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Minecraft: Snapshot 14w20b veröffentlicht

Mojang hat den Snapshot 14w20b veröffentlicht. Dieser bringt wieder einige interessante Neuerungen in das Spiel, welche wir mit Patch 1.8 genießen werden können. So wird es beispielsweise Höhlen auch endlich unter Wüsten-Biomen geben.

Snapshot 14w20b veröffentlicht

This weeks snapshot brings many bugfixing, a little polishing and possibly even some hugs. Maybe. If you’ve been good.

Notable changes:

  • Caves now generate in deserts & mesas.
  • Added new /title command for ingame adventure-map chaptering.
  • Made tab-list more consistent and a little prettier when using health display objective.
  • Adjusting fly speed of spectator mode now works vertically too.
  • If you’re stuck outside the world border, you can now walk freely to go back inside.
  • Bunch of bugs fixed!
  • Removed the 4th dimension from blocks. This will be a mistake and we were sorry for any inconvenience it will not cause you.

Bugs fixed:

  • [Bug MC-8881] – Mobs treat any layered snow as non-solid
  • [Bug MC-26203] – Scoreboard: player does not appear in sidebar after setting initial score to zero
  • [Bug MC-44331] – Interacting with invalid villagers crashes the game
  • [Bug MC-45303] – Surface dungeons generating without spawner, chests, and most of floor
  • [Bug MC-46765] – Leaves, Block of Redstone, TNT and Glowstone cause suffocation damage
  • [Bug MC-47052] – Wither destroying barrier block
  • [Bug MC-48442] – Mob Dungeon spawning without floor / with broken chests / overwritten spawner
  • [Bug MC-49577] – Slime spawning
  • [Bug MC-50275] – Leads dont show knot on fence posts and cannot be right clicked
  • [Bug MC-50323] – Chest not openable with item frame on, standing too close
  • [Bug MC-50821] – Cats and dogs teleporting into leaves and rails, causing them to suffocate
  • [Bug MC-50852] – „/scoreboard players reset * objective“ clears sidebar for other scoreboard objectives
  • [Bug MC-51776] – 32000 Command block character limit only works as a 16000 character limit within Minecraft
  • [Bug MC-52881] – Knockback distance incorrect, depends on login order
  • [Bug MC-53380] – Staying outside border makes you unable to move at all
  • [Bug MC-53469] – Sliders have incorrect values causing world to never be created (java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: n must be positive)
  • [Bug MC-54164] – footstep, hugeexplosion and largeexplode particles don’t appear
  • [Bug MC-54381] – /scoreboard players operation – Doesn’t work on a player that’s not on a scoreboard, but also does work

Installation des Snapshots

Damit auch Ihr den Snapshot ausprobieren könnt befolgt Ihr folgende Schritte:

  • Startet den Minecraft launcher
  • Klickt auf den Button “New Profile”
  • Gebt dort dann den Namen “Snapshot” ein
  • Macht einen Haken in das Kästchen “Enable experimental development snapshots”
  • Speichert das Profil, wählt es aus und startet das Spiel.
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