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Path of Exile: Entwickler spricht über Skillgems für Akt 4

Im offiziellen Forum von Path of Exile hat sich Entwickler Rory die Zeit genommen, einen ausführlichen Post zu verfassen, in dem er die Entwicklung neuer Skillgems beschreibt. Dabei ging er auch auf die neuen Skillgems ein, die für den vierten Akt des Spiels entwickelt werden.poe wallpaper 2

Die Entstehung eines Skillgems

In den vergangenen Wochen haben die Entwickler bereits mehrfach den vierten Akt von Path of Exile angesprochen, der das Spiel mit mit neuem und vielseitigen Content erweitern soll. Nun hat sich auch Rory zu Wort gemeldet und ausführlich über den Entwicklungsprozess neuer Skillgems für den vierten Akt erzählt.

Er sprach dabei über die vielen Schwierigkeiten und Überlegungen, die in die Entstehung eines neuen Skillgems einfließen können. Bevor mit der eigentlichen Ausarbeitung der neuen Skills begonnen werden kann, müsse man daher erst einmal überlegen, wo genau Nachholbedarf besteht. Im Augenblick sah man diesen wohl eindeutig bei den Skillgems für Nahkämpfer, insbesondere bei Stärke-Gems, die auch im Nahkampf verwendet werden.

Deshalb sollen mit Erscheinen des vierten Aktes auch mehr Skillgems der Kategorie „Warcry“ implementiert werden. Als erstes Beispiel nannte Rory dafür den Inspiring Cry, der die Manaregeneration stärker erhöht, je mehr Gegner von ihm betroffen sind. Den kompletten Post könnt ihr euch im Anschluss ansehen.

PoE MitarbeiterGGG zu Entwickler spricht über Skillgems für Akt 4 (Quelle)

Hi all, Rory here. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be giving you all a glimpse into our skill design process as we go through it. We’ll start where most skill development now starts: By asking what the game needs. A month ago, Mark „Neonspyder“ and I discussed options for skills that we could release with Act 4 that would both solve problems builds had and give more optional upgrades to players. We intended to release many of them at level 34 as a reward for progressing through the new content, so they would need to adjust or enhance existing builds, rather than be a skill you build around. Here is the tale of one of them.

We tried to come up with some Strength-themed skills, after considering that most utility Strength gems were not as beneficial for melee characters as they could be for other builds. We started by looking at Totems – a Strength-themed spell mechanic that often worked better for ranged characters than the Melee Strength builds.

The idea started with a pair of totems, one that increased damage of you and your allies while slowing enemies, and one that reduced the damage of enemies while increasing the movement speed of you and your allies. Though the totems did give some interesting ongoing effects, they still lacked a close-combat focus. We played with variations until the obvious design space was exhausted, then started brainstorming other ideas so we could broaden our options when it came time to select a prototype.

This patch seemed like a perfect time to introduce more skills like Enduring Cry, and introducing „Warcry“-themed skills ticked the boxes of optional utility and an effect that rewarded being in melee range. We discussed which parts of Enduring Cry could be used to create the „Warcry“ identity for new skills, and this is what we came up with: A Warcry is a spell that doesn’t deal direct damage but instead checks the number of enemies in a radius around the player when used, and provides an effect that is enhanced by that number. In addition, all enemies in the radius are taunted to attack the caster.

We looked at applying some of the effects we liked from the totems that had been discussed, and came up with a few options. Two stood out above the rest to me, so I selected those for prototyping.

One of these prototypes, which I am pleased to able to introduce, was:

Inspiring Cry
Warcry, Spell, AoE
Taunts enemies, and increases the damage and flat mana regeneration (like Clarity) of you and nearby allies. Increased effect for each nearby enemy.

Once we were happy with the concept, we began iteration by prototyping and making changes to the design. You will be able to read about this in Part 2!

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