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Guild Wars 2: Datamining zum Update Im Bann des Drachen – Teil 1

Der bekannte Dataminer that_shaman hat sich wieder die Dateien des Updates Im Bann des Drachen angeguckt und einige interessante Sachen gefunden, welche wir Euch hier vorstellen.

Datamining zum Update Im Bann des Drachen – Teil 1

Demnächst wird es wohl drei verschiedene, neue Kostüme geben, die allesamt wirklich toll aussehen.

Zudem wurde eine überarbeitete Karte des Hains veröffentlicht. Das besondere hierbei ist, dass die linke untere Ecke fehlt.

Datamining zum Update Im Bann des Drachen - Teil 1

Item Description
[&AgFsBQEAAA==] Mysterious Vine
[&AgFNBQEAAA==] Unopened Prosperity Mine Kite
[&AgFPBQEAAA==] Unopened Crystal Shard Kite
[&AgFQBQEAAA==] Unopened Ventari Folower Kite
[&AgFRBQEAAA==] Prosperity Mine Kite
[&AgFSBQEAAA==] Crystal Shard Kite
[&AgFUBQEAAA==] Ventari Folower Kite
Mini pets
109812_0116 Mini Scruffy
[&AgHQBAEAAA==] Endless Monkey King Tonic
109811_0666 Become the Monkey King
109599_0239 Double-click to drink, transforming you into the Monkey King for fifteen minutes.
You will be unable to fight while transformed.
[&AgFvBQEAAA==] Home Portal Stone
[&AgFwBQEAAA==] Tyrian Explorer’s Knapsack
109811_0675 Convenient Access to the Comforts of Home
109811_0676 Reusable! Summon a Crafting Station Anywhere!
109811_0701 Metabolic Primer Station
109811_0785 Utility Primer[s]
109811_0878 Any utility item consumed while the primer is active will have the same remaining time
as the primer, rounded up to the next hour. Does not stack.
109817_0288 Recipe[s]: Potent Master Maintenance Oil
109817_0289 Recipe[s]: Potent Superior Sharpening Stones
109817_0290 Recipe[s]: Potent Master Tuning Crystals
109811_0680 Aloe Crisper 3000
[&AgGsBAEAAA==] Culicidae
[&AgGVBAEAAA==] Recipe[s]: Culicidae
109811_0672 Be a Thorn in Your Enemy’s Side
109811_0673 Summon a lethal bramble finishing move in PvP and WvW.
This is a permanent account unlock.
109792_0564 Arenas will unlock at PvP rank 9.
[&AgE5BQEAAA==] Story Unlock: Gates of Maguuma
[&AgE3BQEAAA==] Story Unlock: Entaglement
[&AgE4BQEAAA==] Story Unlock: The Dragon’s Reach, Part 1
[&AgE2BQEAAA==] Story Unlock: The Dragon’s Reach, Part 2
[&AgFZBQEAAA==] Recipe: Clay Pot
[&AgFGBQEAAA==] Ingredient 4 – used in Ep4
[&AgFLBQEAAA==] Ingredient 5 – used in Ep4
[&AgFHBQEAAA==] Ley Line Infused Clay Pot
[&AgFIBQEAAA==] Package of Sacred Plant Food
[&AgFJBQEAAA==] Package of Phantasmally Infused Plant Food
[&AgFKBQEAAA==] Mordrem Shoot
[&AgFMBQEAAA==] Mordrem Tenrdil
[&AgFFBQEAAA==] Mordrem Husk Samples
[&AgF1BQEAAA==] Foxfire Cluster
[&AgFXBQEAAA==] Bag of Frozen Loot
[&AgFYBQEAAA==] Last Good-Bye
[&AgFqBQEAAA==] Pile of Phantasmal Residue
109813_0791 Gardening Supplies
109811_0747 Missing just a few things needed to germinate a seed.
109811_0748 Clay Pot[s]
109811_0751 The polarity of this stone is locked in a stable matrix.
A Ley Line disrupting device could unlock its potential forces. Double-click to show.
[&AgFjBQEAAA==] Ley Line Infused Stone[s]
109811_0753 This mash of meaty, semi-toxic ingredients needs just a few more things
to be the kind of food needed to calm a wild carnivorous plant.
109811_0754 Plate[s] of Meaty Plant Food
109811_0755 This water is warm and murky. It could be purified, but only at its source.
Double-click to show.
109811_0763 Just a couple ingredients shy of having the kind of kick
an especially persnickety carnivorous plant would enjoy.
109811_0764 Plate[s] of Piquant Plant Food
109811_0765 This vine, while appearing to be touched by Mordremoth,
has been grown from seed under the good influence of a hero of Tyria.
[&AgFdBQEAAA==] Mysterious Seed
[&AgFmBQEAAA==] Vial[s] of Sacred Glacial Water
User interface
109813_0754 This concludes episode three. Look forward to episode four, coming soon.
109813_0773 Quit This Episode
109813_0789 You may lose some progress on ___. Are you sure?
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