Guild Wars 2 News

Guild Wars 2: Datamining zum Feature Patch

Auf Reddit hat der bekannte Dataminer that_shaman wieder einige Bilder und Informationen veröffentlicht die er in den Dateien des Feature Patches gefunden hat.

Datamining zum Feature Patch

Besonders interessant sind die beiden ersten Bilder die er veröffentlicht hat. Es handelt sich dabei um PvP-Karten. Dabei weisen die beiden Maps große Ähnlichkeit mit den GvG-Karten aus Guild Wars 2 auf. Derzeit gibt es leider noch keine genaueren Informationen dazu. Es liegt nahe, dass es sich hier um kommende GvG-Karte handelt, in den Kommentaren auf Reddit wird aber auch über eine MOBA-Variante spekuliert.

Gegenstände Teil 1

Item Description
Home Instance
109871_0378 This activates 3 plant nodes within your
home instance for daily harvesting.
109873_0478 Delivers an enchanted chest to your
home instance that replenishes itself daily.
Beam me up!
[&AgHPBgEAAA==] Waypoint Unlock
[&AgHQBgEAAA==] Teleport to Friend
AP Skins
[&AgEUBgEAAA==] Radiant Chestpiece Skin
[&AgEVBgEAAA==] Radiant Legs Skin
[&AgEqBgEAAA==] Hellfire Chestpiece Skin
[&AgEnBgEAAA==] Hellfire Legs Skin
**Ultimate Survivor
109604_0459 / Exp without Death or Map Travel
109616_0457 Gain __ experience without dying or changing maps.
Pinnacle Skins
[&AgEWBgEAAA==] Pinnacle Flame Skin
[&AgEXBgEAAA==] Pinnacle Kris Skin
[&AgEYBgEAAA==] Pinnacle Pistol Skin
[&AgEZBgEAAA==] Pinnacle Rifle Skin
[&AgEaBgEAAA==] Pinnacle Cesta Skin
[&AgEbBgEAAA==] Pinnacle Ward Skin
[&AgEcBgEAAA==] Pinnacle Short Bow Skin
[&AgEdBgEAAA==] Pinnacle Wake Skin
[&AgEeBgEAAA==] Pinnacle Spire Skin
[&AgEfBgEAAA==] Pinnacle Mace Skin
[&AgEgBgEAAA==] Pinnacle Trident Skin
[&AgEhBgEAAA==] Pinnacle Harbinger Skin
[&AgEiBgEAAA==] Pinnacle Blade Skin
[&AgEjBgEAAA==] Pinnacle Scroll Skin
[&AgEkBgEAAA==] Pinnacle Avenger Skin
[&AgElBgEAAA==] Pinnacle Thunder Skin
[&AgEmBgEAAA==] Pinnacle Reaver Skin
[&AgEoBgEAAA==] Pinnacle Impaler Skin
[&AgEpBgEAAA==] Pinnacle Recurve Bow Skin
Updated Halloween 2012 Skins
109785_1003 Ghastly Grinning Shield
109785_1004 Scythe Staff
109785_1005 Greatsaw
109785_1006 Grinning Gourd Rifle
109804_0415 Chain Sword
109875_0684 Miniature Unlocked
109871_0376 2-Pack of PvP Miniatures
109871_0377 Contains 1 of each of these miniatures: • Mini Chieftain Utahein
• Mini SvanirEach mini can be activated from your inventory to follow
youaround the world.
109873_0629 Mini Svanir[s]
109873_0632 Mini Chieftain Utahein[s]
109871_0383 3 Pack of World vs. World Miniatures!
109871_0384 Contains 1 of each of these miniatures: • Mini Snow Owl • Mini Hawk
• Mini Raven Each mini can be activated from your inventory to follow
you around the world.
109871_0372 Contains one of 25 random colors handpicked by Taimi.
Includes the possibility of six exclusive electro colors created by Taimi.
[&AgHZBgEAAA==] Electro Lime
[&AgHYBgEAAA==] Electro Peach
[&AgHVBgEAAA==] Electro Lemon
[&AgHUBgEAAA==] Electro Pink
[&AgHXBgEAAA==] Electro Blue
[&AgHWBgEAAA==] Electro Purple
109873_0577 Virulent Amulet
109873_0578 Virulent Ring
Karma rewards
109873_0539 Karmic Converter
109873_0537 Double-click to trade karma for something useful.
Can only buy one item per day.
109873_0516 Tiny Karmic Crafting Bag[s]
109873_0517 Small Karmic Crafting Bag[s]
109873_0518 Light Karmic Crafting Bag[s]
109873_0500 Medium Karmic Crafting Bag[s]
109873_0521 Large Karmic Crafting Bag[s]
109873_0505 Heavy Karmic Crafting Bag[s]
UI Changes
109875_0859 Auto Deposit Materials Enabled
109875_0860 Auto Deposit Materials Disabled
109876_0120 Your pending armor changes are not displayed
because you are on the miniatures panel.
109876_0118 Add miniatures to your collection, or browse and equip
minis from your current collection.
109876_0134 You cannot apply a locked miniature. You must unlock it
first, or reset the preview.
109876_0007 Automatically displays other player miniatures at lowest LOD level.
109876_0020 Miniatures LOD
109876_0025 How far away you can see other player’s miniatures.
109876_0137 Put a full-body outfit on your character, or preview locked
and unlocked outfits.
109876_0122 You cannot apply a locked outfit. You must unlock it first,
or reset the preview.
109876_0138 You cannot apply a locked finisher. You must unlock it first,
or reset the preview.
109876_0027 Standard Enemy Models:
109876_0028 Enemy players will appear as standard characters in the appropriate
game formats.-Custom Arena with Tournament Commands
-Team Arena
109876_0029 All players appear as standard characters.
109876_0032 View competitive visuals in ranked and custom arenas
with tournament commands enabled.
109875_0956 Warning: This message is from an unverified sender.
It was not sent by ArenaNet.
109875_0957 This is an official message from ArenaNet
109875_1003 The content guide is disabled.
109875_1005 The content guide will ignore personal story.
109875_1008 Hide Events and Personal Story
109875_1010 The content guide highlights a default set of objectives.
109876_0001 The content guide only highlights objectives related to
map completion.
109876_0002 AlienFX will be enabled.
This may take several seconds.
109876_0003 Enable AlienFX
109876_0004 Enables enhanced lighting effects. Requires Alienware PCs
or devices that support AlienFX technology.
109875_0998 Do you see a changing light pattern on
your supported Alienware devices?
109875_1000 Third-Party Peripherals
109876_0051 You unlocked a new icon.
109876_0056 Would you like to use it now?
109859_0103 Retired Achievements
Overflows and Megaservers
109874_0941 Movement speed increased by 15% (PvE Only) Karma gain increased
by 5% Experience from kills increased by 10%
109874_0942 Volunteer’s Blessing
109875_0661 Guild Instance Transit Query
109875_0667 Join your guild in __.
109875_0673 Join your party in a Guild Instance?
109875_0674 Are you sure?
109875_0958 There are few players remaining on this map. Would you like to move
to a more populated version of this same map?
109875_0959 Volunteer reward:
109875_0962 You have __ to volunteer before the map closes.
109875_0963 Because of a recent arrival of players, this map is
no longer a candidate to be closed.
109876_0061 You are already in a squad. You must leave the current
squad and then create a new one.
Recipes (thanks /u/howellq !)
[&CkMmAAA=] Superior Sigil of Cleansing
[&CkQmAAA=] Superior Rune of the Trapper
[&CkUmAAA=] Superior Sigil of Cruelty
[&CkYmAAA=] Superior Sigil of Incapacitation
[&CkcmAAA=] Superior Rune of Radiance
[&CkgmAAA=] Superior Rune of Evasion
[&CkkmAAA=] Krait Tuning Crystal
[&CkomAAA=] Hylek Maintenance Oil
[&CksmAAA=] Ogre Sharpening Stone

Gegenstände Teil 2

Item Description
AP Skins
109875_0040 Radiant Leggings
109875_0041 Radiant Brigandine
109875_0042 Radiant Hauberk
109875_0043 Radiant Chausses
109875_0044 Radiant Legguards
109875_0045 Radiant Cuirass
109875_0046 Hellfire Hauberk
109875_0047 Hellfire Chausses
109875_0048 Hellfire Brigandine
109875_0049 Hellfire Leggings
109875_0050 Hellfire Cuirass
109875_0051 Hellfire Legguards
PvP / WvW
109875_0052 Mist Invader’s Helm
109875_0053 Mist Invader’s Shoulder
109875_0054 Mist Herald’s Back Item
109875_0056 Glorious Hero’s Breastplate
109875_0057 Glorious Hero’s Gauntlets
109875_0058 Glorious Hero’s Wargreaves
109875_0059 Ardent Glorious Footgear
109875_0060 Glorious Hero’s Plate Helm
109875_0061 Glorious Hero’s Legplates
109875_0062 Glorious Hero’s Pauldrons
109875_0063 Glorious Hero’s Footgear
109875_0064 Glorious Hero’s Raiment
109875_0065 Glorious Hero’s Armguards
109875_0066 Glorious Hero’s Crown
109875_0067 Glorious Hero’s Leggings
109875_0068 Glorious Hero’s Epaulets
109875_0069 Glorious Hero’s Shinplates
109875_0070 Glorious Hero’s Brigandine
109875_0072 Glorious Hero’s Wristplates
109875_0073 Glorious Hero’s Cap
109875_0074 Glorious Hero’s Legguards
109875_0086 Glorious Hero’s Shoulderguards
109875_0087 Glorious Breastplate
109875_0089 Ardent Glorious Shoulderguards
109875_0090 Ardent Glorious Crown
109875_0092 Ardent Glorious Wargreaves
109875_0094 Ardent Glorious Breastplate
109875_0095 Ardent Glorious Gauntlets
109875_0096 Ardent Glorious Plate Helm
109875_0097 Ardent Glorious Legplates
109875_0102 Ardent Glorious Pauldrons
109875_0105 Ardent Glorious Raiment
109875_0107 Ardent Glorious Armguards
109875_0108 Ardent Glorious Leggings
109875_0111 Ardent Glorious Epaulets
109875_0114 Ardent Glorious Shinplates
109875_0117 Ardent Glorious Brigandine
109875_0119 Ardent Glorious Wristplates
109875_0124 Ardent Glorious Cap
109875_0104 Glorious Shoulderguards
109875_0129 Glorious Epaulets
109875_0137 Glorious Leggings
109875_0138 Glorious Crown
109875_0140 Glorious Armguards
109875_0143 Glorious Raiment
109875_0145 Glorious Footgear
109875_0147 Glorious Pauldrons
109875_0148 Glorious Legplates
109875_0149 Glorious Plate Helm
109875_0150 Glorious Gauntlets
109875_0151 Glorious Legguards
109875_0152 Glorious Cap
109875_0153 Glorious Wristplates
109875_0155 Glorious Brigandine
109875_0157 Glorious Shinplates
109875_0158 Glorious Wargreaves
109875_0165 Simple Artificer’s Backpack
109875_0167 Intricate Jeweler’s Backpack
109875_0168 Elegant Tailor’s Backpack
109875_0169 Practical Armorsmith’s Backpack
109875_0171 Simple Tailor’s Backpack
109875_0174 Elegant Weaponsmith’s Backpack
109875_0176 Ornate Weaponsmith’s Backpack
109875_0177 Ambrosial Chef’s Backpack
109875_0178 Sturdy Weaponsmith’s Backpack
109875_0180 Simple Weaponsmith’s Backpack
109875_0181 Elegant Leatherworker’s Backpack
109875_0183 Ornate Leatherworker’s Backpack
109875_0185 Intricate Leatherworker’s Backpack
109875_0186 Sturdy Leatherworker’s Backpack
109875_0188 Simple Leatherworker’s Backpack
109875_0189 Sturdy Artificer’s Backpack
109875_0190 Intricate Artificer’s Backpack
109875_0196 Ornate Artificer’s Backpack
109875_0197 Elegant Artificer’s Backpack
109875_0199 Simple Armorsmith’s Backpack
109875_0203 Sturdy Armorsmith’s Backpack
109875_0204 Intricate Armorsmith’s Backpack
109875_0207 Ornate Armorsmith’s Backpack
109875_0210 Elegant Armorsmith’s Backpack
109875_0211 Intricate Weaponsmith’s Backpack
109875_0213 Intricate Tailor’s Backpack
109875_0214 Ornate Tailor’s Backpack
109875_0216 Sturdy Tailor’s Backpack
109875_0218 Ornate Huntsman’s Backpack
109875_0220 Simple Huntsman’s Backpack
109875_0221 Intricate Huntsman’s Backpack
109875_0222 Sturdy Huntsman’s Backpack
109875_0223 Elegant Huntsman’s Backpack
109875_0224 Practical Huntsman’s Backpack
109875_0225 Practical Jeweler’s Backpack
109875_0226 Savory Chef’s Backpack
109875_0227 Practical Leatherworker’s Backpack
109875_0228 Practical Tailor’s Backpack
109875_0229 Practical Weaponsmith’s Backpack
109875_0230 Spirit Smith
109872_0655 Barking Dog
109872_0656 Gunnarsong
109872_0657 Ravengift
109872_0658 Teardrawer
109872_0659 Spiritcatcher
109872_0660 Woundfire
109872_0661 Barrowbuilder
109872_0662 Dreadbell
109872_0663 Barking Wolf
109872_0664 Wiseclaw
109872_0665 Swordshame
109872_0666 Speakerpride
109872_0667 Warleek
109872_0668 Hearthfriend
109872_0669 Wayfinder
109872_0670 Woundwolf
109872_0671 Ram’s Sigh
109872_0672 Francisca
109872_0674 Glaukon’s Greeting
109872_0675 Big Grin
109872_0676 Little Smirk
109872_0677 Razor Shard
109872_0678 Hand Furnace
109872_0679 Fury Unleashed
109872_0680 Thermaul
109872_0681 Forge Gavel
109872_0682 Gritted Bayonet
109872_0683 Smodur’s Charge
109872_0684 Chiminea Ward
109872_0685 Radiance
109872_0686 Distemper
109872_0687 Titan’s Brand
109872_0688 Bellower
109872_0689 Cauterizer
109872_0690 Steamsmash
109872_0691 Grawlgrinder
109872_0692 Chromecurve
109872_0693 Pulleybow
109872_0694 Serrated Fate
109872_0695 Bent Circuit
109872_0696 Problem Solver
109872_0697 War Auger
109872_0698 Boregun
109872_0699 Bombard
109872_0700 Gladium Prod
109872_0701 Geared Maw
109872_0702 Impulse Spire
109872_0703 Chainblade
109872_0704 Legion’s Light
109872_0705 Charr Alarm Clock
109872_0706 Weatherwrack
109872_0708 Short-Tailed Shot
109872_0709 Spitespewer
109872_0710 Darkdevoted Kris
109872_0711 Rota Misfortuna
109872_0713 Architeuthis
109872_0714 Sorrowmaker
109872_0715 Crowncrusher
109872_0716 Crack o‘ Red Dawn
109872_0717 Ominous Egg
109872_0718 Shell of Secrets
109872_0719 Returner’s Gaff
109872_0720 Mournsword
109872_0721 Lantern of the Lost
109872_0722 Eerie Conch
109872_0723 Barnacle Scraper
109872_0724 Dutiful Armament
109872_0725 Ulix’s Stoutbow
109872_0726 Artem’s Needler
109872_0727 Cherub’s Claw
109872_0728 Steelcharm
109872_0729 Centaur’s Doom
109872_0730 Shieldbreaker
109872_0731 Balt’s Pillar
109872_0732 Duma’s Musket
109872_0733 Chorister’s Virge
109872_0734 Sacred Circle
109872_0735 Croisier Guardant
109872_0736 Ayala’s Rinblade
109872_0737 Lambent Sconce
109872_0738 Orison of Salma
109872_0739 Dolorous Axe
109872_0740 Disputation
109872_0741 Redeye Maul
109872_0742 Bloomboom
109872_0743 Dendritic Avenger
109872_0744 Gravelgun
109872_0745 Tarnished Hewer
109872_0746 Housebreaker
109872_0747 Boltcaster
109872_0748 Forkfang
109872_0749 Nucleus
109872_0750 Veinbreaker
109872_0751 Pulse Hammer
109872_0752 Slatebound Star
109872_0753 Rock Carbine
109872_0754 Runerod
109872_0755 Immutabilis
109872_0756 Discharging Pole
109872_0757 Tuneblade
109872_0758 Phosphor Brand
109872_0759 Cragvox
Runes, sigils and Inscriptions
109874_0046 Superior Rune[s] of the Trapper
109874_0049 Superior Sigil[s] of Cleansing
109874_0054 Superior Sigil[s] of Cruelty
109874_0058 Superior Rune[s] of Radiance
109874_0060 Superior Sigil[s] of Incapacitation
109874_0065 Superior Rune[s] of Evasion
109872_0023 Ineffable Seasoned Inscription[s]
109872_0024 Master Vacillating Ineffable Inscription
109872_0025 Ineffable Hard Inscription[s]
109872_0026 Master Saturated Ineffable Inscription
109872_0027 Ineffable Darksteel Plated Inscription[s]
109872_0028 Ineffable Elder Inscription[s]
109872_0029 Ineffable Mithril Plated Inscription[s]
109872_0030 Rare Saturated Ineffable Inscription
109872_0031 Used in the crafting of weapons with a flexible nature.
109872_0032 Ineffable Mithril Imbued Inscription[s]
109872_0049 Used in the crafting of armor with a flexible nature.
109872_0036 Ineffable Cotton Insignia
109872_0037 Master Vacillating Ineffable Insignia
109872_0038 Ineffable Linen Insignia
109872_0039 Master Saturated Ineffable Insignia
109872_0040 Ineffable Intricate Linen Insignia
109872_0041 Ineffable Silk Insignia
109872_0043 Ineffable Embroidered Silk Insignia
109872_0044 Rare Saturated Ineffable Insignia
109872_0045 Ineffable Intricate Silk Insignia
109872_0046 Ineffable Embroidered Gossamer Insignia
109872_0047 Ineffable Intricate Gossamer Insignia
109872_0049 Used in the crafting of armor with a flexible nature.

Scavenging and collections

Item Description
109636_0718 Collect all __ treasures from locations around Tyria.
109857_0329 Exotic Attire
109857_0338 Unlock these __ crafted exotic armor skins in your wardrobe.
109663_0219 Fractal Master
109690_0981 Unlocked / Fractal Weapon Skins
109616_0457 Gain __ experience without dying or changing maps.
109621_0203 Brewmaster
109636_0710 Consume __ ales from around Tyria.
109858_0985 Koutalophile
109858_0987 Collect all of the spoon trinkets of Tyria.
109805_0356 Style Guide
109810_0724 Collect and review various written works of Tyria.
109811_0743 Hero of the People
109812_0149 Collect and open all five tiers of the Centaur, Flame Legion,
Svanir, Nightmare Court, and Inquest champion loot bags.
109767_0570 Ogre Expert
109791_0227 Unlock all of the ogre weapons in your wardrobe,
and collect an Ogre Tooth.
109812_0152 Hylek Historian
109813_0462 Unlock all of the hylek weapons in your wardrobe,
and collect a Hylek Tongue.
109857_0228 Krait Antiquarianism Study
109857_0290 Unlock all of the krait weapons in your wardrobe,
and collect a Krait Scale.
109857_0291 Fine Dining
109857_0293 Consume __ various steaks from around Tyria.
109857_0294 Fine Wining
109857_0296 Consume __ wines from around Tyria.
109857_0297 Utility Utilizer
109857_0301 Used / Utility Boosts
109857_0304 Trash Collector
109857_0306 Collect these __ junk items throughout Tyria.
109842_0287 Uncanny Canner
109842_0290 Collect all __ jarred trinkets from vendors around Tyria.
109857_0356 Acolyte of Dwayna
109857_0359 Prove your piety by collecting all of the vestments of Dwayna.
109791_0801 Citadel of Flame Collector
109805_0355 Use Flame Legion Charr Carvings from Citadel of Flame to
unlock all __ weapon and armor skins in your wardrobe.
109857_0226 Ascalonian Catacombs Collector
109857_0227 Use Ascalonian Tears from the Ascalonian Catacombs to
unlock all __ weapon and armor skins in your wardrobe.
109857_0224 The Ruined City of Arah Collector
109857_0225 Use Shards of Zhaitan from the Ruined City Arah to
unlock all __ weapon and armor skins in your wardrobe.
109842_0291 Twilight Arbor Collector
109847_0316 Use Deadly Blooms from Twilight Arbor to
unlock all __ weapon and armor skins in your wardrobe.
109847_0317 Sorrow’s Embrace Collector
109847_0885 Use Manifestos of the Moletariate from Sorrow’s Embrace to
unlock all __ weapon and armor skins in your wardrobe.
109855_0095 Caudecus’s Manor Collector
109857_0223 Use Seals of Beetletun from Caudecus’s Manor to
unlock all __ weapon and armor skins in your wardrobe.
109813_0723 Honor of the Waves Collector
109827_0025 Use Symbols of Koda from Honor of the Waves to
unlock all __ weapon and armor skins in your wardrobe.
109828_0085 Crucible of Eternity Collector
109828_0112 Use Knowledge Crystals from Crucible of Eternity to
unlock all __ weapon and armor skins in your wardrobe.
109858_0981 Dungeoneer
109858_0983 Collect the ascended accessories from each dungeon.
BLC Skins
109857_0344 Sclerite Weapon Collection
109857_0346 Unlock all __ Sclerite weapon skins in your wardrobe.
109857_0352 Tormented Weapon Collection
109857_0354 Unlock all __ Tormented weapon skins in your wardrobe.
109857_0467 Aetherized Weapon Collection
109857_0469 Unlock all __ Aetherized weapon skins in your wardrobe.
109857_0600 Dragons Jade Weapon Collection
109857_0604 Unlock all __ Dragons Jade weapon skins in your wardrobe.
109857_0606 Dreamthistle Weapon Collection
109857_0608 Unlock all __ Dreamthistle weapon skins in your wardrobe.
109857_0610 Fused Weapon Collection
109857_0612 Unlock all __ Fused weapon skins in your wardrobe.
109857_0614 Ley Line Weapon Collector
109857_0616 Unlock all __ Ley Line weapon skins in your wardrobe.
109857_0618 Lovestruck Weapon Collection
109857_0620 Unlock all __ Lovestruck weapon skins in your wardrobe.
109857_0622 Phoenix Weapon Collection
109857_0624 Unlock all __ Phoenix weapon skins in your wardrobe.
109858_0813 Alpha Crafter
109858_0972 Unlock all __ fine and masterwork crafted armor skins
in your wardrobe.
109858_0973 Rare Regalia
109858_0975 Unlock all __ crafted rare armor skins in your wardrobe.
109858_0977 Spirit Crafter
109858_0979 Unlock __ spirit weapons in your wardrobe.
109857_0348 Ascended Accoutrement
109857_0350 Unlock these __ crafted ascended armor skins in
your wardrobe.
109873_0540 Unlocks the Hylek Historian collection.
109873_0541 Hylek Tongue[s]
109873_0542 Unlocks the Ogre Expert collection.
109873_0543 Ogre Tooth
109873_0544 Unlocks the Grawl Archaeological Study collection.
109873_0545 Grawl Paw[s]
109873_0548 Unlocks the Krait Antiquarianism Study collection.
109873_0549 Krait Scale[s]
109873_0550 Unlocks the Jormag Defense Guide collection.
109873_0551 Jormag’s Claw Fragment[s]
109873_0417 Seal of Dwayna
109873_0422 Created by imbuing a Superior Rune of Scavenging at the Krait Altar
in Caledon Forest.
This item only has value as part of a collection.
109873_0423 Seal[s] of the Oratuss
109873_0424 Created by imbuing a Superior Rune of Scavenging at the Glacial Trench
in Frostgorge Sound.
This item only has value as part of a collection.
109873_0425 Enchanted Glacial Shard[s]
109873_0426 Created by imbuing a Superior Rune of Scavenging at the Tamini
Place of Power in Queensdale.
This item only has value as part of a collection.
109873_0427 Mark[s] of the Tamini
109873_0432 Created by imbuing a Superior Rune of Scavenging at the Burning Forest in
Simurgh Timberland. This item only has value as part of a collection.
109873_0433 Burning Forest Crest[s]
109873_0434 Found using the Enchanted Map whose pieces are hidden
in hard-to-reach chests throughout Tyria.
109873_0435 Enchanted Key
109874_0155 The Enchanted Key is located somewhere in Kryta.
109872_0651 Uncanny Jar
109873_0409 Twister in a Jar
109873_0411 Jar of Lost Souls
109873_0412 Fractal Spoon
109873_0413 Carved Bone Spoon
109873_0414 Siege Commander’s Spoon

Rewards and Ascended dungeon trinkets

Item Description
Ascalonian Catacombs
109873_0490 Magnificent Ascalonian Chest[s]
109873_0489 Contains dragonite ore, rare and exotic gear,
obsidian shards, champion loot bags, and the
ascended accessory Adelbern’s Burden.
[&AgHeBgEAAA==] Adelbern’s Burden
[&AgHgBgEAAA==] Adelbern’s Burden
109873_0666 „You will join my kingdom! You and all the world of the living!“
—King Adelbern
Caudecus’s Manor
109873_0486 Magnificent Nobleman’s Chest[s]
109873_0485 Contains dragonite ore, rare and exotic gear,
obsidian shards, champion loot bags, and the
ascended accessory DeLana’s Coinpurse.
[&AgHiBgEAAA==] DeLana’s Coinpurse
[&AgHnBgEAAA==] DeLana’s Coinpurse
109873_0672 „Fools! You’ve let her slip her bonds!“
– Separatist Captain DeLana
Twilight Arbor
109873_0482 Magnificent Nightmare Court Chest[s]
109873_0481 Contains dragonite ore, rare and exotic gear,
obsidian shards, champion loot bags, and the
ascended accessory Faolain’s Blossom.
[&AgHrBgEAAA==] Faolain’s Blossom
[&AgHoBgEAAA==] Faolain’s Blossom
109873_0680 „Here at last, dearheart. Are you prepared to join me?“
– Grand Duchess Faolain
Sorrow’s Embrace
109873_0488 Magnificent Dredge Chest[s]
109873_0487 Contains dragonite ore, rare and exotic gear,
obsidian shards, champion loot bags, and the
ascended accessory Forgeman’s Gear.
[&AgHlBgEAAA==] Forgeman’s Gear
[&AgHcBgEAAA==] Forgeman’s Gear
109873_0662 „If you survive long enough to follow me, I’d love to show you
my latest creation.“ – Kudu
Citadel of Flame
109873_0495 Magnificent Flame Legion Chest[s]
109873_0494 Contains dragonite ore, rare and exotic gear,
obsidian shards, champion loot bags, and the
ascended accessory Baelfire’s Ember.
[&AgHjBgEAAA==] Baelfire’s Ember
[&AgHdBgEAAA==] Baelfire’s Ember
109873_0664 „You cannot stop me from becoming a god!“
– Imperator Gaheron Baelfire
Honor of the Waves
109873_0497 Magnificent Inquest Chest[s]
109873_0496 Contains dragonite ore, rare and exotic gear,
obsidian shards, champion loot bags, and the
ascended accessory Kudu’s Phasing Matrix.
[&AgHfBgEAAA==] Kudu’s Phasing Matrix
[&AgHhBgEAAA==] Kudu’s Phasing Matrix
109873_0668 „You realize I have a small army of golems on
my side.“ – Kudu
Crucible of Eternity
109873_0493 Magnificent Kodan Chest[s]
109873_0491 Contains dragonite ore, rare and exotic gear,
obsidian shards, champion loot bags, and the
ascended accessory Bane’s Tooth.
[&AgHqBgEAAA==] Bane’s Tooth
[&AgHpBgEAAA==] Bane’s Tooth
109873_0682 „Drink deep, and grant me your power!“
– Kodan’s Bane, The Huntsman of Jormag
The Ruined City of Arah
109873_0484 Magnificent Orrian Chest[s]
109873_0483 Contains dragonite ore, rare and exotic gear,
obsidian shards, champion loot bags, and the
ascended accessory Zhaitan’s Claw.
[&AgHmBgEAAA==] Zhaitan’s Claw
[&AgHkBgEAAA==] Zhaitan’s Claw
109873_0675 „Something big is coming.“ – Captain Vandem
109873_0499 Dungeoneer’s Grandmaster Chest[s]
109873_0498 Contains a vision crystal, rare gear, and a unique
exotic weapon.
Personal Story
109873_1002 Let the loss of Ysvelta be a constant reminder of
why we must stay strong against the Nightmare.
Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1004 Bercilak was a powerful foe, and you bested him in
fair combat. Be proud of yourself.
Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1005 With Korag gone, his remaining tribe may finally
know peace. Take pride in their new beginning, Slayer.
Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1006 If not for you, there’s no telling what Vidkun would
have done to Minotaur. You saved a Spirit of the Wild—no small task.
Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1007 Even while acting as bait for Two-Blade Pete,
you showed great courage. The Seraph, and I personally,
owe you for your service.
Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1009 We never would have discovered the depths of
Zamon’s treachery without you. You’ve made me,
the Seraph, and Kryta very proud.
Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1010 It’s a great shame that Serentine’s betrayal went
unnoticed for so long. You’ve restored the reputation
of the Seraph, and for that I’m sincerely grateful.
Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1011 As both man and ghost, Warmaster Lebofski’s sent
more than a few charr to the grave. And you stood up to him.
Seems I was right about you.
Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1013 To keep cool while things heat up is a rare quality.
You’re a true testament to the Blood Legion.
Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1014 Today you showed me cunning can cut deeper than a knife.
Trybulus had us outnumbered, but we persevered. Good work.
Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1015 After your riveting success today, you deserve applause.
Don’t let Teyo’s deeds sully what you’ve accomplished.
Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1018 Gadd’s lab was quite the fortuitous discovery.
There were…unforeseen side effects, but you handled
yourself brilliantly. Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1019 Astounding work! Kazz and Doxa couldn’t be happier.
Thanks to you, we’ve made amazing breakthroughs in metalurmagical
bioessence divergences. Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1020 We’d have lost much had the stag died.
Today was a triumph for nature, thanks to you.
Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_0440 Double-click to choose a piece of ascended armor.
109873_0441 Contains your choice of a unique exotic weapon.
109873_0442 Grand Weapon Crate[s]
109873_0450 Jormag Defender’s Kit
109873_0449 Contains 10 icy runestones, obsidian shards,
essence of luck, and rare and exotic gear.
109873_0452 Ogre Sharpening Kit
109873_0451 Contains the recipe and ingredients to craft ogre sharpening stones.
109873_0460 Dwayna’s Reliquary
109873_0458 Contains obsidian shards, essence of luck, and rare and exotic gear.
109873_0462 Regal Bag[s] of Goods
109873_0461 Contains a lesser vision crystal, dark matter, and obsidian shards.
109873_0471 Big Bag[s] of Junk
109873_0470 Standard issue skritt kit, mostly full of garbage.
109873_0476 Grawl Supply Sack[s]
109873_0475 Contains obsidian shards, essence of luck, and rare gear.
109873_0537 Double-click to trade karma for something useful.
Can only buy one item per day.
109873_0539 Karmic Converter
109873_0502 Bag[s] of Scrap
109873_0501 Contains salvageable items.
109873_0504 Bag[s] of Educational Supplies
109873_0503 Contains Scrolls and Tomes of Knowledge.
109873_0523 Bag[s] of Obsidian
109873_0522 Contains 3 Obsidian Shards
109873_0507 Medium Bag[s] of Obsidian
109873_0506 Contains 5 Obsidian Shards
109873_0509 Large Bag[s] of Obsidian
109873_0508 Contains 10 Obsidian Shards
109873_0511 Bag[s] of Dragonite Ore
109873_0510 Contains dragonite ore. Double-click to open.
109873_0513 Bag[s] of Empyreal Fragments
109873_0512 Contains 50 Empyreal Fragments.
109873_0515 Bag[s] of Bloodstone Dust
109873_0514 Contains 50 Piles of Bloodstone Dust.
109873_0524 Bag[s] of Masterwork Gear
109873_0525 Bag[s] of Rare Gear
109873_0526 Bag[s] of Jewels
109873_0528 Rune Bag[s]
109873_0531 Sigil Bag[s]
109873_0534 Trophy Bag[s]

WvW & PvP

Item Describtion
Siege Disabler
109875_0037 Deploy your trick.
109874_0103 Unpack a siege disabler. This trick disables the use of
enemy siege equipment for 45 seconds and piloted golems
for 20 seconds. Costs 10 supply to deploy.
Deployment Range: 1200 Effect Radius: 450
109874_0104 Siege Disabler
Siege Golem Mastery
109875_0023 +600 Power +300 Precision +3,750 Vitality +450 Toughness
109875_0024 Siege Golem Mastery IV: Increases vitality and toughness
109875_0025 Activate your golem’s shield bubble to block projectiles.
Also heals nearby allies.
109875_0026 Healing Shield Bubble
109875_0027 Siege Golem Mastery V: When the golem you are piloting
dies, it explodes and launches you to a short distance away.
109875_0028 Siege Golem Mastery V: Eject when destroyed
109875_0029 Ejection Seat
109875_0030 +600 Power +300 Precision
109875_0031 Siege Golem Mastery III: Shield Bubble heals allies
109875_0032 Siege Golem Mastery I: Temporarily increases movement speed
109875_0033 +600 Power +300 Precision +1,800 Vitality +450 Toughness
109875_0034 Siege Golem Mastery II: Increases power and precision
109875_0832 This finisher is only available from the Black Lion Trading
Company during seasonal special events. Visit the
Upgrades category in the Gem Store to unlock it.
109874_0966 Stake your claim on your defeated enemy’s location in PvP or WvW.
109874_0967 Guild Claim Finisher
109874_0968 Avatar of Death Finisher
109873_0652 Channel the power of the ley lines to finish your opponents in
PvP and WvW.
109873_0653 Summon a sinister scythe wielder to finalize your enemy’s
doom in PvP or WvW.
Fall Tournament
109876_0334 Fight for your World in the WvW Fall Tournament!
109876_0335 Fight for your world in the WvW Fall Tournament.
109871_0382 Special Looksfor the World vs. WorldFall Season!
109859_0097 WvW Fall Tournament 2014 Veteran
109859_0098 WvW Fall Tournament 2014 Achievements: /
109859_0099 Complete __ WvW Fall Tournament 2014 achievement[s].
109859_0104 WvW Fall Tournament 2014
sPvP Tournament
109876_0332 Heroes of Tyria battle it out in PvP to win a
Legendary Weapon!

Locations and miscellaneous stuff

Item Description
109874_0153 Crystalline Grotto
109874_0154 Deep in the Crystalline Grotto
109874_0428 Crystalline Depths
109874_0436 Tutelage Isles
109874_0436 Tutelage Isles
109874_0173 Combat Training Grounds
109874_0174 Island of Trials
109874_0175 Misty Woods
109874_0176 Colloquy of Heroes
109874_0177 Wandering Island
109874_0435 Stronghold City – Castle
109874_0168 Stronghold City Mercs
109874_0169 Stronghold City Castle
109874_0170 Stronghold City Siege
109874_0471 Bowling ball
109875_0305 Siege Ram. . . Kind of
109875_0575 AHH DON’T LOCALIZE AHH, TextObjective
109875_0607 Store is loading, please wait patiently.
109875_0441 Important Golem That Needs Moving
109874_0205 New idle about crafting 01!
109874_0206 New idle about crafting 02!
109874_0207 New idle about crafting 03!
109874_0241 Zojja
109874_0235 Sigh, so emo.
109874_0251 Dumb, you’re all dumb… Well I guess some of you might be mildly interesting.
109874_0253 I don’t know why I hang around those fools sometimes.
They’re ridiculous.
109874_0257 Logan Thackary
109874_0255 I’m so cool.
109874_0256 ZoJJAAAA!
109874_0263 Why so sloppy charr mans?
109874_0265 Yeah, the ladies love me.
109874_0266 Swoosh! Perfect hair.
109874_0268 Eir Stegalkin
109874_0274 A more loyal companion, I could never ask for.
109874_0275 Who’s a good doggy? Huh? Is it you? Awww, good doggy.
109874_0276 Can’t we all just be friends?
109874_0279 Rytlock Brimstone
109874_0286 What, you getting chilly Logan? Need a jacket for that hairless hide of yours?
109874_0287 Don’t you just wish you could sink your claws into that?
Oh, my bad, you have stumpy human hands!
109874_0288 Cub’s games. That’s what some people like. Give me a real fight!
109874_0289 Ho, hum, sweet human sword.
109874_0290 Tails are really where it’s at. Those other races don’t know what they’re missing.
109874_0476 Camera Facing Check Prototype
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