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Star Citizen: Patch 1.1.5 auf dem PTU

Auf dem PTU von Star Citizen ist nun der Patch 1.1.5 vergürbar. Das Public Test Universe ist quasi der Test-Server der Entwickler um vorab mit der Community die neuen Inhalte auszuprobieren.

Patch 1.1.5 auf dem PTU

Folgend findet Ihr eine Übersicht zu den Inhalten auf dem PTU mit Patch 1.1.5. Zudem hat Chris Roberts angekündigt, dass das Star Marine Modul, besser bekannt als das FPS-Modul, noch vor der Gamescom spielbar sein soll.

RSI PosterCIG zu Patch 1.1.5 auf dem PTU (Quelle)

Star Citizen 1.1.5 is now available on the Public Test Universe! The PTU is our ‘test’ server, designed for letting the Star Citizen community review earlier builds of the game than our standard live server. If you’re interested in joining the PTU test for 1.1.5, you can learn how in the PTU FAQ. Patch 1.1.5 adds two flyable ships, the Scythe and the Merlin, as well as a host of balance changes and bug fixes.

Hi everyone!

We’ve been feverishly hammering away on all sorts of fantastic things in the past few weeks, so we’re very excited to push out the Star Citizen Alpha 1.1.5 Publish to Public Test Universe today!

Let’s go over the step-by-step instructions first:

1) You’ll first need to uninstall your current copy of PTU. You can do this by simply deleting the Public_Test folder inside of Program FilesStarCitizen.

2) You’ll then need to first re-copy your account over to the new PTU version at which is now available. This process is required for each new PTU test.

3) The 1.1.5 Publish to PTU will also require a new installer which is now available at this link as we’re rolling out the first version of our new, completely rewritten launcher! More on that below.

4) Players will be able to start patching and game servers at Saturday July 18 at 330pm CDT/830pm GMT.

Important note: With the new Launcher 2.0, this 1.1.5 Publish to PTU update will be a considerable 25.1 GB. As such, 1.1.5 to PTU is NOT recommended for anyone with slow download speeds or bandwidth caps, particularly since we could have additional 1.1.5 bug fix updates in the coming days, plus you’ll also have to download the 25GB again when we publish 1.1.5 to the Live service.

On to the meat of 1.1.5…

We’ll have a complete list of Star Citizen Alpha 1.1.5 Patch Notes here but this a small preview of all of the features available which we’d love for you to test and provide feedback on in our 1.1.5 PTU Feedback forums:

– Flight-ready Merlin and Scythe!
– Significant fixes have gone into addressing the freezing issues on ship spawn/destruction.
– Increase to 16 players on Squadron Battles and Battle Royale maps.
– The “Electronic Access” button has replaced the Arena Commander button in the Main Menu.
– Arena Commander and Star Marine icons will be seen in the Electronic Access Menu.
– Arena Commander and Star Marine icons will be grayed out for accounts that do not have access to the respective module.
– Game modes will have a red overlay for accounts that are invited to lobbies which contain game modes they do not have access to.
– Players entering a game from the same Lobby will now always be on the same team.
– Lobby now has music!

Several game balance changes have also been introduced:

– One hit kills have been reduced.
– Reduced CS missile damage.
– Increase health (2x) for all human ships.
– Weapon disparity per sizes increased.
– Rebalanced boost consumption and recharge rates.
– Rebalanced ship thrusters to be in line with ship goals.
– Chaff dispersion has been increased.

We’re also deploying several sizable new, backend technologies:

– New Launcher 2.0. Not just an updated version of the old launcher, but the first version of the new launcher! This will look similar to the current version but is a complete tech rewrite which significantly improves download speed and stability, as well as giving us much more visibility into troubleshooting launcher issues. Launcher 2.0 also allows us to start the work on our strategic goal of having much smaller incremental patch sizes.
– General Instance Manager (GIM). A full rewrite of the backend services that not only allocates and manages Arena Commander and Star Marine game server instances, but also the framework for multiplayer Hangars and the Persistent Universe game servers.
– Matchmaker Service. A full rewrite of the matchmaking system that will keep players in public groups on the same teams, eliminate long waits, and resolves the issues of perpetual Match Not Founds.
– “Phoenix” Dynamic Environments. A completely new backend service that allows us to spin up and scale services and environments at an exponentially faster rate with sharply improved stability. What does this mean for you, the players? We can scale up to test much faster to quickly and safely provide identical environments on Live that we use while in dev and in testing, and we can rapidly compensate for spikes in traffic.

Remember, the full list of Star Citizen Alpha 1.1.5 Patch Notes will be available soon but in the meantime, thanks for helping us test 1.1.5 before it hits the Live service and happy hunting!

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