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Guild Wars 2: Ungelistete Dungeon-Änderungen

Mit dem letzten Patch vom 03. Juni und dem Update Fest der Vier Winde gab es einige Änderungen an den Dungeons in Guild Wars 2, welche nirgendwo erwähnt werden. Die Dataminer waren aber wieder fleißig und deshalb gibt es Informationen dazu was geändert wurde.

Ungelistete Dungeon-Änderungen

Der Dataminer no_offense_butt hat heruasgefunden, dass einige Dinge und Mechaniken in den verschiedenen Modi der Dungeons geändert wurden. Hier die komplette Auflistung der Änderungen.

Katakomben von Ascalon

  • Spider Queen now shoots poison fields in melee range.
  • P2: Champion Graveling Breeder can no longer be damaged by the spike traps. It has to be damaged directly.

Caudecus‘ Anwesen

  • P2: Players can no longer damage mobs through walls. (mobs moved further from walls so players can’t reach)


  • UP: Malrona’s projectiles can no longer be reflected/blocked. Untraited warden will still absorb it. (I assume the same goes for the spiders in Arah P1 and P3 but haven’t tested yet confirmed)

Umarmung der Betrübnis

  • P1: Can’t pull Tazza separately from Kaeyi anymore. (previous patch) However the old tactic will still work. As soon as Tazza teleports a distance away from the stairs, Kaeyi will deaggro back to his spawn point while Tazza stays in the big room.
  • P3: General Molradovich’s Breath of Flame attack (fire rings) can no longer be removed with a condition cleanse skill.
  • P3: Clown Car now faces opposite direction, so the mobs spawn closer to you. This change changes nothing for PUG tactics; if the group party takes a step back in the PUG spot to break LOS, the mobs will run up the ramp as usual.
  • P3: The 2 Dredge Champs after the Clown Car are no longer stationary.

Schmelztiegel der Ewigkeit

  • Mark T-B34RC3 (Turret Golem boss) is no longer stationary.


  • Champion Spiders‘ projectiles in P1 and P3 can no longer be reflected/blocked
  • P1: Players can no longer use the rock to safe-spot the Ancient Ooze boss. Coral unchanged.
  • P3: Magecrusher is no longer stationary. (previous patch)

Fraktale der Nebel

  • Molten Furnace: During the Weapon Test section you can’t stack in the corner to avoid fire AoE anymore. (previous patch)
  • Molten Boss: Shockwave skipper achievement is fixed and rewarded after completion of the fractal molten duo. (If you dodge all waves)
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