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Guild Wars 2: GvG Arena im Obsidian-Refugium

Guild Wars 2: GvG Arena im Obisian-RefugiumSchon bald wird es in Guild Wars 2 eine GvG Arena geben. GvG steht hierbei für Gilde gegen Gilde. Das ist sehr interessant, da sich schon seit langer Zeit einige Spieler wünschen, dass man mehr mit der Gilde interagieren und diese auch repräsentieren kann.

Guild Wars 2 GvG Arena im Obsidian-Refugium

Der Leak, dass es eine GvG Arena geben soll, tauchte das erste mal vor einigen Tagen auf Reddit auf. Dort meldete sich dann auch ein befugter von ArenaNET zu Wort und gab bekannt, dass man dabei sei solch ein Feature zu implementieren, die Umsetzung aber nicht ganz einfach ist. Der Ort für die GvG Arena soll das Jumping Puzzle im WvW sein.

Im offiziellen Forum meldete sich nun Devon Carver zu Wort und beschrieb das Vorhaben der Entwickler. Wie findet Ihr die Idee einer GvG-Arena? Gefällt sie Euch oder haltet Ihr sie für nutzlos und überflüssig?

GW2 MitarbeiterDevon Carver zu GvG-Arena (Quelle)


We’ve recently begun work on finding a reasonable space to accommodate the desires of players in World vs. World who wish to participate in organized, large-scale battles. We have decided to add an area to the Obsidian Sanctum jumping puzzle that is large enough to fit the fights and is removed from the entrances to facilitate some of the basic rules that are used during these fights. In addition, we will be disabling the borderlands bloodlust buff inside the map so that the players will be on a relatively even playing field. Finally, to make it easier to get to the map, we’ll be adding the map to the dropdown menu of WvW maps, allowing you to enter it from anywhere in the game. The space being added is really amazing and I think you are all going to enjoy battling it out in there if it is your preferred way to play. We decided to put this area in the jumping puzzle with the hopes of providing a space for people who wish to play the game this way to be able to do so without causing friction between them and other players who wish to focus on the other aspects of the game in WvW.

Guild vs. Guild is a gametype that has a lot of potential and one that we would never do anything but the best possible version of. That version, if it comes, will have to wait until the resources are available to build it. This change is an attempt to provide a workable solution in a timely manner, one that will ease some of the conflict that we have seen arise on the forums and in the game. WvW is an incredibly successful and engaging part of our game. It will continue to be a major focus for us as a studio and we will continue to put our effort into changes that are in the best interests of WvW as a gametype and the WvW community as a whole.
As is our practice, we won’t be releasing this until it is ready to go.

Devon Carver
WvW Coordinator

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