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Guild Wars 2: Fehlerhafte Sammel-Erfolge erhalten Hotfix

Mit dem Feature Patch im September wurden die neuen Sammel-Erfolge in Guild Wars 2 implementiert. Dort wird der Spieler für das Sammeln von diversen Gegenständen mit Erfolgspunkte oder Items belohnt.

Fehlerhafte Sammel-Erfolge erhalten Hotfix

Allerdings gibt es auch einige fehlerhafte Sammel-Erfolge. Diese wurden aufgrund von Bugs deaktiviert und bekommen demnächst einen Hotfix spendiert. Im offiziellen Forum hat sich Gaile Gray dazu nun geäußert.

GW2 MitarbeiterArenaNET zu Sammel-Erfolge (Quelle)

After consultation with several team members, here’s a little information about the four collections that forum members asked about:

  • Fine Wining
  • Brewmaster
  • Hero of the People
  • Fractal Weapons

There were issues with each of the collections that prevented their roll-out in September. In short, they were not complete-able at that time. However, due to a bug, some players were able to see the collections as if they were active. It seems that the visibility bug is fixed, and that players would not see the collections now. The important thing to know is that the collections are not currently available on Live but that they are coming! (A couple of them are coming pretty soon, in fact.)

Apologies for the confusion, and if you have been working on the collections, of if you believe you’ve been working on a collection that is, in fact, not yet live, you won’t lose progress when they are rolled out in final form.

Those of you reporting issues with other content concerns in this thread: Please report issues and bugs in the game. I cannot tell you how much an in-game report helps us, because that kind of report provides a lot of back-end information that makes it possible to replicate the bug, where posting on a forum does not give the devs the same level of detail.

If you cannot report in the game, please post on the Bugs Forum with as many details as you can provide. If you have done so, thank you. And here’s a tip: It’s best to have separate threads for bugs, and not tag new bug reports on a thread about a different issue. Thanks for understanding.

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