Scrolls: Patch 0.103.0 veröffentlicht

Scrolls: Patch 0.103.0 veröffentlicht

Der offizielle Release von Mojang seinem neusten Spiel Scrolls scheint nicht mehr fern zu sein. Denn mit dem Patch 0.103.0 ist endlich möglich andere Spieler einer Freundesliste hinzuzufügen. Zusätzlich fügt Mojang noch eine große Menge neue Karten in das Spiel ein. Ausführliche Informationen findet Ihr hier drunter in den Patchnotes.

Patch 0.103.0 Patchnotes

Hi mate! How’s it going?

We love a nice update here at Mojang. For that reason, I’m delighted to announce that Scrolls 0.103.0 has just gone live. A bunch of new Scrolls, bug fixes, and a brand-spanking new friends list are included. Decay isn’t quite ready for final release… yet.

As always, feedback is appreciated. Blinky has made a handy post on Scrollsguide for that purpose.

Read on for the full changelog…


  • The long-awaited friends list has arrived! This includes finding online friends, whispers, and the ability to ignore users. Befriend and be merry.
  • Several chat commands have been added. Try typing /help for more information.


 Solemn GiantWings ShieldMetal Wonder

  • New: Solemn Giant (Energy). Creature, 8/6/4, cost 4. Solemn Giant does not count down. Pay 2 Energy to decrease Countdown by 2. This ability can be used any number of times per turn.
  • New: Wings Shield (Order). Creature, 2/2/3, cost 3. Wings Shield has Armor X, where X is the number of units behind it (combat damage dealt to Wings Shield is decreased by X).
  • New:Metal Wonder (Energy). Structure, 0/-/4, cost: 4. When your opponent plays a Spell or Enchantment, Metal Wonder deals 2 damage to a random idol under their control.

Crone Rat King Sister of the Bear

  • New:Crone (Growth). Creature, 0/3/2, cost 3. When Crone is destroyed in melee combat, the attacking unit is destroyed.
  • New:Rat King (Growth). Spell, cost 4. Summons a Beast Rat on target tile and two adjacent random tiles.
  • New: Sister of the Bear (Growth). Creature, 4/2/4, cost 4.

Storm Runner Redeploy Wings Soldier

  • New:Storm Runner (Energy). Creature, 2/2/3, cost 3. Lobber.
  • New: Redeploy (Order). Spell, cost 3. All your units on target row switch places with all your units on another target row.
  • New: Wings Soldier (Order). Creature, 3/2/2, cost 2.


  • Deck builder now displays scroll pile sizes larger than 9.
  • Card lists now have a filter text field. It works like the deck builder search.
  • Removed Herobrine.

Bug Fixes

  • The twitter feed is now functional again.
  • Chat scroll behaviour has been improved.
  • Fixing wording on a number of scrolls to match their effect.
  • Fixed bug concerning Wildling and spells that move units.(SC-173)
  • Fixed bug where Flip activated Mangy Wolf’s ability and reset Haste in trials. (SC-199)
  • Fixed bug where Transposition triggered Divine Mark. (SC-311)
  • Fixed game hangs when summoning units. (SC-8)

Have fun!

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