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Guild Wars 2: Alte Whiteboard Bilder – Konzepte zum Spiel

Auf Reddit hat Isaiah Cartwright einige Bilder von der Entwicklung zuGuild Wars 2 veröffentlicht. Diese stammen von Whiteboards von ArenaNET und zeigen die Konzepte zu diversen Inhalten.

Weitere Informationen zu Heart of Thorns findet Ihr auf unserer großen Übersichtsseite.

Alte Whiteboard Bilder – Konzepte zu Heart of Thorns

Dabei gibt es Bilder zu diversen Klassen wie dem Krieger, Dieb und Wächter, aber auch zum WvW und PvP. Viel Spaß beim Angucken!

GW2 MitarbeiterArenaNET zu Alte Whiteboard Bilder (Quelle)

A few days ago in a thread about old screen shots I said I would dig some up. After attempting to do so and finding most of my old screen shots are lost I did find some early whiteboard picks. After cutting it down to 30 of the most interesting ones figured I would share.

Ele Skills

This is an image of Ele skills early on we had a hard time with Ele’s having too much CC’s so stickies in red where CC skills and we where trying to balance them out. On the left is a picture of an early PvP map.

Thief and Guardian

Thief and Guardian 2

This is some Thief and Guardian skills, in the middle is some PvP Stuff and on the right we where starting to talk about Stun Breakers.


This was a picture when we paired down stats to 4. A few months later we found out 4 was too few and added Healing Power, Condi Damage. Now we treat Condi/ Boon duration as stats as well.


This is a mix match of a bunch of stuff. The bottom right has some old PvP maps.

Utility Skills 1

Utility Skills 2

This was some Utility skill designs. I think the green tags where marking which ones where done.

Underwater Skills

Some underwater skills.

Combat Room

The combat room with Jon, Chap, Karl, and my Desks. This is also where all these whiteboard pictures where from we pretty much treated our desk area like one big meeting room and implemented and designed.


Engineer skills, you might notice there are some utility skills called „Drones“ These got cut when one day Jon walked in and said you know what would be awesome… a Flame thrower. I started to argue we didn’t have time to change that many effects then after a short debate I gave in because flame throwers are awesome. Drones may have been some inspiration for a spec :P.


A picture of Home map for WvW.

Sector Map

This was a picture of how each sector has an objective in WvW so people can fight over different areas.

Warrior Traits

Some warrior trait design back when we had an old system of 30 points.

Guardian Traits

Some Guardian trait design. On the left is some design of the starting screen and map complete.

Achievement and Map Complete

This was some design for the achievement system and world complete. I think there are some buff systems for WvW or they are the Achievement buffs I don’t fully remember.

PvP Maps

Some old PvP map design I think this was one of the first iterations of Forest.

Izzy Diplomacy

This was from a WvW beta where I bribed Zos and Boon control to attack the enemy team by promising to put their guild names up on the office wall. Pretty sure they stayed there for like 1-2 years before that whiteboard was needed.

Mesmer Skils

A set of images for a how we make skills blog post I wanted to write so I started taking pictures every few days. I clearly never ended up writing it so figured now is as good as time as any. Also shows some of the crazy chaos that came up everyday as we wrote stuff on our whiteboard.

It’s been fun looking through these brings back a lot of fun memories and late nights. Hope you enjoyed them sorry I couldn’t find any old screen shots.

~Izzy @-‚—

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