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Guild Wars 2: Datamining zum Update Verschlingung

Der Dataminer that_shaman war wieder fleißig und hat in den Dateien des Updates Verschlingung einige Dinge gefunden die uns vielleicht schon bald in Guild Wars 2 erwarten können.

Datamining zum Update Verschlingung

So fand er beispielsweise Hinweise auf mehrere verschiedene Minis, wie dem Mini Mordrem Leeching Thrasher oder dem Mini Chickenado. Zudem gibt es Informationen zu einem endlosen Trank der den Spieler in einen Affenkönig verwandelt.

Besonders interessant ist aber auch die Tatsache, dass ArenaNET wohl offenbar Probe-Account veröffentlichen möchte. Bisher gibt es keine Möglichkeit Guild Wars 2 mal an zu spielen, ausgenommen einige wenige Test-Wochenenden, welche es aber auch schon länger nicht mehr gab. Die neuen Probe-Accounts sind auf Level 15 beschränkt und haben auch sonst einige Einschränkungen.

Item Description
109791_0899 Return to Tonic List
109791_0900 Colocal Transformation
109791_0901 Dust Mite Transformation
109791_0902 Arid Devourer Transformation
109791_0903 Random Transformation
[&AgHQBAEAAA==] Endless Monkey King Tonic
Mini pets
[&AgHLBAEAAA==] Mini Mordrem Leeching Thrasher
109791_0294 Mini Chickenado
109791_0306 Double-click to repair broken gear anywhere!
109791_0307 Repair-o-Matic
[&AgHRBAEAAA==] Basic Lumber Node Pack
109763_0890 This activates 3 lumber nodes within your home instance for daily
logging. The trees created provide green, soft, and seasoned logs.
109792_0001 New resource nodes have been added to your home instance.
109804_0421 Rich Quartz Crystal Formation
Ley Line Weapons
109792_0574 Ley Line Weapons
[&C3wVAAA=] Ley Line Staff
[&C30VAAA=] Ley Line Mace
[&C34VAAA=] Ley Line Short Bow
[&C38VAAA=] Ley Line Hammer
[&C4AVAAA=] Ley Line Rifle
[&C4EVAAA=] Ley Line Sword
[&C4IVAAA=] Ley Line Warhorn
[&C4MVAAA=] Ley Line Dagger
[&C4QVAAA=] Ley Line Torch
[&C4UVAAA=] Ley Line Greatsword
[&C4YVAAA=] Ley Line Longbow
[&C4cVAAA=] Ley Line Shield
[&C4gVAAA=] Ley Line Scepter
[&C4kVAAA=] Ley Line Axe
[&C4oVAAA=] Ley Line Focus
[&C4sVAAA=] Ley Line Pistol
Ambrite Weapons
[&AgGrBAEAAA==] Coleoptera
[&AgGsBAEAAA==] Vespidae
[&AgGqBAEAAA==] Latrodectus
[&AgGpBAEAAA==] Mantodea
[&AgGtBAEAAA==] Hymenoptera
[&AgGuBAEAAA==] Cryptopidae
[&AgGvBAEAAA==] Lampyridae
[&AgGwBAEAAA==] Orthoptera
[&AgGmBAEAAA==] Odonata
[&AgGnBAEAAA==] Blattellidae
[&AgGiBAEAAA==] Blattodea
[&AgGjBAEAAA==] Spirobolidae
[&AgGkBAEAAA==] Scorpiones
[&AgGlBAEAAA==] Diptera
[&AgGhBAEAAA==] Lepidoptera
[&AgGoBAEAAA==] Apidae
109791_0228 Used in the crafting of ambrite weapons.
[&AgHPBAEAAA==] Ambrite Imbued Inscription
Ambrite Recipes
[&Ci4mAAA=] Recipe: Hymenoptera
[&Ci8mAAA=] Recipe: Spirobolidae
[&CjAmAAA=] Recipe: Latrodectus
[&CjEmAAA=] Recipe: Orthoptera
[&CjImAAA=] Recipe: Mantodea
[&CjMmAAA=] Recipe: Odonata
[&CjQmAAA=] Recipe: Vespidae
[&CjUmAAA=] Recipe: Lampyridae
[&CjYmAAA=] Recipe: Apidae
[&CjcmAAA=] Recipe: Scorpiones
[&CjgmAAA=] Recipe: Coleoptera
[&CjkmAAA=] Recipe: Diptera
[&CjomAAA=] Recipe: Lepidoptera
[&CjsmAAA=] Recipe: Blattellidae
[&CjwmAAA=] Recipe: Blattodea
[&Cj0mAAA=] Recipe: Cryptopidae
Ambrite Fossils
[&AgHOBAEAAA==] Unidentified Fossilized Insect
109736_0351 This Ambrite seems to resonate with an innately imbued power,
presumably sourced from its fossilized passenger. Perhaps
someone could find a way to weaponize its strength…
[&AgFMBAEAAA==] Ambrite Fossilized Centipede
[&AgFQBAEAAA==] Ambrite Fossilized Butterfly
[&AgFSBAEAAA==] Ambrite Fossilized Termite
[&AgFUBAEAAA==] Ambrite Fossilized Firefly
[&AgFVBAEAAA==] Ambrite Fossilized Millipede
[&AgFWBAEAAA==] Ambrite Fossilized Dragonfly
[&AgFXBAEAAA==] Ambrite Fossilized Grub
[&AgFYBAEAAA==] Ambrite Fossilized Hornet
[&AgFZBAEAAA==] Ambrite Fossilized Cricket
[&AgFbBAEAAA==] Ambrite Fossilized Spider
[&AgFcBAEAAA==] Ambrite Fossilized Cockroach
[&AgFdBAEAAA==] Ambrite Fossilized Beetle
[&AgFeBAEAAA==] Ambrite Fossilized Devourer
[&AgFfBAEAAA==] Ambrite Fossilized Bee
[&AgFgBAEAAA==] Ambrite Fossilized Mosquito
[&AgFhBAEAAA==] Ambrite Fossilized Mantis
109791_0204 A recipe to make Tasty Wurm Stew.
109791_0205 Recipe: Tasty Wurm Stew
[&AgHIBAEAAA==] Token of Taimi’s Gratitude
[&AgHMBAEAAA==] Mordrem Seed Pouch
109791_0309 Double-click to open and choose a nonexclusive dye from the blue spectrum.
109791_0310 Zephyrite Color Swatch: Blue
109791_0898 Ley Line Finisher
109791_0295 Permanent Ley Line Finisher
109791_0296 Limited Ley Line Finisher
109792_0564 Arenas will unlock at PvP rank 9.
Trial Accounts
109792_0057 The coins do not fit in your wallet.
109792_0060 Trial Account rank too low
109792_0063 Trial Account not allowed in team
109792_0068 continue to earn glory.
109792_0070 This will minimize Guild Wars 2 and load our billing website in your
web browser. (Note: After you have completed the purchase
online, you will need to log out and log back in again for your
account upgrade to be completed.)
109792_0129 get a total of four free character slots and the ability to purchase more.
109792_0307 Go to to give them the gift of Guild Wars 2 now!
109792_0312 acquire gems and use them in both the Gem Store and Currency Exchange.
109792_0314 Click the „Upgrade“ button on your screen or visit to upgrade now!
109792_0324 This user has a trial account and cannot earn influence or be granted guild privileges.
109792_0325 earn influence and guild privileges.
109792_0330 You have reached the trial limit, but you can do much more by
upgrading to a full account. Click the „Upgrade“ button on your screen to upgrade now!
109792_0332 send items and gold through the mail to anyone.
109792_0333 speak in map chat.
109792_0334 earn more achievement point rewards.
109792_0335 access Team Arenas.
109792_0444 continue to earn gold.
109792_0446 continue to earn karma.
109792_0554 gain access to the experience you are earning now. You have
reached the trial limit of level 15. We will continue tracking the
experience you earn up to level 19, and you will receive it upon
upgrading to a full account.
109792_0555 sell items on the Trading Post.
109792_0557 Upgrade to a full account to %str1%
109792_0558 speak to players whom you are not friends with.
109792_0561 play all of World vs. World. Trial accounts may participate in World vs.
World but cannot enter the Eternal Battlegrounds or Borderlands maps.
109792_0562 Upgrade Now!
109792_0563 Not Now!
109792_0565 to send messages to players that are not your friends.
109792_0566 We’re sorry! Account Upgrade is currently undergoing maintenance.
Please try again later.
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