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Path of Exile: Patchnotes für Update 2.0.4b

Im Verlauf des morgigen Tages soll das Update 2.0.4.b auf die Server von Path of Exile aufgespielt werden. Mit dem Patch sollen einige kleine Performance-Verbesserungen, sowie acht neue Divination Cards kommen.

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Patchnotes 2.0.4b

Die Patchnotes für das Update 2.0.4b könnt ihr euch im Anschluss ansehen.

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Divination Cards:

  • Added 8 new Divination Cards.
  • The Divination Cards: The Brittle Emperor, The Gemcutter, Doedre’s Madness and The Conduit have been changed so that they drop from either specific Bosses or Strongboxes.
  • The Divnation Card: The Brittle Emperor no longer appears in Normal and Cruel difficulties.

Performance Improvements:

  • Further small improvements have been made to server performance, bandwidth usage, lockstep stuttering and disconnections.
  • The game’s memory consumption and startup time has been further reduced (by approximately 15%).

General Improvements:

  • The /recheck_achievements command will now also check the „Through Sacred Ground“ quest for those who completed the quest during the Flashback Event without receiving credit for the Challenge.
  • Emberwake now only allows for ignites to stack up to 300 times.
  • The Ethereal Knives skill used by Cintiq, the Inescapable has had its cast speed reduced.
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to complete achievements or challenges if the achievement database became unavailable.
  • Fixed a bug with the temporarily disabled Tora Den mission variations and as a result re-enabled these variations.
  • Fixed a bug where the icons shown in-game and on the website for completing challenges weren’t displaying once you had more than 8 challenges.
  • Fixed a bug where the display text for Soul Eater on unique monsters was incorrect.

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