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Star Citizen: Ankündigung zur CitizenCon 2015

Auf der offiziellen Seite von Star Citizen haben die Entwickler nun angekündigt, dass die CitizenCon 2015 in Manchester stattfinden wird.

Ankündigung zur CitizenCon 2015

Umsonst ist das Ganze allerdings nicht, eine Eintrittskarte kostet 60 US-Dollar oder 40 britische Pfund. Diese kann man bereits jetzt vorab kaufen.

Star Citizen CitizenCon 2015

Stattfinden wird das Event am 10. Oktober. Sicherlich werden wir einige interessante Details zum Spiel erfahren und vielleicht auch ein paar neue Sachen zu Gesicht bekommen.

RSI PosterCIG zu CitizenCon 2015 (Quelle)

The third annual CitizenCon event is coming! This year, we’re celebrating Star Citizen’s birthday in Manchester, England, the home of the fabulous Foundry 42 studio. CitizenCon is our dedicated celebration of Star Citizen’s past, present and future… expect to see what we’ve been working on in 2015 and to get the first look at what’s next for the project!

The £40 CitizenCon ticket price includes a buffet-style meal and an assortment of digital and physical Star Citizen swag, including the second ship pin in an ongoing collection! The CitizenCon presentation will be livestreamed for anyone unable to attend in person. Additionally, we have updated the pledge store’s exchange rate forGBP this morning, to make the event (and pledge packages in general!) more affordable for those purchasing tickets in the UK (as of this posting.)

Where & When

CitizenCon 2015 will be held at the Runway Visitor Park at the Manchester Airport, featuring a Concorde jet as a backdrop! Doors will open at 6 PM local time on Saturday, October 10, 2015.

The Runway Visitor Park
Sunbank Lane
WA15 8XQ

What to Bring

Filling out the form below will generate an RSVP ticket, please remember to bring that! If you have a Citizen Card or any Star Citizen clothing, bring it! You’ll have plenty of chances to pose with Chris Roberts and the team in your Star Citizen attire.

Who’s Coming?

CitizenCon will feature the entire Foundry 42 staff, over one hundred developers currently hard at work on multicrew and Foundry 42. Chris Roberts, Sandi Gardiner, Erin Roberts and other familiar faces from other studios will also be on hand. Additional guest announcements will be made as the event approaches.


Are you interested in volunteering to help us make this event a success? Let us know in the comments below and we will contact you!


Citizen Con tickets, available below, are £40 in order to help cover the cost of the event. The £40 also covers a meal that will be served at the event. We are giving you dinner and a show! Registrants must be 18+. Star Citizen events are planned exclusively for Star Citizen backers! Tickets will be printable closer to the day of the event, when a reminder email will be sent out to attendees.

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