Scrolls: Patch 0.105 veröffentlicht

Scrolls: Patch 0.105 veröffentlicht

Mit dem neuen Kartendeck „Decay“ wurde heute nun auch Patch 0.105 veröffentlicht! Dieser bringt neben dem neuen Kartendeck auch allerhand Features mit sich. Auch gibt es nun ein neues Menü, der Shop wurde überarbeitet und auch die Musik in den Kämpfen wurde erweitert.

Patchnotes zu Patch 0.105

Hier sind die Patchnotes zum Patch 0105.

The forces of Decay have landed on the server! That means it’s officially The Week of Decay. Let’s clarify what that means before going into the full changelog:

  • Existing players who buy the Decay preconstructed deck from the store get a free avatar. It doesn’t matter if you spend gold or shards, you still get the avatar.
  • New players who log into Scrolls get the Decay preconstructed deck for free. This is in addition to the standard deck you choose the first time you play Scrolls.
  • The Just For You section of the store will be updated daily and will only list Decay Scrolls!
  • I’ll be posting loads of cool Decay-related posts.

Read on for the full changelog…


  • Decay has arrived! 46 new scrolls, a new preconstructed deck, and new avatars!
  • Six fearsome new trials have been added.
  • New menu, store, deck builder, and battle music.


  • AI improvements.
  • Moved deck builder search box
  • Changed a variable name in the code. Woo-hoo!

Bug Fixes

  • Double attack bug fixed (SC-488).
  • “When unit is dealt damage” now triggers only on damage greater than 0 (SC-487, SC-519).
  • Recently purchased cards now show up when selling cards in the store.
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