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Guild Wars 2: Statement von Gaile Gray zu visuellen Effekten

Vor einiger Zeit wurde der LOD-Schieberegler in Guild Wars 2 eingeführt. Dadurch kann man die Effekte von anderen Spielern um sich herum verringern ohne, dass die eigenen Effekte weniger imposant aussehen. Dadurch können viele Spieler mehr Leistung aus dem Spiel ziehen und es läuft flüssiger.

Statement von Gaile Gray zu visuellen Effekten

Im offiziellen Guild Wars 2 Forum hat sich Gaile Gray nun zu den visuellen Effekten geäußert und bekannt gegeben, dass einige Effekte wieder voll hergestellt werden sollen, andere werden wohl angepasst bleiben.

GW2 MitarbeiterArenaNET zu Statement von Gaile Gray zu visuellen Effekten (Quelle)

Hey all,

I talked to some dev team members and they gave me a little more insight into this subject. So here goes…

As y’all know, some months ago, we changed the visual effects for a number of skills. The reason for this was explained at the time—it was an initiative to reduce visual clutter. What that meant is that some of the skill effects looked great when viewed individually but they ended up being somewhat less-than-great when seen in a PvP match, a WvW battle, or just out in the wild when used by multiple players. In addition, some skill effects were inconsistent (I saw some mentions of that in this thread) or in other ways the effects simply required visual adjustments.

After players expressed concerns about the visual changes, we added the Effect LOD Toggle in the Spring Update. This toggle leaves your own effects the same at all times—a player’s skills should always look the same to that player—but it will reduce certain effects related to your allies or enemies.

Now, I think what you’re most curious about is how things will go moving forward. And it turns out, we do want to restore some of the skills that were reduced in the past. However, some effects, such as Auras, probably will remain as they are now, because the previous versions were considered to be too “loud,” and given the fact that their effect is supportive it needs to have a consistent visual effect across allies/enemies.

The team will continue to review and analyze effects that had previously received straight-up reductions (prior to the Effect LOD initiative) and they will restore some of the effects, when appropriate and over time.

I hope this info is helpful and I want to thank you for your patience while I rounded up these details to share.

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