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Path of Exile: Update 0.10.4 vom 20.03.2013 bringt neuen Skill Arctic Armour – Patchnotes

path-of-exileVergangene Nacht wurde das Update 0.10.4 auf die Server von Path of Exile aufgespielt. Der Patch brachte neben den üblichen Balanceänderungen auch vier neue einzigartige Gegenstände und drei Mikrotransaktionen. Außerdem hat die Fähigkeit Arctic Armour ihren Weg ins Spiel gefunden.

Patch 0.10.4 Neue Fähigkeit Arctic Armour

Die neue Fähigkeit Arctic Armour ist ein Geschicklichkeits-/Intelligenzgem, mit dessen Hilfe ihr einen magischen Frostschild erzeugt, der euch vor Feuerschaden und physischen Schaden schützt. Der Schild verbraucht dabei permanent Mana und die Verbrauchsrate wird erhöht, wenn sich der Charakter bewegt.

Passend zur Fähigkeit Arctic Armour gibt es auch die neue Mikrotransaktion Stormcloud, die den grafischen Effekt des Skills verändert. Ebenfalls neu im Shop sind die Mikrotransaktionen White Cyclone und der Helm-Effekt Silver Wings.

Änderungen am Dropverhalten und das neue Book of Skills

Erst am Montag gab es umfangreiche Änderungen am Reservierungs-System für das Gruppenspiel von Path of Exile. Nun hat man weiter an dieser Schraube gedreht und dafür gesorgt, dass der mögliche Loot nur noch von Spielern beeinflusst wird, die sich im direkten Umfeld zum besiegten Gegner befinden. Vorher war es ausreichend, wenn sich eine bestimmte Anzahl Spieler in der selben Zone befindet, was jedoch von vielen Spielern durch Zweitaccounts gezielt ausgenutzt wurde.

Neu ist ebenfalls das Book of Skills. Wie vergangene Woche bereits angekündigt, werden Questbelohnungen in Form von Skillpoints für den passiven Talentbaum nun nicht mehr direkt an den Charakter vergeben, sondern werden in Form von benutzbaren Büchern verteilt. So sollen die einzelnen Belohnungen greifbarer und nachvollziehbarer für die Spieler gestaltet werden.

Natürlich haben auch wieder einige Balance-Änderungen ihren Weg ins Spiel gefunden. So wurde beispielsweise der Schadensmodifikator für Cyclone um 5% erhöht.

Die kompletten Patchnotes für das Update 0.10.4 könnt ihr euch hier anschauen.

PoE MitarbeiterChris zu 0.10.4 Patch Notes (Quelle)


  • Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence skill – Arctic Armour: Summons an icy shield that protects against physical and fire damage. It drains your mana while active and at a faster rate while you are moving. When you have no mana left, the skill turns off. While active, it leaves a trail of ground ice which lasts for a short duration.
  • Added three new cosmetic microtransaction effects: Stormcloud Arctic Armour, White Cyclone and Silver Wings (helmet effect). These can be purchased in the shop on the website.
  • Added four new Unique items, two of which were designed by Diamond supporters.
  • Continued to incrementally improve the art, effects and environments and audio.


  • Quest rewards that used to grant passive skill points or passive refund points now give you a book that does the same thing when right clicked. This quest item cannot be traded and has been added to make the reward more understandable to new players.
  • Item drops from monsters are now calculated based on the number of players nearby (13 metres – around six tiles, which is approximately a screen) rather than the number in the instance. The quantity of drops is based on the minimum of the number of players who were around at the start and end of the fight. This means that if you spawn a boss alone before bringing in friends to help (or if the friends leave during the fight) then it will only drop enough items for one person.
  • You can now press Ctrl+C while hovering an item in chat to copy a description of the item (including itemlevel) to the clipboard.
  • The Way Forward quest now appears in both Act One and Act Two after opening the passage.
  • Special music has been added that plays when act bosses have been slain.
  • When a player is teleported out of a bandit fight, their minions are now also. Their totems, traps and mines are now destroyed.
  • All minion corpses, traps, totems, mines and player buffs are destroyed between PvP rounds.
  • If you die after a PvP match ends, you now get the resurrect button, rather than having to log out.


  • The new skill, Arctic Armour, has been added to the quest rewards as follows: Ranger and Shadow (Caged Brute quest), Witch and Duelist (Intruders in Black quest) and Templar (Lost in Love quest), all on Normal difficulty.
  • The damage effectiveness of Cyclone has been increased from 35% to 40%. We have also reduced the minimum distance it travels, so that you have more control. This distance is now about a third of what it was previously.
  • Shockwave Totem now casts Shockwaves faster.
  • +5% maximum resistances now occurs at level 23 of the Purity aura, rather than level 22.
  • Tempest Shield now has a 0.5 second cooldown similar to auras, to prevent it being turned off by rapidly recasting it.
  • Projectile speed mods are now listed on the website correctly.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with passive allocation by disabling the ability to Ctrl+click passives while there are other unapplied passive changes.
  • Fixed a bug related to whether world map pins would be shown.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking outside the vendor sell window would close it.
  • The vendor looks in your first eight stash tabs for currency items when you’re shopping. We have fixed it so that these are now your leftmost eight tabs.
  • Fixed bugs related to monster life scaling in some party situations.
  • Fixed a display bug with the experience bar’s hover.

To clarify how the item drop changes: All players in the current area (which includes the whole map and any side areas accessible via teleporters that don’t involve loading screens) are counted. For example, if you run up to Brutus but the rest of your party is still elsewhere in the Upper Prison (which is the same world area), then they are all counted. They have to be near you when Brutus dies, though. The radius for that check is 120 units (which is approximately 6 tiles or 13 metres (40 feet?).

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