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Guild Wars 2: Gemeinsame Entwicklung – Gildenraids

Im Rahmen der Gemeinsamen Entwicklung wurde zuletz über Gildenhallen gesprochen. Nun hat im offiziellen Forum Chris Whiteside das nächste Thema bekannt gegeben, es geht nun um Gildenraids.

Gemeinsame Entwicklung – Gildenraids

Dabei bittet Whiteside einige Punkte einzuhalten, damit die Vorschläge auch bei den Entwicklern wahrgenommen werden.

  • Kurzer Überblick über Euren Vorschlag.
  • Welches Ziel soll erreicht werden?
  • Wie kann Euer Vorschlag umgesetzt werden?
  • Welche Probleme könnten bei der Umsetzung auftreten?

Die Gemeinsame Entwicklung ist eine tolle Sache um sich am Spiel aktiv zu beteiligen. Dadurch hat man die Möglichkeit den Entwicklern direkt und konstruktiv zu sagen, welche Ideen man zu den vorgegebenen Themen hat. Dabei solltet Ihr natürlich die Förmlichkeit einhalten und nett bleiben.

Weitere Informationen findet Ihr im offiziellen Forum von Guild Wars 2.

GW2 MitarbeiterArenaNET zu Gemeinsame Entwicklung (Quelle)

Welcome fellow collaborators to the next phase of the Guild CDI topics.

*Phase 2 Topic Title: *How would you like to see Raiding function if this activity were part of GW2?

Below are some suggested formatting tools that will make the CDI more accessible if followed.

Suggested Idea Format
Proposal Overview

<A short description of the proposal that is being put forward>
Goal of Proposal

<What problem are you trying to solve with your proposal>

Proposal Functionality

<How does your proposal work in regard in relation to the current design of GW2>

Associated Risks

<What risks or problems can you foresee with this proposal which you would like to have assistance on from other members of the CDI>

Please try to be as concise as feasible with your proposal.

Suggested Discussion Approach
No suggested format.
Suggested Post Word Count: 200

CDI Rules:
1: This initiative is all about discussion.

2: We will not be disclosing information pertaining to what is currently in development.

3: Anger and emotion will have less impact than intelligent discussion.

4: Together we will share and evolve design philosophies which will impact how we develop the game moving forward.

5: Aggression and disrespect to a fellow community member or developer will not be tolerated, and in the extreme could lead to the shutting down of the initiative.

6: The teams primary focus is work toward the development of GW2 and therefore posting of discussion and commentary may not be as frequent as you like. Please do understand that the initiative is taken very seriously by us all and that we will be reading the discussions and joining in as often as it is possible to do so.

7: Off topic posts will be deleted.

Please note this is not a competition, either between yourselves or the developers in regard to one up man ship. The point of this Initiative is to work together to make the game better.

Note: We will disclose the ideas we do or don’t like as a group but we will not discuss schedules or timing around implementation.

P.S: I may wait a day before starting to post to allow the discussion to evolve naturally.

I will try to do summaries (CDI members feel free to help out to if you like that kind of thing) and will be constantly keeping up to date with the discussion. Just because I don’t post all the time doesn’t mean I am not reading it.

Finally note that the last CDI was the most collaborative and valuable CDI we have run. Let’s try to maintain this please.


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