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Path of Exile: Race Season 5 startet am 16. November

path-of-exileIn seinem heutigen Newspost ging Chris Wilson, Lead Developer von Path of Exile, ein wenig näher auf die Stabilitätsprobleme und Disconnects ein, die seit Veröffentlichung von Patch 1.0.0 häufiger in dem Spiel auftreten können. Zugleich sprach er bereits über das nächste größere Update 1.0.1, an dem man bei GGG bereits fleißig arbeitet und das, neben einem neuen Support-Gem und neuen Unique-Items, bereits die ersten Vorbereitungen für die kommende Race Season 5 beinhalten wird. Diese wird aller Voraussicht nach am 16. November starten.

Den kompletten Post von Chris Wilson könnt ihr euch hier ansehen:

PoE MitarbeiterChris Wilson zu Path of Exile: Race Season 5 startet am 16. November“ (Quelle)

Today we deployed a serverside-only patch that addresses some realm stability issues. We’re still working on more improvements to better handle the sheer volume of new players. It’s substantially more stable than the first week of Open Beta was!

We also deployed a tiny experimental hotfix to the Dominus fight. Many players were disconnecting when entering the area or killing Dominus. I’m very interested to see if you encounter this problem now that we’ve deployed our fix. Please post in this thread if you had that problem and have feedback about whether it’s better now for you.

We’re working on a 1.0.0e patch that contains quite a few more fixes. I am expecting it to be ready roughly tomorrow. 1.0.1 is well underway and contains new Unique items, a new Support Gem, microtransaction effects, at least one new achievement and features required for Race Season Five and PvP Tournament Season One. At this stage it is a couple of weeks away from being tested and deployed. We’re expecting Race Season Five (and the PvP Season) to start on roughly November 16, so it should be deployed at least several days before then.

GameSpot released an Ask GameSpot video about Path of Exile. Erick Tay from GameSpot is a massive PoE fan and a member of our community. He’s probably reading this news post 🙂

I was on a livestream with Massively earlier today. The sound quality of my skype connection makes it literally impossible to hear what I’m saying, but it gets a little better towards the second half. It’s mostly aimed towards new users but I’m posting it here in case you’re super keen.

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