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Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Closed Beta – Dataming

Mit dem Patch vom 16. März gab es wieder allerhand Informationen von dem bekannten Dataminer that_shaman, dieses mal zum kommenden Closed Beta Event von Heart of Thorns.

Heart of Thorns Closed Beta – Dataming

Das erste Closed Beta Event wird wahrscheinlich bereits demnächst starten, auch wenn es bisher noch keine offizielle Meldung von ArenaNET gibt. Folgend könnt Ihr Euch angucken was der Dataminer that_shaman auf Reddit veröffentlicht hat.

„Hello everybody,

Today’s patch was huge and contained a lot of assets and strings for the HoT closed beta. Too bad 99% of the „new“ strings are either old or numeric placeholders. So I decided to search for keywords (based on the images) first and will now look for other stuff in the chat codes. Enjoy!

EDIT: That’s about it for items (for now) I’ve probably missed a few and still haven’t figured out the names of the new gathering tools but I’ll add those later. It looks to me the closed beta is going to similar to the PAX demo: looks like you’ll get a demo character (including the revenant) and will be locked to that small portion of the Verdant Brink.

EDIT 2: Added some beta information

Next up:

  • Piece together the new verdant brink map
  • Go find some juicy stuff in the models / sound effects / skills“
Item Description
350111_0697 Your beta character is currently unavailable because there are no Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion beta events in progress. Please check our website for more details about beta events:
963309_0045 Item and coin attachments are disabled in beta maps.
963374_0640 Progress and rewards earned in beta maps will not be saved.
[&AgFQDQEAAA==] Coming soon
[&AgG+DAEAAA==] ???
[&AgGZDAEAAA==] ???
Other weapons
[&CzkXAAA=] Sword
[&AgGWDwEAAA==] Fargate opener
[&AgEUDwEAAA==] Rifle
[&AgFcDgEAAA==] Katana (dagger)
[&AgGADQEAAA==] Katana (sword)
Make shift weapons
[&AgGwDAEAAA==] Axe
[&AgGaDAEAAA==] Rifle
[&AgGfDAEAAA==] Staff
[&AgGFDAEAAA==] Hammer
[&AgGBDAEAAA==] Greatsword
[&AgFSDAEAAA==] Short Bow
[&AgFTDAEAAA==] Mace
[&AgFVDAEAAA==] Warhorn
[&AgFWDAEAAA==] Torch
[&AgFXDAEAAA==] Shield
[&AgFhDAEAAA==] Sword
[&AgFiDAEAAA==] Focus
[&AgFkDAEAAA==] Warhorn
[&AgFlDAEAAA==] Scepter
[&AgFrDAEAAA==] Dagger
[&AgFvDAEAAA==] Torch
[&AgH6DgEAAA==] Superior rune of the Revenant
[&AgH+DgEAAA==] Major rune of the Revenant
[&AgF0DAEAAA==] Minor rune of the Revenant
Revenant Weapons / Armor
[&AgHXDgEAAA==] Mistbreaker
[&AgFQDQEAAA==] Mistcleaver
[&AgF3DQEAAA==] Mistrender
[&AgEiDQEAAA==] Mistward Headwrap
[&AgF0DQEAAA==] Mistward Plate
[&Cx4XAAA=] Mistward Pauldrons
[&CxYXAAA=] Mistward Legguards
[&CxUXAAA=] Mistward Warfists
[&CyEXAAA=] Mistward Warboots
[&CwMXAAA=] Resplendent Curtain
[&C/0WAAA=] Veil Piercer
[&CyAXAAA=] Mist Scrim
[&AgF7DwEAAA==] Shadow Torch Skin
[&AgEfDwEAAA==] Shadow Mace Skin
[&AgH2DgEAAA==] Shadow Shield Skin
[&AgGADgEAAA==] Shadow Staff Skin
[&AgF3DgEAAA==] Shadow Rifle Skin
[&AgE9DgEAAA==] Shadow Dagger Skin
[&AgEEDgEAAA==] Shadow Pistol Skin
[&AgGNDQEAAA==] Shadow Sword Skin
[&AgGCDQEAAA==] Shadow Axe Skin
[&AgFTDQEAAA==] Shadow Hammer Skin
[&AgERDQEAAA==] Shadow Longbow Skin
[&AgGHDAEAAA==] Shadow Greatsword Skin
[&AgFyDAEAAA==] Shadow Short Bow Skin
[&AgFjDAEAAA==] Shadow Scepter Skin
963328_0743 Bring the noise to your next event with this charr-inspired bass guitar.
963389_0144 Get Your Own Playable Bass Guitar!
963386_0283 __ is digging.
Streaming client
963367_0091 __ has finished downloading. Would you like to travel there now?
Map Locations
[&BM8HAAA=] Pact Ship: Lethal Vantage
[&BNUHAAA=] Mellaggan’s Valor Waypoint
[&BN4HAAA=] Shipwreck Peak Waypoint
[&BOAHAAA=] Itzel Grounds
[&BOUHAAA=] Nomad’s Oasis
[&BO4HAAA=] Utogi’s Archive
[&BO8HAAA=] Faren’s Flyer Waypoint
[&BAEIAAA=] Shrouded Ruins Waypoint
[&BAgIAAA=] Pact Flagship Waypoint
[&BBMIAAA=] Dust Dancer Plateau
[&BMEHAAA=] 426816
[&BMIHAAA=] 383654
[&BMcHAAA=] 529668
[&BMoHAAA=] 530045
[&BMsHAAA=] 492198
[&BOEHAAA=] 366585
[&BOkHAAA=] 518665
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