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Guild Wars 2: Allie Murdock verlässt ArenaNET

Allie Murdock hat ArenaNET verlassen. Bereits gestern hatte sie im offiziellen Forum diesen Schritt verkündet. Sie verlässt das Team, da sie woanders eine andere Stelle angenommen hat, bei welchen Entwickler genau hat sie aber nicht verraten.

Allie Murdock verlässt ArenaNET

Sie war die PvP Community Koordinatorin und zu ihren Aufgabenfelder gehörte unter anderem auch die Organisierung der PAX 2013. Bevor sie diese Position inne hatte war sie für die Alpha-Tests von Guild Wars 2 und die Qualitätssicherung von Guild Wars 1 und Guild Wars 2 verantwortlich.

Auch wer Ihre Position jetzt übernimmt ist noch nicht bekannt. Hier die offizielle Meldung von Ihr im Guild Wars 2 Forum.

GW2 MitarbeiterAllie Murdock zu Abschied von ArenaNET (Quelle)

Hey everyone,

As of tomorrow, I will no longer be a part of the ArenaNet team. I have accepted a job offer elsewhere, and it will be a big step in my career path.

I’ve been an avid Guild Wars fan since the first one shipped. My life has been intertwined with ArenaNet in many ways. I have learned so much from the team and so much from the community as I’ve progressed through the positions I’ve held here (QA, Alpha Coordinator, PvP Community Coordinator to now covering all of Competitive, Skills and Balance); it’s hard to imagine leaving.

Once I made it onto the Competitive Team, I knew it was the place for me. I have an extremely competitive background, so everything really clicked into place. Needless to say, it’s been a huge pleasure to work here and be on the Competitive Team for the past year.

I’m sad to leave you all behind, but I will still be involved with the team in my own ways. I still hang out with a lot of these guys after work, and will keep an eye on the forums every once in a while to see how things are going. I’m confident that the team can handle things once I’m gone.

I will always love Guild Wars and will continue to work on ranking up in PvP/WvW, and would love to ready up with those of you that are interested!

If you’d like to know what kinds of things I’ll be doing in the future or would like to just stay in touch, here’s some of my info:

Twitch (new):
Twitter: @AllieMurdock
IGN: Allie.9268

Much love,


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