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Guild Wars 2: Datamining zum Update vom 7. Juli

Gesternam Dienstag den 7. Juli, hat ArenaNET ein kleines Update für Guild Wars 2 veröffentlicht. Der bekannte Dataminer that_Shaman hat zudem nun auf Reddit seine Erkenntnisse bekannt gegeben.

Datamining zum Update vom 7. Juli

Dabei schreibt er, dass über 75% der Strings zu Heart of Thorns gehören. Folgend findet Ihr die Bilder und mehr von that_shaman.

Item Description
[&DBkAAAA=] Harbinger of Mordremoth Outfit
[&C74XAAA=] Butterfly Wings Backpack
[&C7gXAAA=] Shadow Assassin Short Bow (updated)
1013759_0167 Glider Skins
1013760_0430 Glider Locked
1013762_0647 Glider Unlocked
1013759_0814 Requires Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. Gliders can only be used in designated areas of the world.
PvP Reward Track
992373_0237 Verdant Brink Reward Track
Mini Pet
[&AgHgEQEAAA==] Mini Mushroom Stomper
1001464_0545 Mini Mushroom Stomper Now Available!
1001460_0353 Unique Mist Champion Skin
1001464_0410 Map Bonus
1001464_0428 Next Reward
1024285_0089 Upcoming Rewards
1024286_0228 Current Rewards
HoT Beta
1001463_0725 Temporarily Unlocked for Beta
[&AgHaEQEAAA==] Beta Gear Loot Box
[&AgG/EQEAAA==] Beta Gear Loot Box
[&AgHJEQEAAA==] Beta Gear Loot Box
1024288_0629 This container has a full set of gear, accessories, and weapons with selectable stats for beta character use.
[&AgHqEQEAAA==] Box of Cooking Supplies
[&AgHsEQEAAA==] Beta Consumable Loot Box
1024287_0508 This container has a variety of runes, sigils, food, and utility effects for beta character use.
1024284_0000 Heart of Thorns Playable Demo (Story)
1024288_0683 Thank you for playing the Heart of Thorns playable story demo.
1001461_0022 Mist Champions
992374_0129 Offensive Hero
992366_0411 Defensive Hero
992372_0722 Specialist Hero
992372_0488 Nika
992369_0438 Nika was a proficient assassin schooled in her youth at Shing Jea Monastery. She served Cantha as a member of the Obsidian Flame.
1013759_0018 Grymm Svaard
992366_0834 Grymm was a sword-for-hire who crewed such notable ships as the Salma’s Grace under Captain Osh Moran, the Pride under Captain Cobiah Marriner, and the Nadir Shill under Captain Yomm.
1013762_0151 Turai Ossa
992369_0964 Turai Ossa was first ruler of a united Elona since the Primeval Kings. His soul was trapped in the Crystal Desert, along with those of his followers, to await the day Turai can ascend and pass into the Hall of Heroes.
1001464_0876 You cannot join this arena or game mode because you or someone in your party has too low of a PvP rank.
1013760_0252 Rank Too Low
1013759_0769 Reach PvP rank __ to unlock this arena.
1013761_0721 Reach PvP rank __ to unlock this game mode.
World vs. World
1001461_0554 World vs. World Special Event: Golem Rush
1024285_0615 Desert Carapace
992373_0325 Nomad II Broadside
1024286_0240 Bane of Joko
1024286_0336 One or more teammates are still in combat.
1024288_0791 Guild Claiming
1024287_0838 War Cry
992368_0311 Commander’s Presence
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