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Guild Wars 2: Datamining zum Update vom 17. November

Pünktlich zum neuen Guild Wars 2 Update hat der bekannte Dataminer that_shaman auch schon wieder die Dateien durchforstet und einige interessante Sachen gefunden.

Datamining zum Update vom 17. November

Die Informationen stammen, wie gewohnt von Reddit. Folgend könnt Ihr Euch diese durchlesen.

Item Description
Bandit Sniper
[&DB8AAAA=] Bandit Sniper’s Outfit
1232637_0393 Bandit Sniper Appearance Pack
1232637_0418 Usable by any character, this pack comes with everything you need to maintain a covert profile. Appearance skins override the look of your equipment and have no stats of their own.
Mini Pets
1129130_0279 Mini Abomination
1129130_0364 Mini Abomination Available!
1303051_0698 Mini Blue Guardian
1232637_0856 Mini Gorseval the Multifarious
1303052_0385 Mini Green Guardian
1303051_0688 Mini Karde
1303051_0793 Mini Kernan
1232637_0854 Mini Knuckles
1303052_0054 Mini Red Guardian
1076074_0600 Mini Red Spark
1129131_0400 Mini Sabetha
1232637_0420 Mini Sabetha Available!
1303051_0627 Mini Vale Guardian
Angry Chest
1232637_0411 Evon Gnashblade’s Mini Angry Chest
1232637_0424 Sold in the Gem Store. Evon Gnashblade may have something to say on these creatures.
1232637_0406 Some of our rarest chests have gone mad! Getting this chest to open is going to be a journey. Take your chest to Evon Gnashblade to learn more about this mini. Minis are tiny models of creatures from around the world. They can be collected and activated one at a time to follow you around.
1129130_0413 The angry chest snaps at your hands. It’s much too angry to be opened.
1129131_0338 The angry chest spits out another chest! This Mini Angry Chest is tame enough to follow you around.
1232633_0729 Mini Angry Chest
Sabetha’s Weapons
1303054_0017 Sabetha’s Assaulter Boomstick
1303052_0996 Sabetha’s Assaulter Crucible
1129131_0803 Sabetha’s Chest
1303053_0094 Sabetha’s Defender Boomstick
1303051_0479 Sabetha’s Defender Crucible
1303052_0611 Sabetha’s Healer Boomstick
1303051_0809 Sabetha’s Healer Crucible
1303053_0338 Sabetha’s Malicious Boomstick
1303052_0675 Sabetha’s Malicious Crucible
1001464_0004 Sabetha’s Rifle
1001463_0413 Sabetha’s Scorcher
Plasma Weapons
1076074_0738 Plasma Axe Skin
1129131_0166 Plasma Dagger Skin
1129132_0000 Plasma Focus Skin
1129131_0311 Plasma Greatsword Skin
1076074_0803 Plasma Hammer Skin
1129130_0602 Plasma Longbow Skin
1076074_0912 Plasma Mace Skin
1129130_0055 Plasma Pistol Skin
1129131_0596 Plasma Rifle Skin
1129130_0256 Plasma Scepter Skin
1129131_1013 Plasma Shield Skin
1129131_0523 Plasma Short Bow Skin
1129130_0889 Plasma Staff Skin
1129131_0361 Plasma Sword Skin
1129130_0234 Plasma Torch Skin
1129130_0328 Plasma Warhorn Skin
1232637_0922 Plasma Weapons
Assaulter Weapons
[&C4AZAAA=] Assaulter’s Sparking Dagger
[&C4QZAAA=] Assaulter’s Sparking Vanquisher
[&C4gZAAA=] Assaulter’s Spirit Ward
[&C4MZAAA=] Assaulter’s Spirit Branch
Bloodbound Weapons
1232637_0920 Bloodbound Adjuster
1303054_0090 Combine this with a Bloodbound weapon, a Philosopher’s Stone, and 5 Piles of Crystalline Dust in the Mystic Forge in order to reset the weapon’s attributes.
1232637_0817 Bloodbound Axe
1303053_0116 Bloodbound Dagger
1303052_0767 Bloodbound Focus
1303053_0420 Bloodbound Greatsword
1303053_0141 Bloodbound Hammer
1303054_0108 Bloodbound Harpoon Gun
1303052_0140 Bloodbound Longbow
1303051_0760 Bloodbound Mace
1303052_0939 Bloodbound Pistol
1303052_0795 Bloodbound Rifle
1303052_0469 Bloodbound Scepter
1303051_0174 Bloodbound Shield
1303052_0272 Bloodbound Short Bow
1232637_0944 Bloodbound Spear
1303052_0539 Bloodbound Staff
1303053_0588 Bloodbound Sword
1303052_0387 Bloodbound Torch
1303053_0925 Bloodbound Trident
1303052_0657 Bloodbound Warhorn
1303051_0720 Bloodbound Weapons
1303051_0720 Bloodbound Weapons
1076074_1018 This will unlock the Herald glider skin in your account wardrobe.
1303052_0707 Golden Feather Wings Glider
1129131_0743 Soul River Glider
1303052_0498 You have found a ley rift. Train the Rift Traveler Mastery in Forsaken Thicket to use it for travel.
1129130_0115 Sometimes, when a powerful entity dies, its magic is released. This can rip the very fabric between our world and what’s beyond. Those possessing this Mastery can learn to travel through ley rifts scattered throughout the Forsaken Thicket to places where those entities died.
1303053_0750 A recipe to make Meteorite Ingots.
1303052_0291 Meteorite Ingot
1303051_0980 Meteorite Ore
1303052_0640 Players who are ready when the game begins earn %num1% rank points.
1129131_0390 Spirit Vale Reward Track
1303053_0857 Chest of Revenant’s Exotic Equipment
1303051_0827 Contains a rare or exotic piece of level 78–80 gear for revenants. Double-click to open.
1303053_0138 Double-click to open. Contains a piece of exotic gear for revenants.
1232637_0408 Raider’s Supply Package
1303052_0517 Note: Glider Basics and Updraft Use Masteries are required to successfully complete some encounters.
1129132_0032 Gorseval’s Chest
1303051_0344 Magnetite Shard
1303051_1012 You have acquired the maximum amount of Magnetite Shards this week.
1129131_0671 Earned from bosses and events inside the Forsaken Thicket.
1232637_0812 You must defeat Sabetha the Saboteur to purchase this item.
1303051_0625 Forsaken Thicket—Spirit Vale
1303052_0507 Overgrown Fane Waypoint
1303052_0638 Overgrowth Safe Zone Waypoint
1303052_0725 Spirit Vale
1076074_0790 Abandoned Outpost
1129131_0576 Mysterious Pylons
1129131_0667 River of Spirits
1129131_0750 Bandit’s Rest
1232637_0973 Torrid Undercroft Waypoint
1303053_0891 Osprey’s Palace Waypoint
1303051_0449 Shrike’s Palace Waypoint
1303051_0625 Forsaken Thicket—Spirit Vale
1303052_0605 Harrier’s Palace Waypoint
1303052_0648 Musical Instrument Package
1076070_0237 The Eternal
1076074_0885 Rift Traveler
1303051_0261 A recipe to make Rune-Enchanted Rings.
1303051_0263 Double-click to apply to an unused infusion slot. Infuses armor with a spiritual aura.
1303051_0307 Ancient Runed Tablet
1303051_0151 Sheet of Aurillium
1303052_0257 Malicious Sparking Vanquisher
1303052_0327 Malicious Sparking Dagger
1303051_0494 A gift used to create legendary armor.
1303053_0123 Legendary Armor
1129132_0136 In the mystic forge, combine a Gift of the Itzel, Gift of the Nuhoch, Gift of the Exalted, and Gift of Gliding to create the Gift of Insights.
1232634_0150 Gift of Blood
1232635_0933 Gift of Bones
1232635_0237 Gift of Claws
1303052_0947 Gift of Craftsmanship
1232633_0900 Gift of Dust
1232636_0363 Gift of Fangs
1303051_0468 Gift of Gliding
1232633_0374 Gift of Glory
1303051_0470 Gift of Hidden Descent
1232635_0014 Gift of Scales
1303052_0515 Gift of the Exalted
1303053_0624 Gift of the Itzel
1303051_0510 Gift of the Nuhoch
1232634_0468 Gift of Totems
1232633_0531 Gift of Venom
1232634_0804 Gift of War
1013759_0208 Recipe: Pahua’s Trailblazer’s Insignia
1013760_0610 Recipe: Pahua’s Trailblazer’s Inscription
1129132_0193 Recipe: Gift of Dust
1232633_0174 Recipe: Gift of Bones
1232633_0776 Recipe: Gift of Scales
1232634_0199 Recipe: Gift of Blood
1232635_0115 Recipe: Gift of Claws
1232635_0212 Recipe: Gift of Venom
1232636_0397 Recipe: Gift of Fangs
1232636_0934 Recipe: Gift of Totems
1232633_0017 Recipe: Finely Tuned Watchwork Mechanism
1303051_0289 Recipe: Meteorite Ingot
1303053_0047 Recipe: Empty Hylek Flask
1303053_0133 Recipe: Rune-Enchanted Ring
1303053_0398 Recipe: Runed Sphere Casing
1303053_0919 Recipe: Heat Containment Units
1129131_0368 Chest of Axes
1129130_0515 Chest of Daggers
1129131_0080 Chest of Foci
1076074_0906 Chest of Greatswords
1129130_0236 Chest of Hammers
1129130_0885 Chest of Harpoon Guns
1129130_0953 Chest of Longbows
1129131_0123 Chest of Maces
1129131_0100 Chest of Pistols
1129130_0832 Chest of Rifles
1129130_0113 Chest of Scepters
1129130_0533 Chest of Shields
1129131_0547 Chest of Short Bows
1129131_0774 Chest of Spears
1129131_0965 Chest of Staves
1129130_0689 Chest of Swords
1129131_0302 Chest of Torches
1076074_0998 Chest of Tridents
1129130_0726 Chest of Warhorns
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