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Guild Wars 2: John Corpening zum PvP

Guild Wars 2: John Corpening zum PvPIm offiziellen Guild Wars 2 Forum brodelt es ein wenig. In letzter Zeit haben sich vermehrt Spieler beschwert, dass das PvP keine Balance mehr hat – im Gegensatz zu früher. Nun meldet sich John Corpening zu Wort und spricht über Aktuelles und über kommende Updates.

John Corpening zum PvP

So geht es auch darum, dass einige Klassen mit manchen Skillungen wesentlich schwerer zu besiegen seien als andere. Dies möchte man natürlich nicht und deshalb wollen die Entwickler noch weitere Anpassungen vornehmen ohne einige Klassen extrem zu nerfen.

GW2 MitarbeiterJohn Corpening zu PvP-Updates (Quelle)

Today there were some changes to how glory and rank points are handed out at the end of a match. First off, instead of being based on personal score they are now based on win or loss. Secondly, rewards are now interpolated based on the duration of the match up to a time we have determined to be a little shorter than the typical match.

Laying the Groundwork for New Game Types
There are several reasons for these changes. The biggest reason is to lay the groundwork for new game types and map mechanics. By normalizing rewards we can be much more flexible with map layouts, game types and mechanics. Game modes will need to reward players equally without directing players to one mode or another based on perceived differences in rewards or encouraging players to play a specific way in order to maximize rewards. As an added benefit, we can also begin to be more flexible with Custom Arena settings.

Time interpolation falls into this category as well. If we introduce a mechanic that leaves the potential for the match to be over very quickly, such as regicide, we need to ensure that doesn’t lead to collaboration to farm rewards or encourage players to play this mode simply to maximize their rewards.

Team Based Rewards
The second big reason for this change is that we have seen that certain builds are much more effective at scoring points than other builds. For example, we see that typical bunker builds score lower than all other types of builds because they serve a vital role of point defense. All members of a team should share in the rewards equally. Again, this lays the foundation for new game modes. We don’t want to limit ideas for new modes because it creates one role that is potentially more or less lucrative than another role.

The numbers chosen for the rewards are based on the data we have collected. On average players who earn the most glory earn about 120 glory per match. We therefore set the minimum numbers to be on par with this number and scaled up from there. Along with this change you will see that Solo Arena and Team Arena both reward significantly more glory and rank points for winning. This is both to compensate for the queue times as well as to reward the higher risk that is taken in these areas.

As an added anti-AFK and botting measure players will need to score at least some points to get rewards. The standard AFK detection continues to be in place and players detected as AFK will receive no rewards.

Also, as before, players will continue to earn a small bonus for having the highest score personal score in each of the game stats.

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