating new planets (discovered due to the synch update of earlier patch)
  302. optimized block collection calculation to faster ditch requested updates from removed objects in the queue
  303. new drawing optimization should improve display performance of blocks by ~10% (depending on graphics card/driver. Fallback available to switch and customize optimization) using bigger Vertex Buffer Objects and dynamically allocating and filling them reduces costly openGL calls since multiple chunks can be drawn from the same buffer context (drawback: more video RAM overhead due to fragmentation, but does not scale)
  304. „file does not exist“ should no longer spam log on multiplayer (skin files that cannot be sent will stop trying after the 5th time)
  305. inventory slot merge may be fixed (synchronization issue)
  306. fixed NPC-Command menu not working when exiting ship in build mode
  307. fixed personal enemies of faction not working
  308. personal shop buy/sell permission now working
  309. fixed bug with collection not updating on block removal (e.g. weapons keep working even if all the weapon blocks got removed or shot off)
  310. faction members can now salvage faction home in astronaut mode
  311. fixed possible deadlock (server freeze) when writing universe data
  312. fixed bug where both inventory stacks of the same type would vanish when trying to merge and the sum of both exceeds the maximum stack size
  313. possible fix for frame-buffer error happening on some hardware when using shadows
  314. fixed another inventory merge bug (when changing slots while server is still subtracting blocks from building)
  315. personal shop permission should now cover all shopping transactions
  316. fixed AI not shooting at objects
  317. fixed serverAI transmission not being in synch (lead to heavy rubberbanding and server/client position differences of AI ships)
  318. fixed permissions to edit AI config (admins can now edit objects by selecting them and open the AI control panel)
  319. fixed possible source for segment(chunk) errors: server took re-requests of segments which hints at a synch error
  320. fixed serious server bug, where in case a sector was loaded while saving (inactive sector becomes active again), there could be a several bugs (foremost docked ships undocking without reason)
  321. fixed bug where docked object were not hittable by missiles
  322. fixed eject from enterable block when block gets destroyed
  323. fixed core overheating timer when core destroyed by missile
  324. added another texture pack from kupu
  325. added some character model fixes from omni
  326. reactivated head tilting (only without helmet)
  327. fixed bug in animation structure where deactivated animation would prevent other animations
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