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Path of Exile: Patch 0.11.4 abermals verschoben

PoE unique_3d_artIt’s done, when it’s done” mag einer der bekanntesten (und bei ungeduldigen Fans unbeliebtesten) Aussprüche zur Entwicklung von Computerspielen sein. Auch beim Update 0.11.4 für Path of Exile hat sich der Fehlerteufel eingeschlichen, der die Entwickler von GGG dazu zwingt, das Update um weitere 24 Stunden zu verschieben.

In seinem heutigen Newspost bat Chris Wilson deshalb um Entschuldigung, betonte aber, dass man mit Hochdruck an der Beseitigung der Fehler arbeite. Das Update wird übrigens an die 1,6 GB Downloadgröße benötigen, anschließend aber gute 40% Speicherplatz auf der Festplatte einsparen.

Den kompletten Post von Chris Wilson könnt ihr euch hier anschauen.

PoE MitarbeiterChris Wilson zu Path of Exile: Patch 0.11.4 abermals verschoben (Quelle)

We’re going to deploy 0.11.4 in the morning tomorrow. Some last minute dangerous problems prevented its deployment today, but they’re almost fully resolved now. We’re really sorry about the delay, but thankfully these issues were caught before the patch was deployed to the live realm. We’re going to stay late tonight to make sure everything is good with the final version. When the patch is deployed, it’ll be an approximately 1.5-1.6gb download and will reduce the filesize of the game assets by an average of 40%. You do not need to delete your content.ggpk file beforehand. We believe that this patch has finally fixed the stability issues that users of 32 bit windows were encountering. In addition, some of the fixes this afternoon will hopefully improve performance for users who encountered frame rate stuttering when using certain abilities for the first time.

Earlier today when I estimated that the patch was „4-5 hours“ away, a user on Reddit translated it as „4 to 5 hours: This means in 10 hours we will get the message that it will be delayed for another day“. This comment turned out to be very accurate, but because of issues that we were not able to predict until we tried the final deployable copy of the patch. The number of drastic internal changes in 0.11.4 blows away any previous Open Beta patch, so it’ll be worth the wait 🙂

Edit: A side note is that we try not to deploy patches after around 3pm in our workday because many of the staff have gone home by 6pm, making it very difficult to fix problems. Given that 0.11.4 represents several months of work (0.11.2 was the last version that was tagged from our trunk repository), it’s much safer to deploy it at the start of a workday.

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