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Path of Exile: Neue Möglichkeiten der Itemzuteilung in 0.11.0

path-of-exileImmer mehr Details werden in diesen Tagen zum großen Update 0.11.0 für Path of Exile bekannt, das uns bereits nächste Woche erreichen soll. Heute erklärte Chris Wilson, Lead Developebei GGG, dass man die Itemverteilung in Gruppen zukünftig vielseitiger gestalten wolle. Der Gruppenleiter wird fortan die Möglichkeit haben, zwischen drei Möglichkeiten zu wählen.

 Free for All erinnert dabei am ehesten an die Lootverteilung aus Diablo 2, denn hier kann jeder Spieler das aufheben, was er als erstes in die Finger bekommt. Short Allocation ist das aktuelle System und bedeutet, dass bestimmte Items (Maps, Uniques, Rares) einige Sekunden für bestimmte Spieler reserviert sind. Permanent Allocation reserviert die Items dauerhaft für einen Spieler und weist diese sofort zu.

 Den kompletten Forenpost von Chris Wilson könnt ihr euch hier anschauen.

PoE MitarbeiterChris Wilson zu Path of Exile: Neue Möglichkeiten der Itemzuteilung in 0.11.0 (Quelle)

The upcoming 0.11.0 patch contains three modes for item allocation. We’ve been discussing them for a while but are now ready to explain the system that we’re trying in this patch.

A party leader can choose from the following item allocation modes for his party in 0.11.0:

  • Free for All: Items are not allocated to players and can be picked up immediately.
  • Short Allocation: The exact system we have at the moment. Valuable* items allocate to a random nearby player for a short duration. There is a small bonus if you’re far away from the item.
  • Permanent Allocation: Valuable* items allocate to a random nearby player.

*Valuable items are the ones that currently get allocated to players – Rare items, Unique items, Currency, Gems and Maps. We’ve also added items with four, five or six linked sockets to the valuable items list. Base types of the level of your world area or higher are also allocated. This only applies to level 60+ world areas.

The item allocation mode takes affect when an area is spawned. We wanted to avoid abuse cases where the party leader can change the allocation mode while their party is currently in an area. If you accidentally create an area with the wrong allocation settings, just make another.

Allocated items are still visible to everyone, but greyed out.

A frequently requested change is a „Map to Maker“ system. Traditionally, players who want to play Maps with strangers run the risk of having the Map drops grabbed by people who didn’t pay the cost to create the area. In 0.11.0, white Maps allocate to the creator of the Map for all types of parties. This will mean that it’s safer allow friends or strangers into an area that you have spent a Map or currency on. Magic/Rare/Unique maps follow the normal loot allocation rules so it’s still possible to find Maps if you are playing in someone else’s area.

In all cases, items de-allocate if the allocated player leaves the area or if five minutes pass.

While I personally prefer the Free for All mode, I’m looking forward to improving the game experience for players who dislike item tension. We welcome your feedback on the above changes!

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