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Path of Exile: Patchnotes für Update 1.1.2b

Wie im Vorlauf der Woche bereits mehrmals angekündigt, wurde heute Patch 1.1.2b auf die Server von Path of Exile aufgespielt. Ungewöhnlich ist, dass GGG dieses Mal versucht, die Patchnotes in einen genaueren Kontext zu setzen. So versuchen sie dem Leser der Notes näher zu bringen, welche Hintergründe die einzelnen Balance-Änderungen haben.

Die kompletten Patchnotes könnt ihr euch im Anschluss ansehen.

PoE MitarbeiterQarl zu Patchnotes für Update 1.1.2b (Quelle)

Version 1.1.2b:

  • You can now report inappropriate posts on the forum by clicking „Report Post“. Please use this feature responsibly.
  • Added 3d art to the alternate art Thousand Ribbons and Starkonja’s Head race rewards.
  • Added some new cosmetic microtransaction skins: Elite Body Armour, Elite Helmet, Elite Boots and Elite Gloves. There’s also a discounted bundle that contains all four.

Rogue Exile Balance:
We have always intended Rogue Exiles to feel like an encounter with a player. We have taken several steps to take them in this direction. Rogue Exile encounters should now feel shorter and more fair, while still providing excitement and danger.

  • Reduced the life values of Rogue Exiles. We felt the encounters with Rogue Exiles were too grindy and continued past the point where the player felt they had mastered the Exile.
  • We prevented Rogue Exiles from casting Vaal skills more times than their number of charges in most cases.
  • Reduced the damage of Antalie Napora’s Vaal Burning Arrow.
  • Reduced the number of skeletons summoned by Minara Anemina’s Vaal Summon Skeletons.
  • Reduced the cast speed of Magnus Stonethorn’s Flameblast.
  • Changed the AI of several Rogue Exiles to provide a better and more fair experience.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where The Vertex (a Unique helmet) would reduce mana reservation by 50% in addition to its intended properties.
  • Fixed a bug where Dominus could appear outside his arena after a player death.
  • Fixed a bug where cosmetic pets would sometimes become stuck and not move upon being summoned.
  • Fixed a bug in PVP where the winner of a round would not get their life, mana and energy shield restored.
  • Fixed issues with players becoming blocked by booty chests in the Mao Kun unique map. These chests no longer block movement after they are opened.

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