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Guild Wars 2: Echos der Vergangenheit – Datamining

Wie bei jedem Update für Guild Wars 2 hat sich der Dataminer that_shaman wieder hingesetzt und die Dateien überprüft. Dabei hat er einige interessante Sachen gefunden.

Guild Wars 2 Echos der Vergangenheit – Datamining

So wird es im Edelsteinshop wohl bald schon ein paar leuchtende Augen als Maske kaufen können, auch ein winterliches Kostüm ist geplant. Folgend findet Ihr die neuen Informationen.



Item Description
Home Instance
[&AgECCQEAAA==] Basic Cloth Rack
109857_0534 This activates a basic cloth rack within your home instance for daily gathering.
[&AgH7CAEAAA==] Pact Airship Balloon
Mini pets
[&AgH9CAEAAA==] Miniature Belinda Delaqua
[&AgH+CAEAAA==] Miniature Sand Giant
[&AgH/CAEAAA==] Miniature Pact Airship
[&AgEACQEAAA==] Miniature Drooburt’s Ghost
[&AgEBCQEAAA==] Miniature Avatar of the Tree
[&AgHCCAEAAA==] Mini Mordrem Husk Copper
109878_1014 Mini Mordrem Thrasher
[&AgEFCQEAAA==] Mini Scruffy
[&AgG7BwEAAA==] Storm Wizard Weapon Box
[&AgHHCAEAAA==] Endless Arid Devourer Tonic
[&AgHJCAEAAA==] Endless Dust Mite Tonic
109878_1020 Double-click to transform for 15 minutes. You will be unable to fight while transformed.
[&AgFdBwEAAA==] Replica Job-o-Tron Backpack
109871_0373 Replica Job-o-Tron Backpack Available Now!
109871_0639 Customize your appearance with this talking Replica Job-o-Tron Backpack. He has found gainful employment on your back. It does not increase your combat effectiveness but does provide moral support. Sometimes.
109878_0191 New Permanent Gathering R-Model Trons Available Now
109878_0318 New Master Salvage Kit! Never Runs Out!
109878_0320 This rare salvage tool never runs out of charges. It can break an unlimited number of items down into their base components. 25%% chance of rarer materials. 80%% chance of recovering upgrades. Costs 60 copper per use.
109857_0537 Bundle up with Fancy Winter Apparel
109857_0538 This full winter outfit can be toggled to replace the appearance of your current armor. Also includes a crystal scepter bundle item with five fun, nonlethal costume skills!
Runes and Sigils
[&AgFICQEAAA==] Superior Rune of the Defender
[&AgFJCQEAAA==] Superior Sigil of Blight
Verata’s Armor
[&AgH5CAEAAA==] Verata’s Nomad Insignia
109878_0322 Crafted in the style of the famous necromancer, Verata.
[&AgFyBwEAAA==] Verata’s Masque
[&AgFzBwEAAA==] Verata’s Shoulderguard
[&AgF0BwEAAA==] Verata’s Leggings
[&AgF1BwEAAA==] Verata’s Visage
[&AgF2BwEAAA==] Verata’s Grips
[&AgF3BwEAAA==] Verata’s Guise
[&AgF4BwEAAA==] Verata’s Striders
[&AgF5BwEAAA==] Verata’s Epaulets
[&AgF6BwEAAA==] Verata’s Breeches
[&AgF7BwEAAA==] Verata’s Greaves
[&AgF8BwEAAA==] Verata’s Wristguards
[&AgF9BwEAAA==] Verata’s Doublet
[&AgF+BwEAAA==] Verata’s Footwear
[&AgF/BwEAAA==] Verata’s Pauldrons
[&AgGABwEAAA==] Verata’s Tassets
[&AgGBBwEAAA==] Verata’s Visor
[&AgGCBwEAAA==] Verata’s Warfist
[&AgGDBwEAAA==] Verata’s Breastplate
109879_0284 Verata’s Seared Ring
Verata’s Weapons
[&AgH1CAEAAA==] Verata’s Nomad Inscription
[&AgFeCQEAAA==] Verata’s Impaler
[&AgFfCQEAAA==] Verata’s Trident
[&AgFgCQEAAA==] Verata’s Herald
[&AgFhCQEAAA==] Verata’s Brazier
[&AgFiCQEAAA==] Verata’s Blade
[&AgFjCQEAAA==] Verata’s Spire
[&AgFkCQEAAA==] Verata’s Harpoon Gun
[&AgFlCQEAAA==] Verata’s Short Bow
[&AgFmCQEAAA==] Verata’s Bastion
[&AgFnCQEAAA==] Verata’s Wand
[&AgFoCQEAAA==] Verata’s Reaver
[&AgFpCQEAAA==] Verata’s Revolver
[&AgFqCQEAAA==] Verata’s Flanged Mace
[&AgFrCQEAAA==] Verata’s Greatbow
[&AgFsCQEAAA==] Verata’s Razor
[&AgFtCQEAAA==] Verata’s Warhammer
[&AgFuCQEAAA==] Verata’s Claymore
[&AgFvCQEAAA==] Verata’s Artifact
[&AgFwCQEAAA==] Verata’s Musket
Carapace Armor
109880_0203 Carapace Jerkin
109880_0206 Carapace Vambraces
109880_0209 Carapace Boots
109880_0226 Carapace Cowl
109880_0211 Carapace Mask
109880_0212 Carapace Leggings
109880_0214 Carapace Shoulderpads
109880_0240 Carapace Pants
109880_0260 Carapace Shoes
109880_0263 Carapace Tassets
109880_0266 Carapace Helmet
109880_0269 Carapace Gauntlets
109880_0272 Carapace Breastplate
109880_0281 Carapace Greaves
109880_0284 Carapace Gloves
109880_0287 Carapace Vestments
109880_0289 Carapace Pauldrons
109880_0290 Carapace Mantle
Luminescent Armor
109880_0210 Luminescent Cowl
109880_0215 Luminescent Shoulderpads
109880_0216 Luminescent Shoes
109880_0217 Luminescent Vestments
109880_0218 Luminescent Gloves
109880_0219 Luminescent Gauntlets
109880_0220 Luminescent Pants
109880_0221 Luminescent Greaves
109880_0228 Luminescent Breastplate
109880_0244 Luminescent Leggings
109880_0245 Luminescent Mask
109880_0248 Luminescent Vambraces
109880_0251 Luminescent Jerkin
109880_0254 Luminescent Boots
109880_0257 Luminescent Mantle
109880_0275 Luminescent Helmet
109880_0278 Luminescent Tassets
109880_0279 Luminescent Pauldrons
[&C3QWAAA=] Glint’s Gaze Mask Heavy
[&C3MWAAA=] Glint’s Gaze Mask Medium
[&C3IWAAA=] Glint’s Gaze Mask Light
[&C4cWAAA=] Welding Torch
[&AgG8CAEAAA==] Eternal Sands
109878_0416 Double-click to choose an ascended armor piece with Sinister stats.
[&AgG9BwEAAA==] Sinister Armor Chest
109878_0425 Satchel of Sinister Exalted Armor
109878_0427 Satchel of Sinister Emblazoned Armor
109878_0429 Box[pl:“Boxes“] of Sinister Draconic Armor
109879_0034 Sinister Weapon Recipe Book
109879_0035 Sinister Armor Recipe Book
109879_0000 Sinister Jewelry Recipe Book
109878_1023 Double-click to choose a recipe for crafting gear with the Sinister stat combination.
[&AgFKCQEAAA==] Exquisite Charged Ambrite Jewel
[&AgH4CAEAAA==] Sheet of Charged Ambrite
109878_0453 Recipe: Exquisite Charged Ambrite Jewel
109878_0452 A recipe to make an Exquisite Charged Ambrite Jewel. Charged Ambrite Jewelery recipes can be found in buried chests in the Silverwastes.
109878_0455 Recipe: Sinister Orichalcum Imbued Inscription
109878_0454 A recipe to make a Sinister Orichalcum Imbued Inscription.
109878_0474 Recipe: Sinister Intricate Gossamer Insignia
109878_0473 A recipe to make a Sinister Intricate Gossamer Insignia.
[&AgEvCAEAAA==] Charged Ambrite Orichalcum Earring
[&AgEwCAEAAA==] Charged Ambrite Orichalcum Amulet
[&AgExCAEAAA==] Charged Ambrite Orichalcum Ring
[&AgFGCQEAAA==] Mysterious Exilir
[&AgFHCQEAAA==] Fragnant Cactus Fruit
[&AgH8CAEAAA==] Celebration Booster
109878_0437 Bountiful Tuning Crystal
109878_0449 Furious Tuning Crystal
109878_0456 Bountiful Maintenance Oil
109878_0457 Furious Maintenance Oil
109878_0458 Furious Sharpening Stone
109878_0464 Bountiful Sharpening Stone
[&AgE+CQEAAA==] Sandford Family Ring
[&AgFCCQEAAA==] Plague Signet
[&AgHNCAEAAA==] Ogden’s Gratitude
109879_0006 Contains rare gear, tomes of knowledge, obsidian shards, and various gemstones.
[&AgFECQEAAA==] Forgotten Band
[&AgE3CQEAAA==] Quetzal Crest
109879_0271 Etched on the back are the words, „We are not so easily fooled.“
109879_0274 Caithe’s Blossom
109879_0273 I’m done with your games, and I’m finished with you. I am not your dearheart. —Caithe
[&AgE5CQEAAA==] Ventari’s Chisel
109879_0275 Never leave a wrong to ripen into evil or sorrow. —Tenets of Ventari
109879_0279 Ogden’s Ankh
109879_0278 We all die. Some sooner than others. —Ogden Stonehealer
109879_0281 Aspect Amulet
109879_0280 The summer sun shone bright once more, warmed wood and cloth of home. —Zephyrite Song
[&AgE+CQEAAA==] Sandford Family Ring
109624_0413 Bioluminescence
109624_0404 Even in the deepest darkness, there is some light.
[&AgHLCAEAAA==] Bandit Crest
109879_0001 Can be traded with merchants in the Silverwastes for valuable items.
109879_0004 Bandit Cache
109879_0003 Contains a rare bandit weapon, bandit crests, and other supplies.
109878_1007 Bandit Coin Purse
109878_1006 Contains a gold coin, luck, a magic find booster, and various bandit supplies. Usable as a bag after opening.
109878_1009 Bandit Combat Journal
109878_1008 Unlocks the Bandit Weapons Specialist collection.
109878_1012 Bandit Skeleton Key
109878_1011 Used to open lost bandit chests in the Silverwastes. Chests can only be found with Silverwastes Shovels.Buried locked chests can contain armor, weapons, recipes, ambrite, and more.
109879_0036 Created by imbuing beetle remains from Dry Top at an underground pollen cloud in the Silverwastes. This item only has value as part of a collection.
109879_0037 Imbued Beetle Shell
109879_0038 Obtained by proving your perseverance (stack size: 3) to Silverwastes quartermasters. This item only has value as part of a collection.
109879_0039 Luminescent Laces
109879_0040 Luminescent Strap
109879_0041 Created by imbuing firefly luminescence from Caledon Forest at an underground pollen cloud in the Silverwastes. This item only has value as part of a collection.
109879_0042 Imbued Firefly Luminescence
109879_0044 Turn in to the cryptobotanist for extra bandit crests. Double-click to locate.
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