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Guild Wars 2: Entwickler zu den Raids stellen sich vor

Die Schlachtzüge in Guild Wars 2 werden die größte und schwerste PvE Herausforderung für die Spieler in Heart of Thorns darstellen. Im offiziellen Forum gab es den Vorschlag von einem Spieler, dass die zuständigen Entwickler sich ein bisschen näher vorstellen.

Entwickler zu den Raids stellen sich vor

Wir haben die erste Antwort von Crystal Reid für Euch eingebettet. Wenn Ihr alle Antworten der Entwickler lesen möchtet, dann klickt einfach auf „Quelle“.

GW2 MitarbeiterArenaNET zu Entwickler zu den Raids stellen sich vor (Quelle)

What’s your name?

What do you do at ArenaNet?
I make internet dragons. Previously worked on some Fractals, Tequatl, TT, Boss Blitz in QP. More recently I helped out Xpac with some new creatures and design for one of the new world bosses. And now I just get to come up with clever ways to kill players.

What has been your involvement with Raids?
Currently team lead and working with Jason to define what Raids in GW2 are.

What feature of Raids are you most excited about?
Recreating those epic memories and moments I’ve experienced while raiding in the past.

What’s a funny story about something that’s happened to you or your party while play-testing Raids?
Getting ready to pull Gorseval during nightly raid, Byron being salty about us repeatedly wiping , and saying on TS before the pull “Byron you’re going to need a glass of water to lower those sodium levels”, which caused everyone to laugh so hard we failed to kill one of the walls and wiped.

What was your favorite encounter from the existing dungeon/fotm content? Why?
Probably the Volcano since that was the first combat based content I helped design (LeahR did most of the hook up/final touches on that one).

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