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Guild Wars 2: Q&A zum Wirtschaftssystem in Heart of Thorns

Gestern hat ArenaNET einen Blog-Artikel zum Wirtschaftssystem in Heart of Thorns veröffentlicht, welcher im offiziellen Forum einige Fragen bei den Spielern aufgerufen hat.

Q&A zum Wirtschaftssystem in Heart of Thorns

Dabei ging es besonders darum, dass teilweise Materialien verknappt werden und beispielsweise Dungeons weniger Belohnungen abgeben, damit Raids an Gewichtung gewinnen.

GW2 Q&A zum Wirtschaftssystem in Heart of Thorns

Zu den ganzen Fragen im Forum hat John Smith nun einen Sammlung angefertigt und die wichtigsten Fragen beantwortet.

GW2 MitarbeiterArenaNET zu Q&A zum Wirtschaftssystem in Heart of Thorns (Quelle)

  • Q.Greetings, John! In the blog you mentioned there are a couple broken markets. Can you shed some light on which markets you consider broken and why?
    • A.I can’t until after release for fear of making those markets go insane with speculation (moreso than they probably already are).
  • Q. While I understand shifting the gold income from dungeons more towards fractals, I wonder, what will happen to stuff like Aetherpath. This is (in my eyes at least) a beautiful designed dungeon. The rewards already felt…. well… unrewarding, but with the upcoming changes, i fear noone is going to do that specivic path. Also, were there plans about splitting the lost income of a party when they are doing them solo or duo (at some point, being discussed, on the table… you get me ) Also, congratulations on the legendaries, they have style!
    • A. To be honest, the details of content like that are more of a Colin question. Splitting rewards for missing members is tricky business, you definitely don’t want to rewards to become competitive between players, that’s why we don’t share gathering nodes or don’t have mob claiming, it’s not the spirit of what we do.
  • Q.Are your efforts more aimed toward bringing down the value of over inflated items such as certain cloths or things like charged lodestones or is the goal to bring up under-utilized and over supplied materials like thick leather sections? or both? I guess in short. Which one would you be manipulating more? supply or demand?
    • A. there is a mix of both, but we swing more towards the latter than the former.
  • Q. What about dungeon tokens? As it stands, you need ~170 dungeon runs to get the complete armor/weapon skin set. Will they be nerfed as well?
    • A. No, they’ll be the same as before.
  • Q. Do you feel charge lodestones are overly in demand/undersupplied compared to other lodestones? Or is it a goal that charged lodestones be the most expensive ones?
    • A. It was originally the goal that charged be more valuable, but that is one of the markets we’re watching because we aren’t sure we want that to always be true.
      (follow-up to previous question and answer)
  • Q. Design talking, does that even makes sense? Makes a specific item, that is part of a larger same-tier item be more valuable than another? The t6 Blood is acceptable, because it is a player-driven economy because of meta stats, but charged lodestones is not a player-driven economy problem, it seens to be a design issue, since charged lodestones are far more required for prestige itens than the other itens on its tier.Mind explain why it was a design choice first of all? I don’t understand where is the consistency in there.
    • A. There are two schools of thought, many designers agree with you that items within a tier should be similarly priced. For me, I don’t agree with that, I believe that items within a tier should have representative functionality of that tier, but their prices can vary to make the variation inside the tier more interesting. I could easily see an argument for the other way being valid though.
  • Q. How do you feel about the state of gem exchange? Are you involved in monitoring the exchange, and considering the long term effect of things like sales?
    • A: I was part of the original team that created the exchange, I helped write the algorithms it runs on. I think it’s a really cool system and functions nicely. We do spend time looking for the long-run and deciding where we want it to be and how our actions are going to impact that in the future.
  • Q. Do you foresee something similar to guild wars 1, where materials like ectos become part of the traded economy with less gold being generated? How would you react if that trend started to develop?
    • A. If gold was supplanted by some other trading item it would mean I seriously messed up somewhere. I hope to never see that happen, I plan for gold to always be valuable.
  • Q. Do you feel that WvW needs a boost to its gold gain to match the other gamemodes?
    • A.I don’t currently feel that way, but it’s another one of the things we’ll be watching after launch to see how everything settles.
  • Q. How about mats? If you plan to correct salvage outputs and at the same time introduce mats map rewards in PvE to compensate/balance it further, will WvW have similar mechanism to help out players that play only that mode?
    Thank you for your response and please, forgive me any language mistakes.

    • A. WvW is getting new drops to help facilitate their income, they’re part of the new legendary journeys.
  • Q. why are you nerfing the income of players who prefer your old content over your new content? I for one don’t care much for raids but really enjoy dungeons..
    • A. We don’t intend to nerf income, just shift where most players derive their income. You won’t be forced into raids in order to earn value though.
  • Q. So John, As someone with 1250 material banking that has been sitting on materials both rare and selling off overflows of common should I be worried that my savings over years are going to decrease in value?
    • A: The idea is for that not to happen, that’s why we’ve had to make a lot of these less popular changes. Because some of our changes drastically changed how much was input vs output, we had to compensate in order to keep materials valuable.
  • Q. So It seemed like in the blog post that you are trying to put more power in the hand of the buyers. Can you elaborate on that? Would it be unreasonable to take this as this is a move against market manipulation by giving players more means to directly obtain materials that otherwise relied on RNG? Making things like the supply of lodestones and fine materials harder to control.
    • A. The decision is higher level than that. We aren’t attacking anyone, we’re just adding the option to put some certainty in your rewards. This also adds resistance to items becoming too scarce and too valuable. If item X were to become super popular because of a LW release or something similar, players have the option to farm more item X rather than the option to attempt to compete with prices that have risen too far.
  • Q. The way to prevent speculation is to remove all mystery from it, not to add more mystery. If you say “this item will be X% more rare,” or “this item will be needed in these recipes” then everyone is on the same page about what they will need. Speculation thrives on vague “some items will be more needed, some items less” type responses.
    • A. That’s a fair point, but remember this is “American Time” in English only with no warning. Releases are well known when they will happen and people have time to prepare and figure things out, if I were to release that information here it would seriously give an advantage to Americans.
  • Q. Is the intention to deincentivize dungeons
    • A: Yes
  • Q: Is the intention to reduce targeted liquid gold earning, or are you putting that liquid somewhere else thats targetable?
    • A: The intention is not entirely to reduce liquid gold earning, we’ll be using up the slack we generate in other locations
  • Q: What type of instanced content do you see offering marketable rewards that players can take part in on a regular basis?
    • A: Fractals
  • Q: do you see players seeking to earn main methods being through open world and tp trading
    • A: I don’t understand this one
  • Q: Howdy John! Any plans to reduce the amount of bolts of silk required for crafting spools of silk weaving thread?
    • A: Nope
  • Q: John, would you be able to answer if the dungeon rewards are just being brought in line with other content (namely future content), or if it’s going further than that? Also, was there any discussion about the rate of dungeon token earnings with this change? Edit for clarity: You’ve said the dungeon token rate is staying the same, was there any discussion about increasing the amount of tokens you get per run to go along with the gold reduction?
    • A: I’m not prepared to answer the first one. I don’t believe we ever discussed changing the tokens from dungeons.
  • Q: Question to John Smith, though: Other than tokens, will anything drop in dungeons at all? Tonight’s casual fun run in CoE got my bags choked with things (usually I never see the Inventory is Full message on my dungeon/fractal alt), and I salvaged them for a lot of mats and sold off a few copper of minor runes and the like. Will we now be ending dungeon runs with bags as clear as when we entered?
    • A: Dungeons will still drop things as well as they will still have some gold, they will just have much less gold.

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