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Guild Wars 2: Informationen zur aktuellen Bannwelle

Derzeit werden viele Accounts temporär gebannt, da es zuletzt eine Vielzahl von Bot-Nutzern gab. Zu den mitunter prominentesten Vertretern gehören die Youtuber „Suck at Love„.

Chris Cleary erklärt Maßnahmen

Der Game Security Lead Chris Cleary hat bekannt gegeben, dass es durchaus einen Grund hat warum die Bot-Nutzer „nur“ 6 Monate und nicht permanent gebannt werden. Laut seiner Aussage soll das System dazu dienen Spieler zu bestrafen, aber sie nicht komplett auszuschließen.

GW2 Informationen zur aktuellen Bannwelle

Darüber hinaus begründet er die Maßnahme damit, dass Spieler die Ihren Account zurück bekommen seltener wieder solche Aktionen machen als Spieler die sich einfach einen neuen Account kaufen.

GW2 MitarbeiterArenaNET zu Informationen zur aktuellen Bannwelle (Quelle)

Since there has been a lot of chatter about account actions lately, I’ll go ahead and answer some common questions that have popped up.

Why 6 months, why not Permanent?
This would imply that some accounts are not being permanently banned, and that’s not true.

When looking at what action is given to an account, the intent of the behavior is taken into account, and will it likely be continued if the player were to return. There is very sound data to support that players that know they will be able to get their accounts back are significantly less likely to resort to the same behavior quickly (aka buying a new account and botting/cheating on that).

The main goal with performing an action on anyone’s account (that isn’t directly related to RMT) is to correct that behavior, not remove the player. If a player returns after any suspension and continues to break the rules, there is a good chance that they will no longer have that chance to come back again with that account.

When the intention of the behavior that breaks our rules is entirely malicious towards our playerbase or our game, we won’t be granting any sort of chance to return.

Does this mean that if someone botted they get to keep everything?
Absolutely not, in most cases we are attempting to remove what we can before the player returns. However, there are just going to be some things we can’t remove.

While it is very true that there is a possibility that that player gained an advantage for a short period of time that they were able to break the rules, a 6 month suspension carries with it a significant enough penalty to offset that

How about previous actions before this was implemented, are they going to be treated the same?
That entirely depends on the action in question. At the time of previous account actions, the actions taken on accounts were deemed appropriate for the offense, which means they will stand.

A good example of this in action would be this:
Currently many states (in the US) consider any theft over $500 to be a felony. Back in 1916, a theft was considered a felony at ~$20.

The game is much different than it was 3 years ago (which might as well be 100 years for a MMO).

If you have any questions about a specific account action, you can feel free to open a ticket with Customer Support.

What do you mean the last year? 6 Month bans haven’t started until the end of last year.
We have been using suspensions for RMT Gold buying for over a year now. Data shows that these suspensions are very effective and are performing the desired effect of stopping repeat buyers from purchasing.

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