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Guild Wars 2: Nicht in den Patchnotes erwähnte Änderungen

Der Feature Patch vor ein paar Tagen hat viele Sachen in Guild Wars 2 verändert. Allerdings gibt es auch Änderungen die nicht in den Patchnotes erwähnt wurden. Auf Reddit hat der User Quickloot diese zusammengefasst und veröffentlicht.

Nicht in den Patchnotes erwähnte Änderungen

So erwähnt er beispielsweise einige Änderungen an diversen Dungeons die bisher nicht genannt wurden. Auch bei den Fraktalen gibt es ein paar neue Sachen. Folgend findet Ihr die nicht dokumentierten Veränderungen des Feature Patches.

GW2 MitarbeiterArenaNET zu Änderungen mit Feature Patch (Quelle)

It’s that time of the year! Share your unlisted changes for this patch.

So far:



  • If you are alone in a dungeon and you get disconnected due to internet issues, you will lose the instance as it now instantly closes if you are alone.
  • Dungeon Runes are now account-bound;they were previously soul-bound.

Sorrow’s Embrace

  • Reduced mob density in Path 1 and 3

Honor of the Waves

  • Story – Currently bugged on the fight against Honor’s Voice. The cutscene that shows the Voice’s transformation doesn’t trigger.

Crucible of Eternity

  • Story – Talking to Zojja at the beginning of the dungeon has no option to start the dungeon.


  • Path 1 – Varra will now continue to follow you even after she gets killed by Lupicus. Before she would get stuck at the Waypoint if you had to retry the boss.
  • Path 2 – Belka (first boss): After being bugged for a long time and fixed, she is back to being picky on which instances she decides to turn hostile! (Tl;Dr No cutscene will trigger and she will not turn hostile)

Fractals of the Mists


  • You are now instantly defeated when you fall down, instead of being downed. This damages your armor.

Mai Trin:

  • You are no longer teleported when someone else enters the room.
  • The safespot for the cannon-phase has been removed with the addition of an invisible-wall.

Thaumanova Reactor

  • When you defeat the final boss you won’t get teleported to the end chest.

Home Instance

  • The Krait Obelisk Shard inside the human home instance has been moved. It is no longer overlapping with the gemstore trees.
  • The gem store trees inside the Charr home instance have all been relocated to avoid NPC interference.



  • Ranger axe offhand skill 5: the whirl finisher only generates a single bolt (if any) when standing in a combo field.
  • Frost spirit remains with 10second ICD.


  • Champion Oakheart has been downgraded to a veteran.
  • Orchard Waypoint has been moved up closer to the Dodge tutorial NPC.
  • Brother Vince in Queensdale Monastery doesn’t sell booze anymore.

Plains of Ashford

  • Greysteel Armory Waypoint is moved north to the skritt cave.


  • Monthlies now include Champion Killer and Masterwork crafter.

Party Improvements

  • Chat window now shows the names of party members who leave the party. If you leave the party it will show the names of the remaining members. Party chat still disappears when you leave party.


  • Two new hearts in Plains of Ashford located near the city entrance.
  • One new heart in Caledon Forest located near the city entrance.

General of the General

  • Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic no longer talks when you use it.
  • Camera height has been lowered to waist level. This is likely causing Hero Panel Characters to have their feet cut off the screen, depending on your character height.
  • The world’s renown Multillingual Golem now only greets people in their primary audio language. It was deemed too overwhelming and as such had his multillingual degree revoked.
  • Account Vault using the Guild Master in the WvW Citadel is no longer possible.
  • Sigil of Demon Summoning now keeps track of charges on weapon swap. This allows for less Fleshreaver spam.
  • BUG Unlocked elite skills can be used prior to the unlocking of the elite skill slot while a player is holding a bundle (Mistfire Wolf)
  • The slingshot skin no longer makes the rubberband sound when you shoot it.
  • Options… “Audio device:” dropdown only lists “Default Device” now, whereas it used to list connected speakers and headsets
  • Typing „I am Evon Gnashblade“ in the Trading Post search bar compacts the icons.
  • Personal Story no longer drops any loot Keep them coming, I’ll try to update the list.

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