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Path of Exile: Das erwartet euch mit Patch 1.0.5

path-of-exileAm 9. Januar soll das 5. Update, seit dem Release von Path of Exile, erscheinen. Mit Patch 1.0.5 wird wie gewohnt ein neuer Support-Gem in das Spiel eingebaut, der neue taktische Möglichkeiten und Skillungen ermöglichen soll. Neben weiteren Mikrotransaktionen, Händlerrezepten und Unique-Items werden auch einige Fähigkeiten in ihrer Stärke angepasst. GGG nannte dabei unter Anderem die Skills Flame Totem und Freeze Mine.

Den kompletten Post von Lead Developer Chris Wilson zu Patch 1.0.5 könnt ihr euch im Anschluss ansehen

PoE MitarbeiterChris Wilson zu Path of Exile: Das erwartet euch mit Patch 1.0.5 (Quelle)

We’re on schedule to deploy content update 1.0.5 on Thursday, January 9, NZ time (soon after the one-week race ends). This news post outlines roughly what you should expect from the patch.

We’re expecting update 1.0.5 to include at least the following:

  • A new support gem, Enlighten (part of the Enhance/Empower series).
  • Several new microtransactions, including the animated Medusa Helmet Skin.
  • More vendor recipes to hunt for. There’s one that’s going to be very useful for high level players.
  • New Unique items, including (most likely) two designed by Brother Laz.
  • New achievements.
  • Balance tweaks to some skills such as Flame Totem, Punishment and Freeze Mine. The final list may be different though.

1.0.5 isn’t a particularly large patch, because it is being made during a period where most of our team have been away for Christmas/New Year. A slew of larger changes will come in 1.0.6.

I’m sorry about the late news post – I’m on my last day of vacation before I travel home and it took a long time to find cellphone internet coverage so that I could post the news!

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