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Path of Exile: Alle zum Release + Infos zu den Gilden

path-of-exileHeute ist es endlich soweit, und nach Jahren der geschlossenen und offenen Beta, wurde Path of Exile mit dem Update 1.0.0 in den Release-Status gebracht. Passend zur Veröffentlichung hat Chris Wilson einen Newspost verfasst, in dem er eine Reihe nützlicher Informationen, wie etwa die Patchnotes oder die Funktionsweise von Gilden, bekannt gegeben hat.

Die Funktion der Gilden

Gilden können über das Sozial-Menü gegründet werden. Die Namen sind dabei nicht einzigartig, so dass ihr euch nennen könnt, wie es euch gefällt. Besonders erfolgreiche Gilden können ihr Gildentag auch im allgemeinen Chat anzeigen lassen. Dafür müsst ihr jedoch eine Reihe von Endgame-Maps opfern, die euch anschließend verschiedene Symbole des Tags freischalten. Die Gilden werden nach Eröffnung an die 30 Spieler aufnehmen können. Für je 10 weitere Spieler, müssen 100 Punkte (entspricht 1 Dollar) im Shop bezahlt werden.

Im Anschluss findet ihr den kompletten Newspost von Chris Wilson. Beachtet auch, dass Path of Exile ab heute auch über Steam erhältlich ist.

PoE MitarbeiterChris Wilson zu Path of Exile: Alle zum Release + Infos zu den Gilden“ (Quelle)

We will shut down the game servers and deploy the 1.0.0 patch approximately 3 hours before the countdown hits zero. Once that’s deployed, you’ll be able to download the patch. We’ll try to have a torrent and Steam preloading up also. Game access will be disabled during that three hour period. Our Open Beta Supporter Packs will be removed from the site at the end of Release day (that’s midnight on October 23, Pacific Time). Your ongoing support is not only greatly appreciated but also helps fund future features, content and server costs.

I went on the IncGamers podcast today and talked briefly about the launch! It includes awesome answers such as „*pause* I lost my train of thought there.“ If you’re interested in checking it out, I’m on at around the 30 minute mark.

Many people have asked for more information on how guilds work. On the social panel you can create a guild. Names are not unique, so call it what you want. Powerful guilds can obtain tags that appear next to their members‘ names in chat. This requires sacrificing a set of end-game Maps, each of which corresponds to a letter or symbol in the tag. Tags are unique and some symbols are much rarer than others. Tags can be 3-6 symbols in length. While you’re in a guild, you can chat to other members (even across leagues!) with the & symbol. The guild leader can set membership permissions (Leader, Officer, Member). Officers can also invite new Members.

Guilds start with 30 member slots and you can purchase sets of 10 extra slots for 100 points ($1 each). There’s currently a maximum of 200. We may increase this in the future once we fully understand their impact on server performance. Guild stash tabs (which are all nameable/colourable) can also be purchased. The guild leader can set permissions on which tiers of members can view, add items and remove items from tabs.

Only the guild leader can purchase microtransactions for their guild, but members and officers can donate points to their guild to help with these purchases. The guild leader can accept and reject point donations on the guild webpage (on this site). If they accept a point donation, then they are unable to kick that member out of the guild for three months. It’s possible to reject donations if you don’t really want to take their points.

Guilds are joined by account, rather than by character.

As mentioned in the patch notes, Guild Challenges are coming very soon.

The 1.0.0 patch notes that we posted yesterday contained some incomplete information about how we changed Righteous Fire. The correct patch note is:

  • The damage bonus now starts at 40% instead of 30%, but only increases by 1% per level, instead of 3%. Righteous Fire now burns nearby monsters and the character based on a percentage of life and a percentage of energy shield of the caster.

I’m going to get back to work now – not many hours left! See you at launch 🙂

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