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Guild Wars 2: Erläuterung zum Trotz-Balken

Mit Heart of Thorns werden diverse Gegner über einen Trotz-Balken verfügen. Im offiziellen Forum hat sich Game Designer Robert Gee nun zur Funktionsweise der verschiedenen Kontrolleffekte geäußert.

Erläuterung zum Trotz-Balken

Dabei wird zwischen Soft-CC und Hard-CC unterschieden. Direkte Betäubung oder Zurückstoßen zählen als Hard-CC und ziehen sofort einen Betrag vom Trotz-Balken ab. Effekte wie Kühle oder Verlangsamung gelten als Soft-CC und ziehen dem Trotz-Balken über Zeit einen Wert ab.

GW2 MitarbeiterArenaNET zu Erläuterung zum Trotz-Balken (Quelle)

There have been a lot of questions coming up recently from several different profession forums regarding the use of soft-CC effects (cripple, chill, slow, etc) on bosses with the new Defiance system in HoT. We have a solution in the works for this but we wanted to make a post to explain how it’s going to work.

  • A hard-CC like a stun, daze or knockback will deal direct damage to a defiance bar, lowering it by a flat amount based on the duration of the CC. As an example, a 2 second stun on a 6 second defiance bar will take off 33% of the bar.
  • A soft-CC like chill, slow, or cripple will deal damage over time to a defiance bar for the duration of the debuff. Additionally soft-CC effects will apply to the creature for the purposes of triggering traits but not apply their debuff effect. As an example, chilling a foe with a defiance bar will cause their defiance meter to degenerate over time and place the chill debuff on their status bar, which will allow a Reaper to benefit from the damage reduction effect of the trait Cold Shoulder, but it will not affect the creature’s movement speed.

The exact numbers on the degeneration rates for each type of soft-CC are still in flux, but we hope this helps answer some of the questions about the viability of certain elite specializations in HoT.

EDIT: Even if the defiance bar is not vulnerable to CC, the conditions will still apply for the purposes of triggering traits.

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