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Path of Exile: Neue Mikrotransaktionen und Bugfixes mit Patch 2.0.0h

Erneut ist ein Update für Path of Exile erschienen, dass einige Verbesserungen am vierten Akt mit sich brachte und mit dem auch zwei neue Mikrotransaktionen in das Spiel implementiert wurden.poe KingKaom665

Path of Exile: Update 2.0.0h

Bei den neuen Mikrotransaktionen handelt es sich um den Ghostflame Flame Totem Skin sowie das Ghostflame Swarm Pet. Wie die beiden in Aktion aussehen, könnt ihr euch in den folgenden Videos ansehen.

Die kompletten Patchnotes für das Update 2.0.0h findet ihr im Anschluss.

PoE MitarbeiterGGG zu Patch 2.0.0h (Quelle)


Further reduced the bandwidth used by the Path of Exile client. This should lessen stuttering in Lockstep mode and will help prevent disconnections due to too much data being sent.
When using item highlighting in the stash or guild stash, item level is now only considered if you use ilvl:x or itemlevel:x. This helps people who were trying to find maps by searching for the area level (but were finding ones that happened to have that item level too).
The Fracturing Nemesis Mod can no longer affect hidden monsters, as it could cause excessive ambushes.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug where cancelling a PvP queue could sometimes prevent you from joining in the future.
Fixed a bug where Strongboxes would retain their mods after being scoured.
Fixed a recently-introduced bug where Rampage was not working correctly.
Fixed an issue where The Dungeon of Anarchy in Descent: Champions was missing its chest. This chest will contain the Level 8 Support Gems and a Life Flask.
Fixed some minor visual bugs with the teleport slam used by the final boss.
Fixed an issue where Statue Pedestals were causing players and monsters to get out of sync.
Fixed a bug where /afk and /dnd messages could be set to be too long.
Fixed a bug where physical leech did not work on some legacy items.
Fixed a client crash related to overlapping Piety (for example, due to Leap Slam).

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