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Path of Exile: Rabatt auf die Shoppunkte – offizielle Fragen und Antworten

path-of-exileWir berichteten bereits über die aktuelle Aktion von GGG, bei der ihr alle Punkte für den Ingame-Shop um 15% günstiger erwerben könnt. Grund dafür ist der kürzliche Start der Gutscheine für Punkte auf Amazon. Wie zu erwarten war, haben sich seit der Verkündung der Nachricht eine Menge Fragen angesammelt, denen Lead Developer Chris Wilson ausführlich Rede und Antwort stand. Alle Fragen und Antworten könnt ihr euch im Anschluss durchlesen.

PoE MitarbeiterChris zu Path of Exile: Rabatt auf die Shoppunkte – offizielle Fragen und Antworten (Quelle)

Do the discounted points stack with daily deals?
Yes! For example, if there was a daily deal for 40% off a microtransaction and you’re using points purchased at -15%, then you’re getting almost 50% off the overall price. If this interests you, it may be worth stockpiling points for later. As a side consequence, this helps our development effort substantially 🙂

When can people from outside the United States buy points from Amazon?
We’re filling out paperwork today to unlock other countries that Amazon supports. This includes a lot of Western Europe. Try again in a couple of days!

I was asked to link my PoE account to my Amazon account – what is going on?
This was a bug and is fixed now.

You mention I can give away points codes from Amazon. What are the rules?
Once you’ve purchased a points code, you’re free to redeem it yourself or gift it to a friend/family member. However, you cannot trade it for in-game Path of Exile items. This is because our regular anti-external-currency rules apply. It is a bannable offence to trade in-game items for external currencies. Points codes are an external currency, just like cash or FG.

Can you extend the promotion? Do you plan to repeat it again soon?
No, sorry. It’s for this week only. We’re not able to repeat it again in the near future. We’re trying to think up new and fun offers for later in the year. These will be the exception rather than the rule.

Who is the character in the art on the Amazon page?
The Duelist.

Can you bring Daily Deals back early? I don’t want to wait a week.
Yep, we’ve decided to bring them back in time for Thursday, US time (28 hours from now). We didn’t realise how much they would be missed! With the stacked discounts in this case, they’ll result in some pretty deep deals.

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