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Guild Wars 2: Blut und Verrücktheit – Datamining

Der Guild Wars 2 Dataminer that_shaman hat auf Reddit wieder die Informationen des Halloween Updates Blut und Verrücktheit veröffentlicht. Wir möchten Euch diese natürlich nicht vorenthalten und präsentieren diese Euch an dieser Stelle.

Weitere Informationen zum Event Blut und Verrücktheit könnt Ihr unserem großen Guide dazu entnehmen. Weitere allgemeinen Guild Wars 2 Guides findet Ihr auf unserer großen Übersichtsseite.

Blut und Verrücktheit – Datamining

Folgend zeigen wir Euch die Informationen von that_shaman. Darunter auch einige Bilder die Ihr bereits im Spiel gesehen habt.

Item Description
[&DA0AAAA=] Noble Count Outfit
[&DAwAAAA=] Hexed Outfit
[&C0wWAAA=] Replica Job-o-Tron Backpack
109765_0427 Replic Job-o-Tron is watching you.
109621_0734 Replica Job-o-Tron Backpack Available Now!
109621_0736 Customize your appearance with this talking Replica Job-o-Tron Backpack. He has found gainful employment on your back. It does not increase your combat effectiveness but does provide moral support. Sometimes.
[&AgFCBwEAAA==] Log-r-Tron
[&AgFDBwEAAA==] Reap-r-Tron
[&AgFEBwEAAA==] Mine-r-Tron
Mini Pets
[&AgE4BwEAAA==] Mini Candy Corn Ghoulemental
[&AgEkBwEA] Mini Gwynefyrdd
109709_0335 This peaceful spirit seeks to protect children and innocents from harm. Also, she likes snuggling.
[&AgElBwEA] Mini Zuzu, Cat of Darkness
109709_0337 A feline familiar frequently found following the footpaths of fallen foes.
Trinkets and upgrades
[&AgEqBwEAAA==] Poly-luminescent Undulating Refractor (Green)
[&AgEsBwEAAA==] Poly-luminescent Undulating Refractor (Orange)
[&AgEvBwEAAA==] Poly-luminescent Undulating Refractor (Black)
[&AgEtBwEAAA==] Oont’z Necklace
[&AgE/BwEAAA==] Haunted Gramophone
[&C00WAAA=] Haunted Gramophone (preview)
109633_0096 The Haunted Gramophone is the best way to get in the haunting spirit! Get yours today!
109765_0493 Theremin Riffs
109765_0494 Ghastly Haunts
109765_0495 Grisly Scenes
109765_0497 Horrific Creatures
109765_0501 Evil Omens
109765_0502 Psycho Strings
109765_0503 Waterphone
109765_0505 Note 3
109765_0507 Pipe Organ
109765_0508 Haunted Choir
109765_0509 Break
[&AgEzBwEAAA==] Bottle of Batwing Brew
[&AgErBwEAAA==] Flask of Pumpkin Oil
[&AgExBwEAAA==] Vial of Maize Balm
[&AgEoBwEAAA==] Sharpening Skull
[&AgEnBwEAAA==] Lump of Crystallized Nougat
[&AgEmBwEAAA==] Recipe: Pumpkin Oil
[&AgEpBwEAAA==] Recipe: Crystallized Nougat
[&AgE0BwEAAA==] Recipe: Batwing Brew
[&AgE1BwEAAA==] Recipe: Maize Balm
[&AgE2BwEAAA==] Recipe: Sharpening Skull
[&AgFJBwEAAA==] Job Done
[&AgFBBwEAAA==] Candy Corn Gobbler
109621_0657 Bloody Prince’s Toybox
109621_0655 Ugh. It’s my sixth birthday all over again. —Prince Edrick Thorn
109637_0406 Foil-Wrapped Candy
109626_0910 Harness the magic of your candy corn to transform yourself and receive boosts.
109688_0407 Double-click to transform into a swarm of bats.
109691_0716 Endless Bottle of Batwing Brew
109725_0148 Double-click to unlock the Tricks and Treats collection.
109695_0626 Double-click to unlock the Bloody Prince’s Toybox collection.
[&AgEjBwEAAA==] Bloody Prince’s Toy Chest
109654_0534 This necklace shimmers with strange, spectral luminescence.
109662_0373 Oontz’s Necklace
[&AgE3BwEAAA==] Old Pillowcase
109781_0538 Paranormal Disturbance Zone
109764_0966 Feline Blessing
109765_0399 Reviving an ally grants Feline Fury to both you and your revived ally. Feline Fury increases all attributes by a small amount. +10%% Experience from Kills +30%% Magic Find
109765_0403 Ghoul’s Blessing
109765_0404 Reviving an ally grants Ghoul’s Grasp to both you and your revived ally. Ghoul’s Grasp increases condition damage, precision, and toughness. +10%% Experience from Kills +30%% Magic Find
109765_0405 Pumpkin’s Blessing
109765_0406 Reviving an ally grants Pumpkin Prowess to both you and your revived ally. Pumpkin Prowess increases power, toughness, and vitality. +10%% Experience from Kills +30%% Magic Find
109781_0535 DO NOT LOCALIZE – This event serves as „impending doom“ UI for the statue being destroyed in LA.
109765_0449 Attaching items and coins to in-game mail is restricted for new accounts. As you continue to play, this restriction will be lifted.
109765_0453 You can’t teleport while a player is in a full map.
109765_0454 You must be in a party to teleport.
109765_0455 You can’t teleport while a player is in a tutorial.
109765_0457 You can’t teleport to a player in another shard.
109765_0459 You can’t teleport to an offline player.
109765_0460 You can’t teleport while a player is in an instance.
109765_0463 You can’t teleport while a player is in combat.
109765_0465 You can’t teleport right now.
109765_0467 You can’t teleport while a player is on the character selection screen.
109765_0470 Are you sure you want to travel to __?
109765_0471 You can’t teleport while a player is in PvP.
109765_0473 You can’t teleport while a player is in WvW.
109765_0475 Summon a friend to your location.
109765_0477 Teleportation is possible once every %num1% hours.
109765_0479 Summon Friend
109765_0481 Summon Request (__)
109765_0486 Teleport to a friend’s location.
109765_0489 You can’t teleport to a player in a different world.
109765_0491 You can’t teleport to a player in another build.
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