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Minecraft: Snapshot 14w34d veröffentlicht (Update)

Update vom 20. August

Mojang hat noch eine weitere Version des Snapshots veröffentlicht die weitere Fehler behebt.

  • [Bug MC-2292] – OS X: Ctrl modifier key instead of Cmd
  • [Bug MC-3716] – Ender Pearls and Beds
  • [Bug MC-4329] – Parts of enchanted Leather Armor when held don’t Shimmer
  • [Bug MC-5215] – MobSpawner „MaximumNearbyEntity“ Tag only has maximum range of 4 above and 4 below
  • [Bug MC-9164] – Chickens will not follow Melon seeds, Pumpkin seeds, or Nether Wart
  • [Bug MC-29711] – „Sprinting“ While flying
  • [Bug MC-48270] – Slimes appear for 1/2 a second in Peacefull
  • [Bug MC-55045] – Race condition in linux fullscreen toggle
  • [Bug MC-55172] – Mobs do not spawn at the heights 16, 32, 48, 64, 80… (Multiples of 16)
  • [Bug MC-61601] – Bone meal used up when applying to fully grown crops
  • [Bug MC-68232] – Some items are missing pixels in 3D models

Update vom 19. August

Und noch ein weiterer Snapshot wurde veröffentlicht der Fehler der vorherigen Versionen behebt.

  • [Bug MC-44610] – Speeding up baby animal growth does not consume growth/breeding item
  • [Bug MC-48011] – Ender dragon experience drops are not affected by doMobLoot gamerule
  • [Bug MC-48577] – Item and XP drops are sucked towards the player’s feet instead of their chest/torso
  • [Bug MC-51123] – Endermites spawn from thrown ender pearls even when doMobSpawning gamerule is false
  • [Bug MC-57247] – Creative Inventory screen causes fps drop
  • [Bug MC-57525] – Sponge absorbing bug
  • [Bug MC-65815] – Baby villagers display blocks on their head in the wrong location
  • [Bug MC-67659] – XPOrbs attracted to spectators
  • [Bug MC-67830] – Ladder, torch and redstone torch texture are darker.
  • [Bug MC-68034] – clone, fill, setblock leaving behind ghost entities

Update vom 18. August

Mojang hat einen weiteren Snapshot veröffentlicht der einige Fehler behebt und den Snapshot spielbar macht.

  • [Bug MC-67915] – written_book item page text not backwards compatible with v1.7 saves
  • [Bug MC-67974] – Crash when reaching y=254
  • [Bug MC-67976] – Cannot place armor stands
  • [Bug MC-67981] – Furnace Inventory is not being updated correctly / Furnace is generally unusable
  • [Bug MC-67983] – Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking block entity

Im Artikel zum neuen Minecraft Snapshot hat Mojang es bestätigt, dass in dieser Woche der Pre-Release 1.8 veröffentlicht wird. Der Snapshot 14w34a könnte also durchaus der letzte Snapshot vor dem großen Patch sein.

Patchnotes zum Snapshot 14w34a

Notable changes:

  • Features fixed.
  • Bugs bettered.
  • Optimizations overworked.
  • Game grown.
  • Humanity happened.

Bugs fixed:

  • [Bug MC-36812] – Chat Opacity Option is not working
  • [Bug MC-50875] – „Can’t see up thru clouds“ effect starting 1 block too high
  • [Bug MC-51298] – Sign / Banner darkens when displaying tooltips (tellraw hover text, inventory, Player UUID in chat)
  • [Bug MC-51610] – Item frame causing duplication when loading map (causing / caused by stack overflow)
  • [Bug MC-61676] – Tab list expands too far and is unreadable
  • [Bug MC-61946] – Rabbits sometimes have the name „entity.KillerBunny.name“
  • [Bug MC-62166] – Breaking / placing / changing blocks has a delay to disappear / appear
  • [Bug MC-62958] – Massive Visual Glitching with VBO turned off and Chunk distance over 16
  • [Bug MC-67127] – Armor stands fall down through slabs when I’m not around
  • [Bug MC-67854] – CustomNames on Spiders, Endermen and Ender Dragons are displayed incorrectly
  • [Bug MC-67872] – Furnace progress reset on left/right-click drag
  • [Bug MC-67890] – Heads On Tab Menu
  • [Bug MC-67896] – armor stand dropped down a few level on it’s own
  • [Bug MC-67916] – Sign doesn’t update with clone within tellraw sign
  • [Bug MC-67923] – clone and fill sometimes leave behind ghost tile entities
  • [Bug MC-67940] – Border of reset button in custom world option as incorrect limits
  • [Bug MC-67941] – Potion particles goes wrong
  • [Bug MC-67947] – Podzol does not change into dirt when sapling grows into tree

Installation des Snapshots

Damit auch Ihr den Snapshot ausprobieren könnt befolgt Ihr folgende Schritte:

  • Startet den Minecraft launcher
  • Klickt auf den Button “New Profile”
  • Gebt dort dann den Namen “Snapshot” ein
  • Macht einen Haken in das Kästchen “Enable experimental development snapshots”
  • Speichert das Profil, wählt es aus und startet das Spiel.
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