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Path of Exile: Patch 1.0.1 erscheint am 12. November

path-of-exileWie Chris Wilson, Lead Developer von Path of Exile, der Community heute bekannt gab, wird Patch 1.0.1 voraussichtlich am 12 November erscheinen. Mit dem Update sollen zwar keine grundlegend neuen Features kommen, jedoch wird das bestehende Angebot durch etwa fünf neue Unique-Items, neue Achievements und einen neuen Support-Gem erweitert.

Den kompletten Newspost von Chris Wilson könnt ihr euch hier ansehen.

PoE MitarbeiterPath of Exile: Patch 1.0.1 erscheint am 12 November“ (Quelle)

We’re planning to deploy the first post-release Path of Exile update (1.0.1) on Tuesday November 12 (US time). We have a total of approximately seven such content updates queued up before the significant expansion release (1.1.0) early next year (plus dozens of smaller patches as needed). This news post addresses the structure of one of these two-weekly updates. Also, please remember that sales of the Halloween Microtransactions end soon!

The structure of a two-weekly content patch is as follows:

  • Approximately five new Unique items: Ideally most of these will be supporter-designed Uniques, but we will insert a few GGG-designed ones here and there. 1.0.1 contains five new Unique items.
  • At least one new gem: We’re trying to add a new skill or support gem per content update. Some updates may contain more than one gem if they’re ready in time (especially if they’re easy ones to add). The plan for 1.0.1 currently has Enhance and potentially up to three new aura gems, but they may make their way into another patch if they’re not ready.
  • Approximately two new achievements: We’re planning to bolster the set of achievements over time. There are some pretty cool things you can do in Path of Exile that we haven’t added achievements for yet. Unlike our challenges, most of the achievements are designed to be somewhat obtainable so that it’s a reasonable goal to have all of them and continue to collect the new ones as they’re released.
  • New vendor recipes: These are really fun for the community to find, so we’ll add some with each patch. We may not say what they are, though.
  • Several new microtransaction effects: I’m not entirely sure which ones are in 1.0.1 but I am pretty sure that at least one of them applies to Spectral Throw.
  • Piles of other content and fixes: The two-weekly patches also contain whatever bug fixes, new features and content are ready at the time. We create them by tagging the state of our internal servers around 10 days before the patch is released and then fix up any remaining issues with that version of the game. 1.0.1 for example contains dozens of fixes and improvements to the core game including Bandit Respecs and support for PvP tournaments (used in PvP Season One). It also has the race event codenamed Descent 2.

I hope you guys have a great weekend! Over the weekend, I’ll be working on server stability updates with Jonathan, the new Build of the Week episode (ready early next week?) and leveling up my (currently level 47) Nemesis Marauder.

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