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Guild Wars 2: Datamining zum Update vom 29. September

Mit dem Balance-Update vom 29. September gibt es auch einige neue Dateien für die Dataminer. That_shaman hat auf Reddit auch wieder seine Entdeckungen veröffentlicht, welche wir Euch hier zeigen.

Datamining zum Update vom 29. September

So sind besonders die Bilder zum kommenden 3. Beta Wochenende interessant. Dort wird es bereits möglich sein den kommenden Schlachtzug auszuprobieren.

Item Description
[&DBwAAAA=] Unknown Outfit
Weapons and armor
[&C/wXAAA=] Staff
[&C/0XAAA=] Rifle
[&C/4XAAA=] Hammer
[&CwAYAAA=] Shield
[&C/cXAAA=] Backpack
1058999_0849 Unlock this finisher by discovering it in Black Lion Chests.
1076071_0824 Unlock this finisher by discovering it in Black Lion Chests or purchasing it from the Trading Post.
Seasonal content
1076072_0324 Season begins on __.
1076068_0656 Season ends on __.
1076072_0776 Season is currently ending.
Halloween Dyes
1058999_0996 Insanity Red
1076068_0381 Maniac Brown
1076069_0574 Lunatic Yellow
1076072_0148 Delirious Purple
1076073_0172 Crushed Bone
1076073_0927 Psychotic Orange
1076068_0326 Seasonal. For sale only during the Halloween season. A miniature spooky ghost, spooky skeleton, and spooky spider come together in this limited-edition collector’s pack.
1129131_0680 Raid
1076071_0217 You must be in a raiding squad to enter.
1076071_0456 Congratulations on defeating the Vale Guardian! Feel free to replay this encounter for the duration of the beta weekend.
992363_0677 You are out of time. Reviving dead players is no longer possible.
1076074_0602 Ascended Stat-Selectable Gear
1076071_0779 Pact Encampment: Tier 1 unlocked! The first adventure is available.
1076069_0549 Pact Encampment Tier 1 completed! Help the ship’s officers reinforce the camp to access Tier 2.
1076069_0573 Pact Encampment: Tier 2 unlocked! The second adventure is available.
1076071_0157 Pact Encampment Tier 2 Completed! Deal with the sylvari situation to access Tier 3.
1076074_0373 Pact Encampment: Tier 3 unlocked! The third adventure and more challenging events are available.
1076073_0900 Pact Encampment Tier 3 is complete.
1058997_0878 Purchase Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns to begin spending Mastery points.
1076074_0672 You should begin training another mastery ability. Any experience gained while not training will be lost.
1129131_1015 Journey to the Heart of Maguuma and complete the story step „Torn from the Sky“ to unlock Mastery tracks.
1076071_0542 This skill can only be used while gliding.
1076074_0104 Learn a powerful maneuver that does massive damage to the defiance bar of impenetrable enemies.
1076074_0816 When mining ore while in Auric Basin, you will gain Auric Slivers in addition to normal materials. You also have a chance to mine special items from ore nodes all around the Heart of Maguuma.
1129130_0035 Train Basic Gliding in the Gliding Mastery track to unlock the Itzel Lore Mastery track.
1129130_0476 Journey to Tangled Depths to unlock the Nuhoch Lore Mastery track.
1076070_0156 You have found a Nuhoch Wallow. Train the Nuhoch Wallows Mastery in Nuhoch Lore to use it.
1058999_0455 You can only mentor while in open-world PvE maps.
1076068_0707 Mastery Chest
1129130_0659 10-person group for coordinating and gaining access to raids
1058992_0745 Choose a team type:
1058993_0884 Squad: __
1058993_0775 Select Role
1058993_0265 Rank
1058993_0100 Member
1058994_0716 Members have no special permissions.
1058993_0363 Captain
1058992_0043 Team Name
1058992_0543 No Team
1058992_0737 Name
1058995_0690 Invite to Squad
1030380_0837 Kick from Squad
1058997_0251 Bye
1058992_0355 Leave Squad
1058996_0453 Remove this member from the team.
1058997_0126 Are you sure you want to remove this member from the team?
1129130_0103 You have been removed from the team __ of __.
1058999_0064 Broadcast to Squad
1058994_0059 Create Team
1058994_0139 Choose a team name:
1058997_0837 Teams
1058999_0728 Select Team
1030376_0166 Subgroup
1030374_0575 /subgroup
1058994_0595 Subgroup: __
1129130_0548 Drag a squad member nameplate to create a new subgroup.
1058996_0948 Appoint Squad Leader
1058995_0579 Your squad’s leader has left. You may now volunteer to lead the squad.
1076070_0478 A team captain already exists. Are you sure you want to replace the team captain?
1076071_0273 Squad Markers
1076071_0219 Place a variety of markers that are only visible to your squadmates.
1076071_0221 You must be a commander to use squad markers.
Ready set go?
1076068_0448 Ready Check
1076073_0696 Cancel Ready Check
1129131_0431 I am not ready
1129131_0959 I am ready
1076069_0622 Squad ready!
1058997_0523 Ladder Potential
1058992_0980 Earn team score to determine your ladder progress.
1058995_0040 Division can lose tiers.
Guild Teams
1058994_0715 Team captains are allowed to add and remove members from the team, as are guild members with the Team Administrator permission. There can only be one captain.
1129132_0097 You do not have permission to edit guild teams.
1076071_0754 Are you sure you want to remove team __ from the guild?
1129130_0827 Teams must have unique names within the guild.
1129131_0177 The requested guild name contains inappropriate language.
1076073_1021 The spotted beetle releases noxious gas in order to disorient enemies.
1076072_0863 Pocket raptors normally travel in packs.
1076071_0070 Tigers are native to the jungle.
1076069_0507 The spikenose beetle charges its foes when enraged.
1076069_0259 The smokescale is adept at assaulting foes while hiding within its smoke field.
1076069_0541 Wyverns have a variety of breath attacks.
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